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    Post Noob With 3 Questions

    Thank you very much! I'll take your advice.
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    Post Noob With 3 Questions

    My apologies, Galaxy A42 5G Btw, if you're granting me 3 wishes, I actually have 4. But that's a discussion for another time.
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    Thread Noob With 3 Questions

    I'm not at all Tech savvy. When I go to my Calendar, how do I change the keyboard to numerical and back? Also, can I change the keypad from Qwerty to a traditional keyboard? I watched a video that claimed "Quick Charging" is detrimental to battery life. Is that true? That's the only charger...
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    Thread Noob

    Not only am I a Noob, I'm also not Tech Savvy. I'm 68, and a motorcycle rider. I bought my first Smartphone recently, been avoiding them for years. I purchased a new Fairing for my bike, which comes with a radio installed, and I needed a phone for Bluetooth & streaming. I reside in New England.