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    Post [RECOVERY][UNOFFICIAL][R11.1] OrangeFox Recovery Project [SM-T510][gta3xlwifi]

    I flashed the latest ORfox today and realised that in wipe section there is no option to wipe system and vendor. I backed my stock rom up but when I tried to restore the backup it said unable to wipe system. Any idea about this?
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    Post One UI 3.1 available for download

    I downloaded Canada version. Rooted and working good.
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    Post [ROM][11.0][UNOFFICIAL] Nexus Stock for 2019 Galaxy Tab A 10.1 [SM-T510]

    If I flash a GSI would I have to flash this ROM first to get vendor?
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    Post [ROM][T510][10.0][XXU3BTK1] *09.12.2020* Stock ROM v4.0

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    Post [10.0][UNOFFICIAL]Resurrection Remix v8.7.3 [GSI arm,a64,arm64 | aonly,ab]

    Even with the latest 8.6.7 built overlays are not working. Status bar height does not match notch height, no auto brightness, no battery usages data, such and such........ Diust's 8.6.4 had the same issue but no such issue on his fixed 8.6.4 built and his 8.6.5 built. I tried copying overlays to...
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    Post [10.0][UNOFFICIAL][GSI]Resurrection Remix v8.6.5 [SM-T510][gta3xlwifi]

    Eh! Strange. I tried it on some GSIs and it worked. How about multiple furious taps?😃
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    Post [10.0][UNOFFICIAL][GSI]Resurrection Remix v8.6.5 [SM-T510][gta3xlwifi]

    Thanks for bringing this RR rom. Previously I was using a different RR GSI. Does it have smaller recent preview? Cuz the big recent apps looks awkward on a tab. Moreover there is this brightness bug where on very low brightness the screen looks like it is turned off! And please can you make the...
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    Post [GSI][10] LineageOS 17.x GSI (all archs)

    Glad to hear that. I was waiting for it. Your Los 18 'testing' build worked exceptionally well on my Nokia 8.1 with Q vendor. I found no issue in the daily usage except for the fact that RAM usages were bit high and battery drained a bit faster.
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    Post Black Screen on zero brightness on T510

    Thanks for the method you provided but I already figured it out in phh settings. There is an option to set minimum brightness, I set it to a higher number and it worked like a charm. Oh! And also double tap to wake can be enabled from phh settings too.
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    Post Android 10 GSI

    GSIs are meant to work on wide range of devices and tablets at the last, face unlock perhaps works on officially supported devices. But again may be cuz devs are lazy to remove it.
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    Post Android 10 GSI

    Face unlock only works on ARM64 arch.
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    Post Android 10 GSI

    Go to Wipe then advanced wipe then choose system and resize it. If shows an error do it again. Now you'll be able to flash gapps.
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    Post Android 10 GSI

    Go to Wipe then advanced wipe then choose system and resize it. If shows an error do it again. Now you'll be able to flash gapps.
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    Post Android 10 GSI

    Everything seems to work fine except a few UI hiccups here and there which are quite expected in GSI builds. Moreover due to heavy customization you get lesser free RAM than the other. Instructions- Download and unzip this GSI in internal storage, SD card or USB-OTG then flash that image into...
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    Thread Android 10 GSI

    I have tested many GSIs on my T510 and finally found the GSI best for tablet users. It deosn't have any tablet specialized UI but it can be customized to give a better experience over the others-...
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    Post [Guide] [SM-T515] android 9 Install custom ROM'S and ROOT

    If I'm already updated to Android 10 and then try to flash an Android 9 GSI, will it work?
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    Thread Black Screen on zero brightness on T510

    I tried many GSIs with Galaxy Tab A T510 but in all of them whenever I set the brightness to very low or lowest the display goes black and I can't seem to revert this as none can be seen afterwards on screen. Any fix for this, guys?
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    Post Custom rom for SM-T510 ?

    Yup! As Roarmaster said you can check out Project Treble page. I too use GSIs and have flashed 3 GSIs so I can recommend you some. In project treble section for AB devices search for Bless GSI, it has lot of customization and works quite well, selinux enforcing, megisk safety net passes and...
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    Thread Tablet optimised GSI

    I recently flashed TWRP on Galaxy Tab T510 and flashed some GSIs. However they lack on giving tablet optimised UI. So are there any GSIs which have tablet dedicated UI like it was in SLIM OS in Nought days?
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    Post [GUIDE][SM-T510] Unlock/Root - Tab A 10.1 (Android 10)

    Great! I somewhat did the same method for rooting/twrp installing. I was on latest Android 10 build(September patch perhaps). I download the latest firmware and unzipped it then I further extracted AP_T510XXX......... .tar.md5 using zarchiver which have me AP_T510XXX........ .tar. Instead of...
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    Post [GSI][10] LineageOS 17.x GSI (all archs)

    That hides network bars too.
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    Post [GSI][10] LineageOS 17.x GSI (all archs)

    Any way to change huge LTE icon to smaller 4g icon? I have a Nokia 8.1 which has a significant cutout and due to huge LTE icon other icons have to hide themselves from status bar. Moreover can you add this option to show smaller icon 4g over network bars instead of LTE, in future builds?
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    Post [10] [GSI] crDroid [ARM64-A/AB] [Experimental]

    Every sound is coming from speaker even when headphone is plugged in. It was solved later when I dirty flashed crDroid over another GSI. Moreover system is not recognising the exact height of cutout in my case and status bar is falling short in height compared to cutout height. Except these and...
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    Post J7 2015 suddenly froze( Looks like it's locked) and became unresponsive.

    Thanks mate! I checked the battery and it's dead. Replaced it and now phone is working fine. Thanks again.
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    Thread J7 2015 suddenly froze( Looks like it's locked) and became unresponsive.

    My J7 2015 froze ( I don't exactly know that it is frozen or not but suddenly it looks like it's locked). I tried to unlock it by pressing power button nothing happened just usual locked phone. Removed battery then now it's totally unresponsive and idle. It doesn't boot, can't go to recovery or...