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    Thread P905 TWRP can not mount dalvik cache anymore(?) after try to wipe. Has the Dalvik-cache an own partiton?

    After flashing the original SW 5.02 ( without rezeize option) the /date partitontion was corrupt. I have repair the partition and in the forst momentall things looks like ok. If I want to wipe (Select Dalvik and cache) TWRP show mie the erroe message, that TWRP can not mount the Dalvik...
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    Thread P905 > 5.0.2 > missing icon of download-provider ?!

    Hi, yesterday I've updated the Tablet P905 with the official Vers. 5.0.2 ( OpenAustria) . Now I missing the Icon for Download's - this means, the app, which I can only touch and I see direkt into the download directory. From my knowledge it is "DownloadProvider.apk" and "DownloadUi.apk". Both...
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    Thread Pls help : rList-com files in /data/data What is this ????

    PLS help !!! Today I've recognise, that there are in different subfolders from /data/data/com<subfolfername>/files are add. files are available. All the files starts with rList-com.<partof subfolder_name + Activity > E.g. path /data/datacom.google.android.apps.plus/files ??? File ...
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    Thread [Q] U10 Uwatch : Which apk is the best to connect with a phone?

    Hi all, I've buy an U10 for my son as X-Mas gift. If I read in diff. threads, once the orginal apk from the manifactor: the bt.notifier should be installed, otherones said, the google-play rwatch should be the best.... If I look in google play I see 3 diff. apk's from rwatch...
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    Thread How to implement A510 from Git to compile the Rom?

    Hi, I've setup an own partition with ubuntu and prepare the system with the Git from AOKP.After reading some files (Readme in the git) I've initialize the git, that I've download all devices and driver. Uncomfortable I didn't found the 2 subs "device_acer_A510" and "vendor_acer_A510". Also after...
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    Thread Omnirom 4.4.4 nightly match rotation doesn't work

    Since several builds, the volume feature "Match rotation" with the volume button +/- horizontal / vertical doesn't work anymore with the A510. I don't know if it is device specific Orin general a bug. it doesn't make a different if the feature is tagged or not
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    Thread [Q] REQ: /system/lib/hw/audio. r-submit. default.to

    Hi, I'm using the Omni Rom on an Acer510 Tab. First of all, I'm happy that this Tab is still in focus and Images are already in the nightly available. I hope, that in the near future also the Screen mirror to a Chromecast is working. also if it looks like, that there are an unknown "? "...
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    Thread Q: GT-I9305 which Rom can be used with the old Bootloader ?

    Hi all, I'm user of the I9305 LTE. About Knox I was still a very long time on JB 4.1.2 ( stock Rom, but Rooted ) . Now I've make the step to KK 4.4.4 from the following thread http://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-s3/development-i9305/rom-29-9-2014-official-stock-rom-testing-t2890734. In this...