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  1. nicospanas

    Thread Can I flash stock recovery with LineageOS?

    I have LineageOS 14.1 (Android 7.1.2) with twrp. Can I flash the stock rom, via twrp or flashify? I know it is a weird question, but there seems to be a bug with twrp and my LG g pad 7.0 v410, and the twrp backup dates all show 1974 as year and my tablet's uptime shows 400668 hours and does not...
  2. nicospanas

    Thread Most stable Rom for LG g-pad 7.0 v410?

    Hi, I have the latest CM12 installed in my tablet, but I have a lot of issues, especially when installing multiple apps or if I try to change the Launcher. It gets into boot loop and there is nothing one can do but re-flash the rom, which is pretty annoying. It has happened to me already 3 times...
  3. nicospanas

    Thread Help with Installing CM

    Hi, I have an LG G-pad 7.0 V410 with Lollipop (5.0.2) and rooted with kingsoft. I would like to install official CM but all the guides I found are for Kitkat. It is the first time I attempt to do such thing and obviously I don't feel very confident. Where can I find TWRP for lollipop (5.0.2)...
  4. nicospanas

    Thread External SD card issues

    I have a few issues with my external sd and I would like to see if anyone else is facing similar issues and if they could be resolved. a) When moving about files already stored in the extSD by using my PC (windows 10), it just takes ages or hangs there forever. This happens even for the...
  5. nicospanas

    Thread Stuck at Team Win Recovery Project at Boot when updating LG G-pad 7.0

    Hi, I have an LG G-pad 7.0 v410 that has been rooted with purple drake and I have installed TWRP and Flashify. I stupidly accepted a system update because the tablet is AT&T and I though it was an AT&T update. Anyway, now I am stuck at boot with the Team Win recovery project.. I tried the option...