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    Thread USB Error 43

    Greetings I got a used switch from a friend of mine. I was able to do tinfoil method to get into recovery mode and Installed drivers however whatever I try I always get a error in windows that the device couldnt be recognized (error 43) - I tried two laptops and 3 different USB cables. Win 10...
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    Thread Using the "display hinge" for notifications

    Gretings still thinking about getting a mate xs. When seeing the mi mix alpha (which is "all round display") I could see that on the "edges" of the phone there are things like notifications and stuff. Is this feature available on the mate xs as well? When its being with the left side facing to...
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    Thread Using G8X like Surface Duo

    Hey guys, I am trying to use the G8X a bit more like a surface Duo. However if I install Microsoft Launcher for example it doesnt scale correctly - is there a mod APK or s th so I can use the device a bit more like Surface Duo ? :)
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    Thread Enabling Google Ambient mode

    Hey guys, I know that the "Google Ambient mode" ( https://lifehacker.com/how-to-use-google-assistants-ambient-mode-on-android-1841604179 ) isnt activated for Samsung devices. Is there a way to enable it with root somehow? Anyone knows howto? Thanks! :) Rob
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    Thread Fold vs S20 - Animations

    Hey guys, Currently checking a S20 Plus next to a Fold. I think that the S20 Plus (even with 60hz) is quicker then the fold but I think its because of quicker animation speed. Is there a way to set animation speed only a tiny bit faster? Not like 0,5 via Developer options but like 0,7 / 0,8...
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    Thread Howto enter EDL Mode

    Hey guys, I want to get my Mi 9 Lite into EDL mode - MUST this be done via hardware pins ? Or is there a way to do it without opening the phone? Some say press all three buttons and wait for a black screen but I dont get black screen only a restart :(
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    Thread Waiting period but still wanna use MIUI 12

    Hey guys, I have to wait the stupid 168 hours so I can unlock my Mi 9 Lite. However when I try to install the latest MIUI 12 Beta it does not say sth like "Not authorized" but: "Youre allow to flash the newest develop version published by MIUI forum from stable version only" Does this mean...
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    Thread After rooting my camera doesn't work anymore:(

    hey guys So I rooted my Exynos S20 Plus after updating it to ATE6 . Since then when I try to open camera I just get "camera error" even after restart. I tried to use the Samsung service menu and get "unable to connect to camera service" there :( Anyone else experienced this and might be...
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    Thread Howto Call and Message Continuity on S5E LTE Version

    Hey, I finally got Call and Message Continuity on S5E LTE working. First you have to root your S5E ( Instructions here: https://forum.xda-developers.com/gal...t3926742/page2 ) Then download the APK for call and message continuity from internet, copy it to device. Boot your tablet in "Rooted...
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    Thread Call and Message continuity on LTE S5E

    Hey guys, I got myself a new Tab S5E LTE ( to have data connection). However I dont find "Call and message continuity" anywhere. Supposing its only for the wifi version. Which is pointless as LTE doesnt mean phone if you have a dataonly card. Is there any way to get the feature to the LTE s5e...
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    Thread Suddenly slow device which is getting warm

    Hey guys, my Exynos S10+ is now around 2 weeks old. Since yesterday it suddenly gets warm and is behaving really slow animation-wise. When checking CPU stats with AIDA64 I can see that all 8 cores are running around 1900 (1-4) and 1400 (5-8) Mhz nearly constantly. According to Samsungs Device...
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    Thread No notification sound with headphones

    Hay guys I have a problem with my new S10+. As soon as I connect headphones the notification sounds are no longer playing. I haven't checked if they are still played on the speaker of the phone but it's really strange. Is there any setting I might have to change to get notifications playing...
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    Thread Buy a Mate 10 Lite or a Mate 9 ?

    Greetings, just need some help with buying. I can buy a Mate 9 for 469 Euros or a Mate 10 Lite for 349. What device should I choose? The newer but "Lite" or the older but "Pro" ? Can you help ? Thanks! Robin
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    Thread Buy Mate 9 or 10 Lite

    Greetings, just need some help with buying. I can buy a Mate 9 for 469 Euros or a Mate 10 Lite for 349. What device should I choose? Can you help ? :( Thanks! Robin
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    Thread Data partition killed (encrypted?!)

    Hey guys after installing the Android Oreo beta ZIP I got a problem. (used this zip here https://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=74406679&postcount=36) The first boot was great, everything worked okay. Then I just restarted my device - boom. I am in a boot loop now. It only vibrates...
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    Thread Facebook News sync lost after hard reset

    Greetings after I hard resetted my Lumia 650 I can no longer download the MS Facebook app with contact sync (People App --> News is the important one for me) . It worked before. Maybe it updated to a new insider build which removed the functionality? When I try to install an old MS Facebook...
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    Thread Bixby Third Party App Plugin

    Greetings, after followijng this tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPg3-3BLIVI I was able to install Bixby Voice to my S8+ . but everytime I try to update third party plugin it says "Cant download third party plugin please try again later". I analysed the network traffic with Fiddler...
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    Thread (Nearly) stock MM Rom

    Greeting's I am searching for a MM (NOT NOUGAT) ROM which is stock android as much as possible. But I only find ressurection remix which is 7.0 Anyone knows a good 6.0 Nearly AOSP ROM? Thanks for help! Robin
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    Thread Downgrade from Nougat impossible?

    Greetings, I tried to downgrade from Nougat to Marshmallow. If I install stock Nougat ROM via Odin it works. As soon as I install TWRP Recovery and lets say "KryxxOS" it just dont boot. No animated samsung logo just the first static logo and no progress. If I flash a Nougat based ROM it boots...
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    Thread Keyboard Cover not working - damaged or ROM Issue?

    Hey, I have a strange issue with Keyboard Cover connected - it looks like there is missing a row in the keyboard. When I type Enter it gets the € sign, if I press "q" it makes an "s" if I type "s" it makes "a" . Anyone knows if this is a faulty hardware keyboard cover or just a stupid...
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    Thread [Solved]Blue Light of death

    Greetings, My S7 Edge just went dead... I wanted to reboot it via TWRP and from there on only thing I get is the blue light flashing. Thats it. No response to any of the buttons I press. I tried keeping holding every button combination for about 20 seconds but nothing seems to work. And with...
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    Thread Horrible battery life?

    Greetings, I am using the european Mate 9. I have rooted it and restored my apps via Titanium backup and installed my exchange account (15 mins sync). But my mate 9 gets empty in about 6 hours (!) with moderate use. It says exchange is the culprit but I cant imagine why? Anyone knows why...
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    Thread Bricked device?

    Greetings I got a new Mate 9. Unlocked BL and flashed TWRP. Then I recognised that not all apps are installed (I think because of the cust parititon missing). So I want to reinstall original firmware on Mate 9. If I try to use eRecovery it says "getting package info failed". If I try...
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    Thread YouTube XPosed Features as APK

    Greetings, I am using a Nougat beta on my S7 Edge. On MM I was able to use XPosed Framework with features like AdAway AND Backgroud Playback for Youtube. Because there is no XPosed for Nougat I want to ask if there is a possibility to add these mods into an APK File somehow and use that...
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    Thread Disable Edge on S7 Edge

    *** MOD EDIT: thread closed, please go here: https://forum.xda-developers.com/s7-edge/help/hate-edge-screen-how-disable-t3442697 *** Greeitings, I would love to disable the edge on my S7 edge (at least one of them) because I am always accidentally tapping on them while writing which occurs to...
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    Thread Auto pulse measurement

    Greetings, I have set my Gear S2 to auto check my pulse every 10 Minutes. But sometimes it doesnt check for my pulse for 2 - 3 hours... Is it dependent on something like if I move or something? Or is it a bug in the firmware? Greetings Robin
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    Thread [Q] Cant mount CIFS - S-OFF needed?

    Hey to everyone :) I downloaded MountManager onto my one, installed InsertCoin with Sense 6 and try to mount my server. But I cant create "/mnt/cifs/Server" - "read-only file system" - anyone knows why? When I try to use another software ("CifsMount" ???) I am able to mount but cant create any...
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    Thread [Q] [RT] Sync Google with RT

    Hey, is there a possibility to sync Google Contacts and Calendar with OUTLOOK from Surface RT? I want to be able to add appointments too Thanks :) Robin
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    Thread Storage location

    I just have a weired problem on my HTC One. When I plug it into PC there is a folder called "Storage", in it are some of my music files (only SOME). Also some of my files (those mentioned above) are 2 times in my Music App. One time at "storage/emulated/legaxy/Music/" and at...
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    Thread [Q] Sent HTC One to repair?

    hey :) Me and my one just fallen down the stairs about 4 weeks ago. Since then I did not have the heart to send it to Avarto (german repair center). But I am even not quite sure if I need to sent it in. So the following is damaged on my device: -As you can see on photo 1 the left side is...
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    Thread Not enough Memory

    Hey, after Skype always crashed on my new 1, I uninstalled it and tried to reinstall it. I always get a message that there is not enough free space to install the app but I have 19 Gigs free. May "Clean Master" or "SD Maid" created this problem? I am using the Viper ROM. THanks for any help :)...
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    Thread no notifications

    I have a very annoying problem with my Nexus 4. I dont get notifications for Apps like Facebook, Facebook messenger or Kik Messenger (WhatsApp only works when screen is turned on, but thats not so bad because I always use my N4 :D). I used Greenify before uninstalled it today but I still dont...
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    Thread [Q] Recover Files after Factory Restore

    I just restored a Factory Image after I hat major PlayStore Issues (which are caused by my damn provider I just realized -.-)... But I did not know that it also deletes the internal SD Card - is there a way to restore the files? :/ Thanks Robin
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    Thread [Q] [Urgent] - No Phone after flash

    After I reflashed the ViperX ROM (including boot.img) I suddenly have no possibility to connect to any data sources. It says its in Airplane mode, I have no IMEI and I just get it fixed. I really need help :( Thanks :)
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    Thread [Q] One X WiFi fixed?

    Well, this is a bit of a "crazy" question - I am unsure if I have successfully fixed my Wifi. I used THIS Guide to fix it (used alu foil). But my question is: is this a permanent fix or just a temporary? I can give my HTC to a service center on friday and maybe they can repair it (if they dont...
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    Thread [Q] Poor wireless connection

    I just got a new One X (well it was a used one :D) but I have one big problem - wireless is not really working... It connects but the signal strength is not very great (sometimes only the "Bottom" of the signal bar is white and the bars are all greyed out). Sometimes even on full signal I have a...
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    Thread Alternative UI for Android

    Hey, I know there are quite a few alternative Launchers for Android out there, but what I want is to change the UI more then just a bit. I would love to have a "Swipe UI" like the one from the Nokia N9... I know MIUI but its very Apple like... Any other Costum ROMs (for a Samsung Galaxy Note...
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    Thread [Q] PhotoSphere English

    Hey dudes, I just have a problem with PhotoSpehre (running on a 4.1.2 Galaxy Note II International Version). I can only use it when the System Language is set to english. If it is set to german then the panorama does not get rendered. If it is set to english it does. Anyone knows why? :D...
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    Thread [Q] Alway killing my internal Memory?!

    Hey Guys, just got my new Note 2 yesterday. Installed TWRP via the Note2 Toolkit, flashed some rom, always worked. But (I dont know if its bug or my mistake) when I try to wipe data, system, cache and dalvik, my Internal Memory is just empty and formatted. I do NOT try to wipe Media partition...
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    Thread YouTube PopUp Play

    Hey, I am searching for an app with lets you play youtube videos in a popup window like locally stored videos on the SGS3... is there a "hack" for youtube App / TouchWiz so you can do this or an external app? THanks :) Robin
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    Thread One S slower then Nexus

    Just got a Galaxy Nexus and my HTC One S here. One S is faster in Benchmarks but feels way slower in terms of Navigation (route calculations), surfing the web and some other things. Is it due to CM10 which does not have the official Graphic Drivees.? Also has some graphical issues Sent from my...
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    Thread [Q] Nexus VS OneS

    hey, just got my Nexus from Amazon today. Also have a One S floating around (my main Phone). Wich phone should I choose? One S sometimes has graphic errors (due to CM 10 I think) Nexus works great and fast (for me even faster in things like Navigation like One S) but has sh**ty camera and much...
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    Thread [Q] SMS sending takes long time

    Hey, since I flashed a new radio (EU 0.16 315010S.10L) sending a SMS takes at least 5 minutes even if its only "hi" in it. And recieving can take up to one hour. When I restart the phone the SMS gets delivered instantly. I also have some WiFi Drops. Is there any way to get the old radio...
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    Thread [Q] Google Now

    Hay, I just cant figure out how / WHEN google Now calculates a Route to my workplace in the morning. Whether I put my Work Adress into Google Latitude or via Google now settings or let it blank so google now can "auto detect" it - I just dont get any directions or notifications like "Is this...
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    Thread No Sound

    I just got my new HTC one S from ebay (seller says it was a demonstration device but fully functional). I cannot hear any sound. When I am in a phone call (I can hear the sound in the upper speaker where the sensors are but not on the back) and then start Angry Birds for example sound works. but...
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    Thread Facebook integration for Ice Cream Sandwich

    Hey, :) in maemo on the N900 I can see all my contacts who are online in Facebook because of Jabber integration. When I install Skype on my Galaxy S Plus with ICS, I also can see online Status. I can also see online status for Google Talk. Is there a way to see the online status and chat...
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    Thread [Q] Revert back to GB

    Hey to everyone :) I flashed HC (Revolutionary S-OFF) and now want to switch back to GB... Is there any way to do this? Thanks for help! :) :) Robin
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    Thread CWM "MD5 Sum mismatch"

    I have renamed my backup folders and now I cant reflash back to my backed up rom :( Anyone can help me? I dunno remember the old name and no I dont have any spaces in it Thanks :) robin
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    Thread [Q] Compass too good?

    Hey, after I installed Android ROM I "cant" use Google Navigation... Okay, I can, but because the compass moves with my slightest movement I cant use it with my bike and also not in the car because as soon I move it a bit the compass reacts and Google says me that I should start at the street...
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    Thread [Q] killed my SD Card?

    Hey guys, is there any way to get my SD card back to life? I have installed THIS ROM. Then I wanted to go back to Android again but I wanted to backUp my Device before... So I used a Method to get a full zune Backup (this - after I clicked, I just recognised that I had used a CAB Deployer...