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  1. Shortbus-Driver

    Thread Stock bloat free rom

    Can someone point me to where I can get a stock bloat free rom that can be flashed via custom recovery? Thanks
  2. Shortbus-Driver

    Thread Note 4 on 4.4.4 bootloader or 5.0

    I'm planning on buying a note 4 this week and I do plan on rooting and playing..... But should I buy one already on 5.0 or one that's still on 4.4.4? I prefer to stick with a rom that is close to stock as possible with no hiccups Or can this phone bounce back and forth and does it even matter?
  3. Shortbus-Driver

    Thread Game save dungeon quest

    Where would the game save for dungeon quest be located? It's not in adroid/data....I looked all around in there as well as in system/app and system priv/app
  4. Shortbus-Driver

    Thread Outdated?

    I don't know.....I just don't see much of anything goin on in here and haven't for quite some time, I just don't see any reason to move on yet, but I'm getting bored with what's here lol
  5. Shortbus-Driver

    Thread Sim unlock?

    Hi guys I am running into a delema here ive been searching and searching for a way to unlock this thing. Im now running latest cwmr and have installed a custom 4.4.2 rom ....came from stock 4.4.2 so I already had a problem with unlocking do the locked bootloader....anyhow I have tried changing...
  6. Shortbus-Driver

    Thread Dual booting

    Can we dual boot with CM and TW ROMs?
  7. Shortbus-Driver

    Thread [Solved] Rooting 4.4.2 official

    I know there's plenty of posts on this already. .. But I seem to be running into a problem....come on guys don't flame me lol I've been around the block with all the S phones and rarely have I asked such a question. And yes I've been searching for 3 days constantly while home and at work all day...
  8. Shortbus-Driver

    Thread At&t on tmobile

    My question here is....If I flash a tmobile modem (radio)...will that bypass the need to do the aws mod?
  9. Shortbus-Driver

    Thread Icon changer for stock TouchWiz

    For those of you who have chosen a theme ....but did not like the stock icon change such as dialer, contacts....or just would like to change the icons of the TW launcher without having to use a different launcher....here's your opportunity. ...
  10. Shortbus-Driver

    Thread S5 Rom on S4

    For those of you looking for a complete working S5 Rom that works on your S4 go here http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2797186 And check it out....it is the Rom I am currently running on my phone. The obvious things like heart rate monitor don't work so let's not be ridiculous...
  11. Shortbus-Driver

    Thread Baldur's Gate enhanced edition

    Is anyone else on the galaxy s4 playing Baldur's Gate? It works great, ive had zero issues so far other than im getting old and need cheeters (reading glasses) in order to read all the print.
  12. Shortbus-Driver

    Thread True icon toggles for KK 4.4.2

    By the sickness. True icons toggles for 4.4.2 http://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=23329332407589635
  13. Shortbus-Driver

    Thread (4.4.2 ONLY) Dark phone, contacts, mms

    Hey everybody! We now have the dark dialer, contacts,& mms that the International S4 gets :) I take no responsibility for anything that happens to your device...you took that into your own hands from the second you rooted your phone. Now that that's out of the way, we can get to it...
  14. Shortbus-Driver

    Thread Lg C800

    Is this the correct forum for the Lg C800 ?
  15. Shortbus-Driver

    Thread Wicked roms

    What's going on with the wicked roms? Mods removed all links till further action.....what does that mean? Does the rom contain things that are harmful, or did he not get permission to use mods ? I don't know but I'd like to know what's up
  16. Shortbus-Driver

    Thread Slow long downloads/fail

    Is it my brand spanking new S4 or what? But every rom I try to download takes forever and for the most part end up failing. So far I have tried jedi, darkstar, and several others. The only rom I have managed to get it the stock rom to odin back too incase of emergencies.
  17. Shortbus-Driver

    Thread S4

    Is this phone like the galaxy S vibrant,the galaxy S 4g, and the S2.....in being practically unbrickable? I just got mine 3 days ago and rooted today.....and from what I see....its no different than its older variances
  18. Shortbus-Driver

    Thread Gt i9100 on tmobile?

    Will this phone work on tmobiles bans getting 3-4g? I may buy one in 2 days if it does. Thanks
  19. Shortbus-Driver

    Thread Im back lol....

    Well after all these yrs im back to my ole trusty vibrant. Broke my S2 yesterday with no insurance :-/ So here I am and don't really recall all the procedures....but im getting there slowly. Currently im still running team whiskeys bionix v 1.3.1 from back in the day. Any tips and tweeks would...
  20. Shortbus-Driver

    Thread Dark mms for jb

    Is there a fully functional inverted or dark mms for jb? Im running embryo 6.8 Ive searched and tried a few but they werent quit what I was looking for
  21. Shortbus-Driver

    Thread Goo web

    I cant seem to get goo dl's to work for me....for whatever reason it just loops in the countdown page.... Any ideas?
  22. Shortbus-Driver

    Thread Skyrocket on tmobile...what radio?

    I have unlocked my skyrocket and am using T-Mobile network....I'm trying radios from both this forum and the T-Mobile sgs2 forum but im wondering what carriers radio i should be using? Edit: it seems ive found a winner... The at&t radio. 1727 UCLL3 seems to be very fast.
  23. Shortbus-Driver

    Thread At&t to T-Mobile roms

    After unlocking an at&t galaxy s2 to T-Mobile i then flash roms for the T-Mobile phones correct?
  24. Shortbus-Driver

    Thread USB OTG cable

    Anyone know if it works on our device? I went ahead and purchased one on Amazon for $2.00 and figured I'd try it out. It should come in next week,but was just curious if anyone has tried it
  25. Shortbus-Driver

    Thread Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas XDA,and to everyone involved and lurking! God Bless you and your families!
  26. Shortbus-Driver

    Thread Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas too all,God Bless you and all your loved ones!
  27. Shortbus-Driver

    Thread Google

    Google it...
  28. Shortbus-Driver

    Thread Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone, Be safe and enjoy your families and friends!
  29. Shortbus-Driver

    Thread DRM Content

    Nevermind I cleaned it out. Since no one seems to wanna discuss this issue.
  30. Shortbus-Driver

    Thread How much data can u burn in a month?lets talk torrents

    Just for fun....now with the new value plan. Its not much but its a start. ;)
  31. Shortbus-Driver

    Thread Turn dialer off? (Solved...thanks guys)

    Is it possible to turn the dialer off and yet keep data on? What I'm looking to do is stream movies,listen to music and so on with data on....uninterrupted by calls,i would like the phone off but everything else on. I've already tried freezing the phone.apk in tb pro but that didn't work. I...
  32. Shortbus-Driver

    Thread True hard bricked?

    I stumbled upon this thread. I don't know if it works or not...I dont even use heimdall, but I figure its worth a try if you truely believe you've got a brick in your hands. I find it an amazing feat to actually hard brick this device but anyhow here it is....and its by Raver so I would guess it...
  33. Shortbus-Driver

    Thread Color code for gb green?

    Can someone tell me what code is the gingerbread green?
  34. Shortbus-Driver

    Thread Lg mt4g slide

    My wife got this phone as a replacement to her 3g slide and i was just looking in stickies to root it but i noticed that im told to install htc drivers to my comp....thing is...its an lg not an htc. Am i in the wrong forum? its a my touch 4g slide model lg-c800 Edit: nevermind i see the...
  35. Shortbus-Driver

    Thread Secret Easter Egg

    OK as we found that in GB if you tap on android version like 5-6 times rapidly you got a picture of Jack Larson's Zombie art..... Now if on ICS based roms ... check it out ;-)
  36. Shortbus-Driver

    Thread CM9 nightlies

    OK so now with CM9 in our grasps What exactly is nightlies,and should we try them? Carl
  37. Shortbus-Driver

    Thread Happy Father's Day

    Happy Father's Day to all you Father's out there!!! If it weren't for us we wouldn't have all these Geniuses making lives better ;-)
  38. Shortbus-Driver

    Thread Disregard.....delete

    Disregard this thread......I know mods can still read what is posted even after its deleated.... And this post was meant for mods....and I know that if they are cleaning threads than they don't have the time and wants to just contact someone over it....especially when its not something worthy of...
  39. Shortbus-Driver

    Thread ICS?

    ***Opinions*** OK what is so attractive and or benificial about ics....I mean I keep looking at it on other phones and such and yet im still trying to figure out what the hype is all about......sorry but I don't see it....LOL
  40. Shortbus-Driver

    Thread Latest modem?

    Was kb5 the latest or is there one for kj6 Please forgive my question if it truely is lame.....ive kinda lost touch with xda.....im just happy with where im at with my phone thanks to all the devs here Sent from my SGH-T959V,SGH-T959 using xda premium.
  41. Shortbus-Driver

    Thread Questions/general

    It is amazing how many people ask questions in the general section and whats worse is the amount of veteran users that do it :-/ Sent from my SGH-T959V,SGH-T959 using xda premium.
  42. Shortbus-Driver

    Thread Data tracker(Solved....ty FB)

    Im just wanting to know what app seems to be the most accurate in keeping track of data consumption....is the my tmobile account app trustworthy and accurate or is there a better app? I hate getting that dreaded message a week before the new billing cycle....... Sent from my SGH-T959V,SGH-T959...
  43. Shortbus-Driver

    Thread Delete

    Please delete
  44. Shortbus-Driver

    Thread (Solved) Lag,lag,lag

    Ok first off im on valhalla final.with lightning zap.....all bloat removed and voodoo lagfix is enabled. Im laggin like hell in high end games such as dungeon hunter 2. i realize that theres little as far as developement here compared to the vibrant but there has to be something i can do.....ive...
  45. Shortbus-Driver

    Thread Voodo control kernels

    Im kinda at a loss here ....ive tried several gb kernels and i cant seem to find one that is compatable for the voodoo control app. Can someone point me to a good kernel for this please Sent from my SGH-T959V using xda premium
  46. Shortbus-Driver

    Thread Flashing

    Ok dont flame me lol....i am coming from the vibrant inwhich i broke...to the mt4g ,to this phone and im wondering now that i have rooted thos phone....is flashing roms,kernels,and modems similar to doing it on the vibrant thru cwm....i have been doing alot of reading and just need a tip or...
  47. Shortbus-Driver

    Thread Root

    Has it been made possible to root 2.3.4 as of late? Sent from my HTC Glacier using xda premium
  48. Shortbus-Driver

    Thread Old market w/ 2.3.4

    Now this is a bit odd....I took my phone to tmobile and they upgraded it to 2.3.4 and now ive got the old market and it doesn't seem to be upgrading....not that I mind exactly.....just find it odd Sent from my HTC Glacier using xda premium
  49. Shortbus-Driver

    Thread Miss my vibrant

    Well my vibrant finally bit the dust last week after running with a shattered screen for like 2 months...I'm using a friends back up phone now and its no Samsung....HTC mytouch 4g...:.not bad but I sure miss the touchwiz..... Sent from my HTC Glacier using xda premium
  50. Shortbus-Driver

    Thread [Q] Miui statusbar/dropdown menu for 2.2

    [Q] is there anyone and or any way to create/port or what ever...make the miui page style status bar for 2.2? I went back to 2.2 and now appreciate how everything works great like it should,I've even managed to make it look like I made my miui look for me....im very happy with my phone now...but...