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    Thread [ROM][N] N920T EQK1-Deodex

    Hello everyone, I put this thread together to post a simple deodexed version of the EQK1 update that pushed out in early December. The rom is mostly stock, I have removed Knox, added Busybox and SQLite plus some other tweaks. The installer does contain a root, the kernel will be flashed with...
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    Thread [ROM][N] EQK1-Deodex

    Delete please.
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    Thread [ROM][V2]DreamMidnightUX-J700T/T1

    WELCOME TO MY MIDNIGHT DREAM Before I start naming features, I want throw a huge thank you to parth111999 for this incredible UI, he freaking killed it! Also a shout out to Allooosh98 for his Note 7 base and other ported apps from Enigma. To messi2050 thank you for your awesome Mina Kernel...
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    Thread [ROM][ALPHA]SMJ700T/T1-DreamUX

    Finally here, after a long wait,DreamUX V1. First I want to thank Allooosh98 and parth111999 for giving me the awesome Note7 base and SystemUI to work with. WIthout it, this ROM would never have been done. Secondly, I want to thank A.R.I.S.E. Sound Systems, who's lib and audio effects work has...
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    Thread [ROM][STOCK]SM-J700T/T1/Deodexed APK6 Update

    I present you a fully deodexed MOSTLY stock working APK6 update with busybox installed, init.d support built in and deknoxed status. Download and flash at your own risk. THIS WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY! If you point the finger at me for a nuclear cyclone, I will enjoy laughing at you. This will...