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  1. _deleted_

    Thread Do a nandroid back up & flash boot.img!!!

    Boo! Probably going to get shot by mods & stuff for this, but it NEEDS to be said. It's come to my attention across all the forums & threads, that despite being told a kabillion times...people still can't be bothered to create nandroid back-ups... then there's the same old 'bricked device'...
  2. _deleted_

    Thread [Q] HTC Desire 'down' button problem.. ideas?

    Hello people :) Not sure if there's a thread already started on this (i apologize if there is!) I have a HTC Desire, had it for a while now but there's been this problem since i've had it (it was given to me for free), whenever i power on the device it boots STRAIGHT into hboot/fastboot (i...
  3. _deleted_

    Thread Notifications

    Hey guys, haven't found a thread about this yet (sorry if there is one!) Really not a noob, but... Really mega noob question here regarding notifications for the HOX and android in general? I've noticed if I end the task in task manager I no longer get the notifications, I.e facebook...
  4. _deleted_

    Thread [Q] Question about OTA HTC

    Hello beautiful clever people, I've been looking for this answer for a while now, can't seem to find it anywhere... either that or i'm being thick as poop :silly: I was just browsing and reading about the new 2.17 release for the HTC One X And came across this post...
  5. _deleted_

    Thread Questions for clever people

    I'm currently on 1.28 (Android 4.0.3) if i were to flash a custom 4.0.4 (2.05) rom would i be able to return to my current state via nandroid? How do you 'uninstall kernel mods'? Why can i return to 1.28 from a custom rom, but not from an OTA [/LIST] Thank you for your time if you answer. I'll...
  6. _deleted_

    Thread Htc one x - custom rom questions -

    Hey, haven't come across a post like this, been searching and I don't seem to have found one, sorry If anyone.does. Right, so I'm thinking of flashing a custom rom on my HTC one x, however I need some questions answering before I even go ahead and try it. If I flash a custom Rom, is there...
  7. _deleted_

    Thread Htc one x - three uk/h3g 1.29.771.11 update

    Does anyone know at all when three will push this update, it's beginning to really get on my nerves now? Sent from my HTC One X
  8. _deleted_

    Thread [Q] HTC one X - 1.28.771.9

    Hello, sorry if there is another thread about this (didn't see one) sorry in advance. I have a HTC One X - on 3 (1.28.771.9), i updated to the for-mentioned OTA, everything has worked fine for a day, then suddenly i've started experiencing screen 'flickers', especially on the home screen and...
  9. _deleted_

    Thread [q] htc sensation xe - rom problem

    Hi guys, i've looked everywhere for the similar posts & i can't seem to find one!:( Please bare in mind this is just a general interest as i no longer have the phone! Sorry in advance if there is one! Right, a few months ago i had my HTC sensation XE (with beats audio)... Orginally came...