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    Thread CAD Kernel - Custom kernel for axon7

    So, there is my own kernel. Kernel aimed to battery and stabilty with smooth UI. Not for games. Main features: Based on OrdenKrieger's B12 kernel source Build with my own toolchain based on Linaro 7.2.1 with Cortex-a57 optimization Removed tons of debug Useless features and drivers were...
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    Thread [PATCH] Enable AK4490 HIFI DAC on custom Rom

    Hi. I've created a patch that enable AK4490 on custom roms. Previosly it was pasted on 4pda. Sry for bad English If you are using latest Ainur betas from telegram you dont have to flash it because since beta 3 or 4 UltraM8 helped me integrate this patch into mod. Also Ainur doesnt have bag with...
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    Thread Compile kernel for Xiaomi Redmi note 3(MTK 6795). HELP

    I tried compile kernel for XRN3 Mtk And terminal displayed this make: *** No rule to make target '/home/Android/kernel/kernel-3.10/drivers/misc/mediatek/mach///dct/dct/codegen.dws', needed by '/home/Android/kernel/kernel-3.10/drivers/misc/mediatek/mach///dct/dct/inc/cust_kpd.h'. Stop. I...
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    Thread Sige Music

    Sige Music Contributors Skrem339 What include in MOD: Pon-3 Music XLoud, ClearAudio Samsung SoundAlive Huawei's DTS SRS Some function from HTK Sound Version Information Status: Stable Current Stable Version: 1.0 Android Version: 5.1, 6.0, cm13 I need testers. You're welcome...