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    Thread Question Update My Huawei P30 Pro

    Hi From France I would like to update my P30 Pro witch is working fine. I would like a better photo quality. Do you think This Oppo is a good choice or do you have a better advice? Thanks Guys
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    Thread Update Samsung Health

    Hello guys Impossible for me to update Samsung Health on my watch ( same problem with Weather app and probably all apps) I have resetting my watch, update with the last firmware but same problem On my phone (Huawei P20 Pro) i have 2 update on GalaxyApps No problem to download them but...
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    Thread How to make the best photos ?

    Hello from France ;) I would like to know how to make the best photos? I'm not a professionnal. I would like to be sure to have the best photos when i press the button without changing anything For the moment i have choose 10mx pixels and disable IA, only that I'm a little suprise about the size...
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    Post [Firmware release] CLT-L29

    Thankssss 2 Questions please: How to update it on phone? I will lose everything after update?
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    Thread Problems after Update V6

    Hello. Yesterday i have updated my G4 with LG Bridge (no reset) All applications are working well but i have 2 problems 1 - My G4 seems to be very slow. For example in Go SMS Pro, now i see refresh of emoticons I ve seen immediately differences beetween V5.1 2 - Battery is going down very...
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    Thread [Q] Adjust Volume For Sound and Notifications separately

    Hello. I ve read some old post and find no solution to adjust separately volume for sounds and notifications ... Any idea ? Thanks :confused:
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    Post Wireless charging sticker available

    I have made a test without my leether cover. The red led is blinking slowly continuously... But i don't if the phone is in charge, no indication on the battery With the leether cover, 2 red blinks and stop ....
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    Post Wireless charging sticker available

    Hello. I ve just received my sticker and put it into the cover. I use my LG WD100 Charger. When i put the phone on LG QI, the led blinks 2 times in red and .... nothing and no charge ..... Any idea? Thanks
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    Thread Lg g2 quickwindow

    Hello I'have probably made a mistake. I have 4.4.2 F Stock Version. The device is rooted and i have deleted unsued tools I've baught a Quickwindow LG Case. I have activated the option but when i need to select the application (clock by example) i have no application in the menu (i think i had...
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    Thread [Q] Where is LG G3 wireless storage button?

    Hello. I've received my G3 For me, (my opinion of course) G3 is not better than G2 but it's not the purpuse On my stock G2 i had a button which give me an IP Adress and after i could access G2 on a computer. No need to open a browser I dont' find it on my G3 Can you give me a solution? Thanks
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    Post [Q] My G3 hangs at startup

    IT WAS Xdabbeb's Camera/Video 3.2 ........which works perfectly on my G2
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    Thread [Q] My G3 hangs at startup

    Hello From France ... I've juste received my phone, root it..... Perfect After that i had the good idea to install an apk from my G2 My G3 now stop on LG logo. I've tried a factory reset with buttons but nothing change.... A solution ? Thanks
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    Post LG F180K KDZ [extract file error]

    very good information. My new rom is bigger than 1Go (E97510F) So how make to flash it ? Thanks
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    Thread [q] sim card error

    Hello. I've a new problem with my phone and thenSim Card. In the day, i have suddenly an error message saying that my sim card is missing. The phone reboot and after it can be good all the day or i can have the same message few minutes later, and same reboot. I've tried this sim card in another...
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    Thread [q] how to flash new rom ?

    Hello. I'm coming from Samsung's world and i'm trying to find how to flash a new rom I've installed LG drivers and put the phone in USB Software LG mode (not easy to translate in english :laugh:) After, i've launch KZ_FW_UPD. When i start to flash i have an error message : extract file error...
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    Bonjour... J'ai vu que vous etiez un Pro des Ipaq 614..lol.... Pourrais je vous demander...

    Bonjour... J'ai vu que vous etiez un Pro des Ipaq 614..lol.... Pourrais je vous demander quelques conseils par téléphone... D'avance merci