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    Thread FRP on xcover 5

    Hi! How do i remove FRP on a samsung galaxy xcover 5? Thanks in advance.!
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    Thread Getting rid of work profile on xcover 5 with knox

    Hi! Is there anyway to get rid of work profile on my xcover 5? It has knox if that changes anything
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    Thread Deleting MDM with adb

    Hi! So my xcover 5 is locked with work profile and im trying to uninstall it. I cant disable any app from adb because of the MDM. i tried "shell pm dumpsys_device_policy and this is the result i get. Enabled Device Admins (User 0, provisioningState: 0)...
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    Thread TWRP for xcover 5

    Hello! Is there anyone who has an working twrp for xcover 5?
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    Thread Remove work profile android

    Is there anyway to remove work profile on android?
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    Thread stuck on entering fastboot mode xcover5

    Hello! When i try to enter fastboot mode on my xcover 5 it just says Entering fastbood mode. How do i fix this? I mean how do i enter fastboot mode, i know how to get out of it.