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    Post [ROM] [LMI] [11] Derp 2.4 (08.07.21)

    where can i find a changelog?
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    Post [ROM][9.0][Official] Evolution X 2.0 [AOSP]OOS & GCAM][07/26/19]

    Hey guys, where do I take firmware 9.0.7? When updating, TWRP writes it to me. Should I download and install the official rom? And then install Evolution X? Thanks in advance for your help.
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    Post [ROM][9.0][Official] Evolution X 2.0 [AOSP]OOS & GCAM][07/26/19]

    it does not work automatic brightness and all settings taken from the Oxygen OS - gestures and profile switcher. EDIT: I had xXx No limits installed ... I guess it was somehow. I removed it and reinstalled the ROM and it all works! Only FPS editing is missing in the camera application and it...
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    Post [ROM] 13/12 | Fulmics ROM 8.0 ◦ v30N ◦ Tweaks | HUB | OTA ◦ MM 6.0 ◦ All variants

    Contact crash Hello, Before you start reading , I apologize in advance for any errors in the text , my English is poor. When you open a contact in " contacts " , and application crashes . Only a few contacts can be adjusted without the application crashed. I have downloaded the application...