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    Thread Tanix TX3/S905X3 firmware lacks documents app and framework to enable write acces

    The Android firmware on my Tanix TX3 is not able to enable write access to external microSD or USB stick (FAT32) because it seems to lack Android Storage Access Framework (it has no com.google.documentsui app). I tried several file browsers like x-plorer/fx explorer/MiXplorer. See the MiXplorer...
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    Thread any other Tanix TX3/S905X3 microSD bootable images working with stock firmware ?

    My new Tanix TX3(S905X3) can boot CoreElec from microSD without replacing the contents of the emmc . Does there exist an image of Android or other Linux OS-es that I can write to microSD and boot from it ? I want to keep the original firmare on the emmc.
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    Thread spam on email address used only for this forums account

    Can any of the Admins look into this: I received spam on my email account that is only used to register for this forum. There must be a leak.
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    Thread [Q] what replacement email app is used by many ?

    what email app is widely used as a replacement for the standard one from Android ?
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    Thread [Q] CWM/Rogue splits up 4GB+ backups or needs NTFS ?

    If I want to store my data/media contents in a backup with CWM or Rogue Recovery I wonder what happens if the file gets larger than 4GB. Since normally SD-cards are formatted with FAT32 that would mean a failure or do both programs auto split the files so they never get larger than 4GB ?
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    Thread [Q] how to get Logitech Cordless Rumblepad 2 working ?

    Hi I own a Logitech Cordless Rumblepad 2 and the receiver has an USB plug that I inserted into the USB port of the Asus USB adapter that I bought as an accessory for the TF101. I tried playing Cordy with it but nothing happens and I don't see the Rumblepad in Android settings-->Language&Inputs...
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    Thread [Q] Instagram for Android not compatible it says :(

    I still use Honeycomb on my Transformer TF101 because of the instability issues even with the new ICS update. When I try to install Instagram It says my device is not compatible. Is that because it only works with ICS ?
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    Thread [Q] corruption of filesys possible for Eee pad ?

    I am wondering about this: at the moment my Eee pad (1st gen) hangs during a large file copy (unresponsive OS) but its still copying the file from USB to internal memory. What would happen if I forcefully switch off the device ? Would the filesys be filled with blocks of data that aren't...
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    Thread [Q] looking for nvflash zipfile with stock recovery

    I've been unsuccesfully searching the forum for a zipfile containing the stock recovery for the TF101/nvflash/install script. Can someone help me find or get it ?
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    Thread [Q] Why does CWM's Nandroid not backup /data/media (/mnt/sdcard) ?

    Hi I'd like to backup my /mnt/sdcard (actual location is /data/media). I thought that nandroid backup from CWM would do that but it doesnt. Also when I click Batch in Titanium Pro Backup I don't see a tick box for backing up the /data/media map. Can't either software backup it ? Otherwise...
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    Thread [Q] How to get rid of this Scareware notification ?

    Hi I'm getting this Star shaped icon notification (the picture is also showing what the notification info window looks like when you tick the Star icon): This is what I get when I click on that info window: I already installed AVG Antivirus for Android but it doesnt remove it. I'm wondering...
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    Thread [Q] has someone got the original content e.g. the classical tunes

    My TF101 Eee pad came with a few demo images and demo classical tunes on the internal SD card but I lost them (I had to NVflash the device because the de-installer of busybox once crippled my Eee pad). I'd love to get them back. Is there someone here who still got them on his device and would be...
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    Thread [Q] ICS questions and OTA update enforcement worries

    I own an EEE PAD Transformer TF101 and its got the firmware and I rooted it via Nachoroot and have installed CWM to be able to make full system backups/restores. Now in the one hand I'm elated a new Android version called ICS is coming soon but have a couple of 'fears' and...
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    Thread [Q] nachoroot suddenly fails with same firmware

    At first nachoroot rooting worked fine on my ASUS eee pad transformer tf101 with a B50xxxx serial with firmware and I installed CWM and made a full system backup with it. As a test I used NVflash (APX mode) together with firmware and that worked but it erased CWM. I...
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    Thread [Q] How to get CWM back onto eee pad when android doesn't boot ?

    At the moment my eee pad tf101 works fine and I rooted it with nachoroot and installed ClockWorkMod (CWM) via Recoveryinstaller.apk CWM's nandroid backup works like a charm but since its also installed onto the internal memory its vulnarable for wiping and my fear is that might one day my eee...