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    Thread Amazfit-X freeze

    Hi, Like many others users, my Amazfit-X is freezed just after trying to setup a watchface complication on the watch. It seem not have any solution other waiting battery died to watch restart itself ???? I received my watch just 2H before, so battery is at 98%, so it can be long wait until...
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    Thread Stratos update

    Hi, Received today a rom update in my stratos. From to Noticied a change for unlock the watch, before I have just to press any button but now the watch display the lock icon and display "press power key". so must press only the up button for unlock
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    Thread Stratos bug in timer launch

    Hi, I found a severe bug in my Stratos (English version) : - I start a timer, return in clock mode with long press center button or other way. -> the watch stay permanently in active mode : (second hand always ON). In this state the battery drain very quickly (almost like other wear watch). I...
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    Thread Leather band adaptator for Gear S

    I found a Leather band (same style the previous adaptator for metal band) on the bay. Not so bad :)
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    Thread Weather Watch for Gear Fit 2

    The only face I found with a real weather data on watchface for Gear Fit 2 : Weather Watch Many displaying style on face configuration. Personalized info Icon : pressure, sunrise, humidity....
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    Thread Gear manager update broke Gear connection

    Hi, After the last update for Gear Manager (october 3, 2015 for me) my Gear S do not connect on my S4. Just previous day all is right. All broken after update. Same for my Gear 2 and my Gear 1. Trying to reset the Gear 2 but same issue. Trying restoring previous backup and when launched the...
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    Thread Music Player for Wear

    Hi, Just found for me the ultimate Music Player for Wear. The only one I know to control completely the music from the watch. Music control and select Artist, Album directly from the watch. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.perm.Stellio