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    Post Development [Firmware] POCO M3 Pro / Redmi Note 10 5G (camellia/camellian) [Auto updated!]

    Hi ! - You can use the builtin updater (settings, about, MIUI updates) you clic on the 3 dots (upper left) and you can update from local file (if the option is missing, tap several times on the MIUI Logo that is in full screen and you'll have the message that some new options are available. -...
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    Post How To Guide ROOT GAINED !!!!

    For me, it is always useful to use adaway and titanium for instance, so, I'd say yes for my part :)
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    Post Question How to uninstall Magisk root in Note 10 5G?

    Hi Have you tried to flash the boot with the original file ? In the thread you linked, you'll find it. Rename it in boot.img then fastboot flash boot boot.img
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    Post [Guide] Flash MIUI OTA/Stock/Any MIUI based ROM from recovery without bricking device

    Hi, this issue has been spotted last month since new boot structure in 12.5 Xiaomi ROMS appeared. Thus, TWRP and Orange Fox are disturbed in their decryption process. It seems a workaround exists with a version of TWRP, we are still waiting for a new version of Orange Fox (and an official one...
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    Post [10.0][UNOFFICIAL][GSI]Resurrection Remix v8.6.5 [SM-T510][gta3xlwifi]

    Hi, nice to see a RR ROM on the 510 but how do you install a tar file with twrp, it takes only zips ?
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    Thanks I didn't have to with RR on my previous OnePlus 3T, I think. That's why I asked.
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    Do I have to flahs Gapps and Magisk after flashing the update ?
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    Hi ! When I edity the buildprop, I only see option for HAL3, not HAL1 Can you help ?
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    And here it is ! The best ROM I know since several years !
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    I've been waiting for RR ROM on the Redmi 7 for so long Hope the official will follow soon !
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    Post [NO LONGER SUPPORTED ][ CLOSED ] [OFFICIAL] [14.11.2019] HavocOS 3.0 for Redmi Note 7

    Damn, it's necessary to flash the firmware each time before upgrading ?!
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    Post MIUI 10 Global Stable v10.3.5.0 ROM (Fastboot & Recovery).

    Hi ! If I flash vbmeta and install a custom ROM, is it easy to come back to Xiaomi ROM if I choose to ? Thanx
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    Post [ROM][9.0][Lavender][OFFICIAL] Evolution X 2.0 [AOSP][30/06/2019]

    Hi ! I got the same question. It can be used without nav buttons ? Thanx !
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    Post [ROM][Pie][OFFICIAL]Resurrection Remix v7.0.2 [unified 3/3t]

    Very happy to see the return of RR ROM, nice work :) Can you tell me where the ota is located after the download, I can't find it !
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    Post [ROM][UNIFIED] OmniDragon OS [8.x][10.04]

    Just to be sure, I've just tried to do it again : Clean flash, rom and latest open gapps and still no face unlock !
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    Post [ROM][UNIFIED] OmniDragon OS [8.x][10.04]

    That's exactly what I've done ! I've tested some 9.0 ROM and decided to go back to 8.1 but as Resurrection is discontinued, I choosed to try this ROM. I erased everything on the phone before flashing and I used the lastest open Gapps.
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    Post [ROM][UNIFIED] OmniDragon OS [8.x][10.04]

    Hi ! Nice work, the Rom is rather good but I don't have the face unlock option in smart lock. I made a clean install, used the micro gApps, have the last firmware (5.06) and last magisk. I see that dantedarmawan had the issue but no solution raised. What can I do ?
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    Post OP3T won't boot after flashing OB33

    It happened that a ROM (official RR for instance) cannot be applied without updating the firmware first)
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    Post OP3T won't boot after flashing OB33

    That's what I've done and finaly managed after a few retries to recover my phone.
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    Post OP3T won't boot after flashing OB33

    I managed to find the mdm v3.0.6 for OP3T but it failed the same way...
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    Post OP3T won't boot after flashing OB33

    I did'nt find any other unbrick guide, dude ! I turned again and again in the forum :eek:
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    Post OP3T won't boot after flashing OB33

    Well you know that sometimes, you can't install a ROM if the firmware hasn't been updated first.
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    Post OP3T won't boot after flashing OB33

    I'm not a beginner, I play with custom roms and firms since my HTC Desire HD 8 years ago :/ One must say that info on Kernel and Roms is fine here but concerning firmware, it's a bit more foggy ! I tried the guide here but it failed...
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    Post [GUIDE] Mega Unbrick Guide for A Hard Bricked OnePlus 3

    Hi man, and thanx for the tool !!!
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    Thread OP3T won't boot after flashing OB33

    Hi ! I've just flashed the phone using the last OB firmware+modem from https://jamal2367.com/downloads/?dir=OnePlus%203/Firmware%20%2B%20Modems/Android%208.0.0/Open%20Beta and now the phone can't boot ! There's no reaction when I press the ON button ! Is it a brick ? Thx for helping
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    Post [ROM][11-2]SkyDragon|6.0.1|H2Os|Sensed|v4a|Battery,Smooth and Fast!

    I made a new try and this time, it started correctly, but I still got one issue : The camera screen is black (front and back). Anyway, even if it seems to be a nice ROM, I'll wait for a french language in it :) Keep on !
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    Post [ROM][11-2]SkyDragon|6.0.1|H2Os|Sensed|v4a|Battery,Smooth and Fast!

    Hello ! It seems to be nice but I used the last set (with the right TWRP+FW), full wipe, etc. At the end, my phone is locked with a pattern (flashing the WipeLockscreen_FixSensors.zip is ineffective) and it is set to 1st january of I don't know wich year ! What the frak ?
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    Post The OnePlus 2 Ask for an Invite Roll Up Thread

    Hi there ! Would need an invite too (for France). Thanx guys !
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    Post The OnePlus One Ask for an Invite Roll Up Thread.

    Hi folks I need an invite for the 64Gb's in France, please :)
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    Post [Q] Simply "HTC ONE XL"

    Just one clue for this very interesting thread... Why "HTC One XL" doesn't appear in the "Find your device" search box ? It would be very helpfull in fact...:silly:
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    Post Nov 17.11__(:)__ [THEME] Blue Edition_orkorolev

    Not a theme issue, it's the kernel ! I installed the unity V9, and desabled the 'ask option' Now, I have the notification it is charging (default) and I can pull down and tap to have the selection dispayed