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  1. yasitoo

    Thread Hands free and mic level

    Hi, I have same issues with my PLK-L01 When in communication with hands free mod using device speaker and mic, others seems not hearing me clearly unless i grab the device almost close to my mouth (even in quiet surrounding) . This also happens with voice commands (Ok Google / Ok Emy) but not...
  2. yasitoo

    Thread [SOLVED] Quite confused on rooting B380

    Hi all, I searched for a streamlined root process of the B380 and i'm quite confused since there is too many solutions and some of them leads to bootloops or something worse :confused: So, i just bought a new Honor 7 (PLK-L01) and it is on B190 (PLK-L01C432B190) 5.0.2 - I already got bootloader...
  3. yasitoo

    Thread Issue with USB Audio Source

    Hi all, I need some help to undestand how the USB mode "Audio Source" (under developper options) works, When i set it and then plug the USB cable on PC i get "LGE Android Phone" under Multimedia controllers with small yellow triangle (error code : 10) :confused: Also i don't get any sound on...
  4. yasitoo

    Thread Network Signal Drop after installing Facebook hello Caller id

    Hi, i don't know if it is the right thread but i'm facing an annoying issue on my LG D855 (Fulmics 5.3 custom ROM), after i install Facebook Hello Dialer App (Caller ID & Block) i have a constant network signal drops, like every 2 secondes, and every time i try to place a call with or without...