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  1. nowell29

    Thread Elephant-in-the-room Question: Will Verizon lock bootloader again?

    This is likely an obvious answer to some or many, but I have not been able to find a clear answer myself. Will VZ keep the bootloader locked, and thus no easy way for ROM development or deployment on their provided P3's? Or is there a light at the end of this tunnel?
  2. nowell29

    Thread no google task sync ??

    I got Remix working, used the wonderful hacked version. I am on a Dell something-plex ;) and it is working great! I got my screen orientation to move to portrait, and I am excited to setup widgets on a third party launcher. I am going to make it a family calendar-screen in our kitchen...
  3. nowell29

    Thread navigation bar tweak?

    has anybody been able to find a method of tweaking the navigation bar on a stock rom? i am using the verizon vk810, and just now someone wonderful has started working on cm11 again, but i need the 4g for work, so i will have to wait for that option. i do have root, and can use xposed but...
  4. nowell29

    Thread No touch screen

    I had to retire my D4 for a couple months because the touch screen stopped working and I needed a working business phone. I finally got around to ordering a new screen/digitizer and put that on (the old one wasn't broken, but for $10 I thought I would good it a shot). The new screen is still...
  5. nowell29

    Thread D4 keypad and hard button lights

    I am running the cm10 ROM and I get almost no light on my keypad or hard keys. Once in a while with no rhyme or reason they will turn on, but when I need or want them, of course they are not on, dark or light. I am a bit of a battery hog and have a charger where ever I will be for more than...