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    Post [ROM][12.0][TULIP] Project Elixir [OFFICIAL] [Twelve][AOSP]

    Can anyone make Android 12 for Redmi 6 (Cereus)?
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    Thread Can't root device using TWRP!

    Recently I installed TWRP in my Device (Redmi 6 Cereus). I wanted to root my device and so I installed Majisk v23 and I flashed Majisk zip and the flash was successful but when I booted into my system my System wasn't rooted and no Majisk app was found! I was surprised to see what's happening. I...
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    Post Decrypt any Android device with CMD / Power Shell command !

    I have tried everything! Eg- DM- Verity, Changing the file system to Ext4, Formatting data. When I format data the Internal storage gets decrypted but when I Boot the device and then again Boot in TWRP the device again gets encrypted.
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    Thread Android 10 custom rom for Redmi 6.

    Any android 10 rom for Redmi 6? Can anyone provide me the full tutorial to flash the rom!? Thanks- 3
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    Post Decrypt any Android device with CMD / Power Shell command !

    I tried but it's not getting decrypted.
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    Post [Solved]Requesting Help Regarding Mi A2 Lite (Stuck in Unlocked Boot loop, No OS installed)

    Hey brother, I had the same situation a few months ago. My device - Redmi 6 (Cereus). So, I was trying to install TWRP in Redmi 6 and then after trying many times TWRP successfully got installed. But when I tried to boot the device, It stuck in bootloop (Going to fastboot and again booting...)...
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    Post fix failed to mount data in twrb

    I tried everything such as Changing file system Ext2 to Etx4, formating data partition, flashing TWRP again but literally nothing worked! Device Xiaomi Redmi 6 ( Cereus). After I format data my internal storage ( 0 Mb problem ) got fixed but when I booted the device and set up the device and...
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    Post Google Pixel Bootanimation [MP4 File]

    I need the MP4 , please give me!
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    Thread Decrypt any Android device with CMD / Power Shell command !

    How to Decrypt Xiaomi REDMI 6 with CMD / Power Shell Commands ???