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  1. asia559571

    Thread APK to System app

    Con anyone please tell me the best way to install an apk as a system app on marshmallow:confused: Many Thanks in advance:highfive:
  2. asia559571

    Thread Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910c Musicfx + Odex KitKat

    Hi :) Would someone be kind enough give ma the Musicfx + Odex KitKat apk, I lost it via a Debloat Script regardless that I didn't highlight Musicfx for deletion. Many Thanks in advance:)
  3. asia559571

    Thread P8 Fast Charge

    Hi All:o Please can someone help? Two days ago I plugged my Standard OEM charger to my P8, the Lock screen came alive with a Yes or No, (I think), Fast Charge Option, I chose fast charge whereby the lock screen displayed three icons, fast charge, trickle and normal, (I think) respectively...
  4. asia559571

    Thread CM10 Boot Animation for CM12

    I’ve always loved the CM10 boot animation, looked but couldn’t find for CM12 until I found this Thread: *NEW* [BOOTANIMATION][CM12][CM12.1] Theme Engine | Best Bootanimation Collections by xdagee Check Him Out! He was kind enough to make me one, Full Credit to Him:highfive: Install as normal...
  5. asia559571

    Thread De-Bloat Script Wanted

    Would someone be kind enough to give me a link to a de-bloat script for the SM-910C Kitkat, searched everywhere but can't find for my Note4:crying: Many Thanks in Advance:o
  6. asia559571

    Thread Deodexed TouchWizHome.apk

    Can anyone upload a Deodexed TouchWizHome.apk for Note 4 N910C (ANK5 Kitkat), I can't do it myself . Thanks in advance.
  7. asia559571

    Thread Player pro V3 Skins available

    Heads Up! At last PlayerPro Skins are available on Play Store, limited number but is a start:)
  8. asia559571

    Thread [Q] Extended boot menu for i9500 Lollipop

    Request for Extended Power Menu mod for stock i9500 Lollipop or does anybody know where it can be found?
  9. asia559571

    Thread Request

    Would someone be kind enough to share the note 4 N910C KK Music apk & Odex? If so I would greatly appreciate it. Many Thanks in advance :)
  10. asia559571

    Thread [Q] Bluetooth apk & Odex

    Would someone be kind enough to share the Bluetooth apk & Odex for note 4 SM-N910C ANL2 Kitkat. If so you'll be saving me from lots of grief. Or where can I find? Many Thanks in advance☺
  11. asia559571

    Thread [Q] Application Manager lag

    Application manager seems to take a long time loading, from pressing the app manager icon to loading applications size info, 20s. My S4 has many more apps but loads from start to finish in 6s anyone having this delay?
  12. asia559571

    Thread First impressions of Android L for Note 4

    Some of you may have installed the recent Lollipop update, if so what are your first impressions "Was it worth the Waiting" Has TW improved & what the changes? Howz Battery life & overall Performance? Does ART have a notable impact and do you miss the Xposed functionality? (Xposed now updated...
  13. asia559571

    Thread [Q] Metal disk between phone & custom case

    Whilst viewing YouTube custom case reviews for Note 4 I've noticed some people using a thin metal disk sandwiched between their phone & the case with no explanation. What is the purpose? Does have something to do with nfc.
  14. asia559571

    Thread Adding Lock Screen Widgets

    I want to replace the stock weather widget with another of my choice or even add a widget, is that possible:confused:
  15. asia559571

    Thread No Phone Alert when forgetting SPen

    Note 4 doesn't alert when forgetting spen, anyone have any ideas why:confused:
  16. asia559571

    Thread [Q] I9500 MusicFx apk + Odex request

    Please would someone be Kind enough to upload the MusicFx apk with Odex for the s4 i9500 4.4.2. You can here or to; [email protected] Many Thanks in advance & Kind Regards:highfive:
  17. asia559571

    Thread [Q] Need s4 19500 MJ5 Stock Kernel

    Can anyone Help, I'm looking for the Stock s4 19500 XXUEMJ5 Kernel, as you may know Hot File is now dead and I can't seem to find one. After checking the "fake system status" option in wanam Xposed I was surprised to see after reboot a package update downloading, I try install the update via CWM...
  18. asia559571

    Thread transparent FlashBarService

    I've been trying to find a transparent multiwindow side bar mod for my 19500 4.3 Samsung stock that works but with no luck, so I had the thought of making one myself with APKTOOL or in Virtuous 10, as a noob I,m at a loss as to which resource or xml file I should be looking for, I really want to...
  19. asia559571

    Thread Knox and root on galaxy s4 MJ5I

    I was having a real problem getting cf-auto root to work without Knox giving me a headache, if it's any help Go to More - Application manager - All look for anything involving Knox and disable, come out of application manager, (don't stop it Running), go to Root Explorer and you'll find you've...