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    Post Keyboard lag

    I get the same behavior. I just ignore it because what I type is usually correct. It's just annoying and throws me off sometimes.
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    Post Exchange ActiveSync working but I get error message...

    Yeah, I can use Touchdown as well but the images don't show up. Oh well, just got to live with it I guess.
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    Post What kinda cases are you guys using??? Post!

    I'm just using the OEM Flip Cover.
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    Thread Exchange ActiveSync working but I get error message...

    Hi, I just set up my corporate email account (Exchange ActiveSync) on my Galaxy S4 using the stock email client. I am getting my work emails, but when I click "Show Images", I get the following error message below all the time below. Unable to open connection to server. Security error...
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    Thread [Q] Default Email Client

    How many people use the default email client? Do you know how we can get emails to fit the width of the email client? Most emails that I receive, it doesn't fit and I have to scroll left <--> right to see the whole email even after zooming all the way out. I know the Gmail app now has the...
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    Thread Default email client

    For those that use the default email app, does anyone know how to enable the width of the email to fit the screen? All my emails falls short of the width and have to scroll left and right. The Gmail app has the fit to screen feature. Was wondering if an update was coming from samsung to enable...
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    Post ''firmware encountered an issue'' for galaxy note

    I bricked my phone before trying to customize it and I deleted some files by mistake, I think. In any case, my phone would get stuck at the Samsung Logo.. Have you tried Kies Recovery Mode? It worked for my bricked phone and was able to get it up and running without a problem...
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    Thread Change Inbox Colors

    Does anyone know how I can manually change the colors. Image attached.
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    Thread How to change the inbox and calendar color representation

    Hi All, I have both my Gmail and work emails set up as exchange and using the stock email app. Does anyone know how I can change the colors of the inbox (vertical colored line to the left) and calendar? My corporate is defaulted to blue but would like to to change it to orange. Thanks.
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    Thread How to set double tap home button

    I want to set Alice as the default assistant when double tapping the home button. Does anyone know how to set it up as such? At first it'll ask me to select which assistant I want and I choose Alice. But then moments later when I double tap on the home button, Alice does not pop up. How do I...
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    Thread System volume muting

    Does anyone else have the issue where the system volume automatically mutes? All other volume settings work fine. Can't increase the system volume unless I restart the phone. Sent from my SPH-L900 using xda app-developers app
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    Post wipe data/factory reset doesn't work.

    Hi all, I was able to restore the phone back to factory settings using Samsung kies recovery. Thanks all.
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    Post Need help reflashing back to stock... SOS

    I wonder, do I even have the correct files?
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    Post Need help reflashing back to stock... SOS

    it is in download mode. odin3 screen has been idle for a while. "Get PIT for mapping..." ON the phone itself, it's the green android and says downloading... do not turn off target.
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    Thread Need help reflashing back to stock... SOS

    Hi All, I need help flashing back to stock ROM. I found the factory files and have populated it in Odin3 v3.07. This is what my screenshots look like (attached). The Odin3 screen doesn't seem to be doing anything. Should I just let it be? Is it working in the background? Any and all...
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    Post ''firmware encountered an issue'' for galaxy note

    Where can I get a copy of this PIT file? My phone is bricked and am only able to get into download mode and not recovery mode.
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    Thread System volume news itself.

    Randomly, the system volume muss.am I passing a button by mistake? Cause when I try to raise the volume it won't. Sent from my SPH-L900 using xda app-developers app
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    Thread wipe data/factory reset doesn't work.

    Hi All, I'm trying to reset my phone as it's stuck on the Samsung boot up screen. It keeps getting stuck even after doing the data reset. Any ideas on how I can reformat the phone if this method doesn't work? Thanks.
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    Post HOW TO: Increase Effective Resolution/Adjust PPI of your Note 2

    Definitely subscribing as this resolution is how it should have been! Some things still don't work but hopefully it'll be fixed. Sent from my SPH-L900 using xda app-developers app
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    Post [Launcher 7][Icons] Tile Packs & Templates [24/03/11]

    How do you apply the themes to the music player like the Zune theme pack?
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    Post [LAUNCHER 7] Show-off L7 Layout

    What Clock/Weather widget are you using? Beautiful widgets? If so, what's the skin? Looks good.
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    Post [LAUNCHER 7] Show-off L7 Layout

    Do you mind posting your wallpaper?
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    Post [Launcher 7][Icons] Tile Packs & Templates [24/03/11]

    I downloaded the Zune Pack. How do I set it up on my Samsung Infuse 4G?
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    Post Exchange Issues

    You were able to resolve this issue? I'm inclined to think it was a google server issue. I''m having an issue syncing all my google calendars via exchange. Only one of them shows up.
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    Thread Google Exchange

    Hello, I have set up my exchange account and email and contacts work great. The only issue that I'm having is that all my calendars won't sync. Only my main calendar syncs. Any ideas? My personal category syncs, but my home and work categories won't sync.
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    Thread Screen Timeout?

    Does anyone know of a hack to set my screen timeout to never? I currently have the Samsung Infuse 4G and there is no setting for never. Also, does anyone know how to change the icons on the bottom bar? I would like to add my own apps down there but it seems like it's static. TIA.
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    Post [APP][Updated 9/13/11 V1.4] Official Netflix

    Phone: samsung infuse Rom: default? Mod 2 Mods: none? I am rooted. I get the same message as brie987 above.
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    Thread Master Reset

    Hello, I have a Samsung Infuse 4G and rooted it and deleted all the bloatware. Does anyone know how I can do a master reset as if the phone came straight from the factory. The Reset under Privacy does not do it. I may have deleted something I wasn't supposed to.
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    Thread Live Wallpaper

    Can someone send me the .apk and .odex file? I deleted them but now want to try the live wallpaper with beautiful widgets. I have a Samsung Infuse 4G running 2.2.1. Thanks.
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    Post Google Talk APK

    I've checked every single apk but don't recognize anything reputed to google talk. Can it be named something else that I won't recognize?
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    Thread Google Talk APK

    Can someone send me the .apk file for Google Talk? I deleted it before turning off the notifications. I use eBuddy now and every time I get a message, the Google Talk notification still comes up. I think I need to re-install it, turn off notifications, and then uninstall again. I downloaded...
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    Post Deleted Gtalk -- Easiest fix?

    I download this apk but when I try to install it, it says application failed. Running Samsung Infuse on 2.2.1. Any ideas?
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    Thread Swype not working after Hard reset

    I have rooted my phone and ever since trying to modify the build.prop file to get netflix to work, my swype stopped working. I did a hard reset under settings > privacy but my Swype still does not work. Please help!
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    Thread Unable to mount R/W in Root Explorer

    Hi Guys, I just rooted my phone (Samsung Infuse 4G) using Infuse_root. I purchased and installed Root Explorer but cannot get it to mount R/W. When I press the square button, nothing happens. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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    Post Samsung infuse rooted

    Does anyone know how I can delete the standard browser and all the AT&T apps that are on the Infuse?