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    Post [Guide] Flash Magisk on Android 12

    I rooted my 3XL with no issues...except for the fact the beta throws random crashes mostly from the system settings
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    Post [Guide] Flash Magisk on Android 12

    Do we have to wipe the device every time we flash a new beta?
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    Post [Guide] Flash Magisk on Android 12

    Can someone show or say if that "bootloader" warning message is there each time you reboot the phone?
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    Post [APP] [4.3+] UbikiTouch - Gestures and automation App

    App looks great. If you have any promo codes, I would greatly appreciate it.
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    Post Win 2 Honor 20 Series - Beta Tester Recruitment [Open to All Countries]

    I have a strong passion for phones. I always look into the best ones and read reviews. Always looking forward for the next innovative device and I know the Honor 20 is shaping up to be innovative. With it's sleek and smooth hardware design and punch hole cutout, it looks to be a winner. Huawei...
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    Post [APP] [WhatsCloud] [Analyze your WhatsApp chats and groups] [4.4+]

    This is a great app to compare how many messages you sent vs. your spouse, for instance. It has great graphics and word placement to see more stats. Would love to see a share feature in future releases to send results to contacts.
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    Post [Flashable] Pixel Sounds 2.0

    I flashed the full normal one but I don't see the sounds in the sound picker
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    Thread Redmi Note 5 and Verizon

    Hi. I am currently on Verizon and I was wondering if I can use this device on Verizon's network. Thanks in advance.
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    Post [ROM][G950U/G955U]Pixelish S9 ROM - Custom System for Snapdragon S8/+

    Nice. What did you exclude/include in yours, if you don't mind saying?
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    Post [ROM][G950U/G955U]Pixelish S9 ROM - Custom System for Snapdragon S8/+

    Sweet. Which device did you build it for? What's included/excluded in this?
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    Post [Theme] J Dark Ice Substratum Theme v2.4 03/31/2017

    See attached. Does this theme have this "bug" where you can't see the name of the person posting in a whatsapp group? Or does this theme not have this option for an overlay?
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    Post [Theme] J Dark Ice Substratum Theme v2.4 03/31/2017

    Does this work on Oreo? Can you make an IceBlack accent?
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    Post [Q&A] Issues with Substratum? Post here!

    Black Screen on bootup Hi, I enabled some themes from the Manager section of Substratum and now when I rebooted my device, it doesn't allow me to unlock my phone. All I get is a black screen. Lastest version (I think) Oreo Beta 5 S8+
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    Post Dark notifications and other overlays

    Looks great. Can you post the files?
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    Post [Help Thread][Galaxy Note5] Ask Any Question, Noob Friendly

    Flashed wrong rom Hey guys. First time n00b trying out this rooting and fashing roms thing. I rooted used Odin and then flashed a Note7 rom to my device using TWRP. With that being said, after my device rebooted, it gets stuck on the Samsung logo any doesn't go past that. Have I bricked my...
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    Post DONT UPDATE Package Disabler Pro if you want to AVOID the OTA

    Can you explain step by step what you did? This isn't working for me either.
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    Post If you updated and are now limited to 60% here's the fix

    Now that 6.3 has been updated (and doesn't work), what can we do to prevent the update? My phone already updated this morning. At least I got to see 100% on my phone again. :p