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  1. Camlin3

    Thread [Magisk 15.3] [android-x86] [Phoenix-os 2.5.7] [systemless root and much more ]

    Latest Stable Magisk Version: v15.3 Latest Magisk Manager Version: v5.5.5 Installing Magisk will give you ROOT, a super powerful Systemless Interface, Magisk Modules support, and hide from tons of integrity tests like SafetyNet! Magisk only modifies the boot image and install files to /data and...
  2. Camlin3

    Thread [PETITION] [MIUI 9] [Nougat] [Discussion]

    Originally by Gohil Mitul miuiforum http://en.miui.com/thread-570444-1-1.html Redmi Note 3 is one gem of device. It is #1 selling and higest sold device of Xiaomi in india with 3 Millions sales in India. It has over 7 Million users worldwide. Still it hasn't been received miui nougat ,that's...
  3. Camlin3

    Thread Phoenix OS [2.6.3] x86_64 Xposed Framework v89 SDK25 by youling257

    XPOSED FRAMEWORK INSTALLATION ON PHOENIX OS Hello guys , After A long time ,Sir @youling257 released latest x86_64 Xposed Frameworks v89 for SDK25 It booted far eaisly with xposed frameworks being active. Instructions:- Similar to those of RemixOS , 1.Download official xposed-v88 sdk25 x86...
  4. Camlin3

    Thread [Discussion] [Substratum] Icon Pack Support For Trebuchet Los

    I am very fond of old cm theme engine because of one of the best feature to apply icon pack in trebuchet which is ceased with substratum . Anybody have any idea for support of icon pack in trebuchet los through substratum. Kindly pass your views.
  5. Camlin3

    Thread [Question]change dpi in miui

    is it possible to change dpi in miui without having weird icons .
  6. Camlin3

    Thread [Discussion] Anyone know miui midrop api to include in cm

    it would be nice if mi drop like decent wifi direct sharing is possible in cm too.can anyone develop such integrated feature in share option to direct share app,photos ,files etc.or is there any minimal app available having nougat tile integration for that. comment your views or any idea if u...
  7. Camlin3

    Thread FLYME OS [] by kArViX

    This is not my work But eager to share with you all This rom is ported by karvix the flyme os developer on flyme os official site....... Rom link:- http://forum.flymeos.com/thread-6552-1-1.html Flashing Instructions:- http://forum.flymeos.com/thread-6523-1-1.html Download link :-...
  8. Camlin3

    Thread Help!!!want ums (usb mass storage) feature on rn3 kenzo

    please someone create kernel with ums feature instead of mtp for redmi note 3.I accidentally deleted an important backup today.I want it for restore the deleted file.already tried diskdigger like apps.please tell me how to enable ums for internal storage in rn3..
  9. Camlin3

    Thread [q] problem !! While restoring firmware with twrp alka

    I CANNOT restore the firmware partition. I am getting error: extractTarFork() process ended with error : 255 but other stuffs goes well.well now i rebooted without restoring firmware and no problem.but please tell me whether twrp corrupted or manipulated original firmware or it remained...
  10. Camlin3

    Thread Rooting officially unlocked Redmi note 3 kenzo

    in every forum ,about rooting rn3 pro i got only that i have to flash cracked boot.img or ubp zip after flashing supersu.zip.are they outdated.cant we do direct flash supersu zip directly using alka/cofface recovery or i have to use diseable verify option in recovery advanced menu.very messy...
  11. Camlin3

    Thread Dont worry more with 50% error while unlocking the beast

    Warning:all the following attempts should be made by you only .and you know what you are going to do. Description:- Its really got tough to officially unlock redmi note 3 pro for us .many of us lose their hopes .but now get ready to unlock your beast in seconds officially on any rom.either...
  12. Camlin3

    Thread Is there any method to unlock officially for Indians

    I always get the cannot verify device error at 50% shows that current account is differ.. Blah blah blah even in global dev ROM and sure that in China too give same result..what could be my fault .logged in with same account on mobile and mi unlock app show my photo too in mi unlock app .even...
  13. Camlin3

    Thread Which one cm 13 based rom is most stable as at 03-07-2016

    Well i bought mi redmi note 3 kenzo in sort of thinking that it must posses some high level dev activities,but now i am thinking that i proved wrong,even after 4 months of launching this device ,it yet not get official cm support or any stable cm rom .every time when i open rn3 thread found...
  14. Camlin3

    Thread Present bugs available in ressurection remix 27-06-16 update (kenzo)

    Please can someone submit genuine bugs in rr official kenzo,updated on 27-06-16 war_machine28 or if someone notice it later on builds in details.Since dev of rr official 5.7.0 for rn3 kenzo doesnt mention any bug details . Some may enquire about that it contains all bugs of cm13 banmeifyouwant...