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  1. HomerSp

    Thread Deep flash (EDL) cable

    Hi everyone, just wanted to let you all know that using a deep flash cable to force EDL mode works on this phone. So if you are, for some reason, unable to reach the bootloader using conventional methods, this is a good way to restore the firmware on your phone and hopefully manage to boot...
  2. HomerSp

    Thread [Guide] Enabling VoLTE/VoWiFi v2

    Preface With this guide I can officially deprecate the other guide I wrote, as we will no longer have to hack together a solution by loading profiles for other carriers. Meaning, that this should just work provided an mbn exists for your carrier - doesn't matter from which device. This has been...
  3. HomerSp

    Thread [Guide] Enabling DIAG for QPST (updated)

    Hi everyone, I have finally figured out how to get proper diag support on our device. This will allow us to use QPST and such. It will be a pretty short guide as it's quite simple, but it does enable us to do a whole lot of things we couldn't do before. Downloads * QPST * AsusVoLTE app...
  4. HomerSp

    Thread [Guide] Enabling VoLTE/VoWiFi (deprecated)

    Deprecated - please see my other guide for a better method: Enabling VoLTE/VoWiFi v2 Preface Thanks to some help from this amazing community I have found the steps required to enable VoLTE and/or VoWiFi. For me both work, but others have reported differently - but the most likely outcome is...
  5. HomerSp

    Thread [App] AsusUpdater v1.0.4 - WW System updates for Tencent/Unlocked phones

    Hi everyone, I recently bought a Tencent edition of the ROG Phone 2, and was a bit annoyed to see that automatic system updates no longer worked after converting it to a WW ROM. I did some digging and found out that ASUS uses the IMEI of the device to track what updates the device is entitled...
  6. HomerSp

    Thread Speakers popping and crackling

    Hi, just wanted to hear if anyone else has this problem I have with the speakers. Basically they crackle and pop a lot while listening to some audio (think it's related to lower frequency audio). Here's a video of the problem: https://youtu.be/BG5oJNWJR9k Here's the test video...
  7. HomerSp

    Thread Is the camera motor supposed to sound like this?

    I received my phone today, and while I'm generally quite happy with it, there's one thing that really bugs me; the camera motor is really, really loud while the sensor is moving. Could I please ask anyone who has the phone to confirm whether it's supposed to sound like this? I've shot a video...
  8. HomerSp

    Thread [APK] Google Camera 6.2.030 fully working

    Hi everyone! Just wanted to share this google camera port that I modded to work on the Razer Phone 1. It's based on BSG's latest (MGC_6.1.021_MI8_V1f.apk) build, but with some modifications made by me to make it not crash immediately as well as work with the front facing camera. The crashes are...
  9. HomerSp

    Thread Colour coming off the corner of the black international version

    Hi, just wanted to know if anyone else has the same problem as me. About two weeks ago I bought the Black International version, but today I noticed that on one of the corners of the metal housing the colour has started to wear off, revealing the silver metal beneath. Is this a common problem...
  10. HomerSp

    Thread [DEV] Deep sleep kernel fix

    Hi everyone, I won't make this a long-winded post, but if you have seen the deep sleep bug, and compile your own kernel, please try the patch attached below. The patch simply disables cache synchronization when the device is write protected. If you want an explanation, please see this thread...
  11. HomerSp

    Thread [App] Cast Receiver app for Android

    UPDATE 27th November 2014 I have added an Xposed module for the clients below that will work around the issue with Google Play services 6.5 :) UPDATE 25th November 2014 Google have released Google Play services 6.5 which has strengthened security, effectively making this app useless (clients...
  12. HomerSp

    Thread [ROM][21/9-2011] Villain3D v1.0.0

    I, and Team Villain, are proud to present you with the first VillainROM rom for the HTC Evo 3D. This rom is based on the latest shooteru RUU release (WWE version 1.22.707.2) with some of the features I introduced in the SenseGinger rom for HTC Vision. For a full list of new things see below. As...
  13. HomerSp

    Thread [HOWTO] Change Google Earth disk cache size

    Hi everyone, I've seen a couple of requests on how to increase (or change) the max disk cache size. So I made it my mission to try and find out how to change it. I've spent a couple of hours on it now and finally managed to figure out how to fix it :) You'll either need adb or a simple file...
  14. HomerSp

    Thread [ROM][4/13/11] TeamVillain presents...SenseGinger 2.3/Sense (v3.0)

    I, and Team Villain, are proud to present you with the third major release of the SenseGinger ROM. This is completely rebased on the latest Vision RUU, so most if not everything should be working as well as you would expect from a Sense rom. It also includes a couple of my own tweaks and fixes...
  15. HomerSp

    Thread Recompiling .xml files

    Hey all, have yet another question. Is it possible to recompile xml files that have been decompiled using AXMLPrinter2? I tried to use aapt but it wouldn't work (got a lot of 'no resource identifier found for ...' errors). Thanks.