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    Thread Root anf Update system !

    Hi, Does root prevent updates? I am still from January 5th ? How unroot for update ? Regards.
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    Thread Question Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 Root ?

    Hi, Simple question. How to unlock and root the pad 5 ? Regards.
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    Thread Probleme weather information

    Hi, Why the is not updating or even not showing. Whether it's the princial launcher or the Lawnchair it's the same thing. Thanks !
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    Thread SafetyNet not pass

    Hi, I did the last update today. I wanted to Enable SafetyNet again with Magisk, but it doesn't work anymore. Any idea why ?
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    Thread Question: battery consumption

    Hi, What are these figures on battery consumption ?
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    Thread Gestures and others problems

    Hi, I noticed several annoying things with the pixel launcher and others things. 1/ How disabled swipe up in game ? it can pose some problem. 2/ How to select multiple apps to move them ? 3/ How to add the weather with the date and time, I know how but it disappears shortly after ??? I find...
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    Thread Apps data no restoring

    Nope ?
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    Thread What is the difference between Factory Image and OTA Image

    Hi, What is the difference between Factory Image and OTA Image and which to choose ?
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    Thread Install MagiskHide possible or not ?

    Hi, For several days I have been trying to install "Magisk" without success. I have seen plot of tuto but does not one seem to function. So, is it possible or not please ? thx !