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    Thread Weather Live Wallpaper

    So, after searching the Apps section and trying a few Apps suggested by some others, I am at a loss for why this doesn't exist. I know Lock screens are pretty well dead due to the advent of biometric logins but Live Wallpapers still seem to thrive. I know all the bad that comes with them...
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    Post Question Beta testing program

    Wow! I was just about to start thinking I had imagined seeing the Fold 3 on a beta list (it was late and I wasn't specifically looking for it) and here someone took a screenshot. Thank you! Will be nice to see what the new UI looks like on the Fold, but more importantly it will be nice to see...
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    Thread General Xbox Elite Series 2 and Stadia on Fold 3

    Just wanted to share, the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller (with Bluetooth) and Google Stadia works well together as an impromptu gaming rig, provided your internet is good. Works well over Wifi for me. I did have to hardwire the controller though. I will try in a few hours and see if it works...
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    Post Themes / Apps / Mods Galaxy Z Fold 3 Wallpaper share thread

    Ha! It has been a very long time. Yea, when they basically killed the ability to put our own bootloader on Samsung devices, I just sort of drifted away and dealt with it. Thank you! Yea, I loved those live wallpapers. So well done and whatever weather service they used was usually pretty...
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    Post Themes / Apps / Mods Galaxy Z Fold 3 Wallpaper share thread

    Been a long time since I was here but trying to find a good live wallpaper has proven difficult. If anyone remembers the old HTC Weather app that would display the current weather as a live wallpaper (and it was really nice too), are there any similar ones for the Fold 3? Google searches tend...
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    Post [HOW TO] [VIDEO]Root the Galaxy S4

    Yep, I just updated to 4.3 day before yesterday (finally got the OTA notification) and following the steps as outlined in the first post/Youtube video, I achieved root. :) Thank you, OP!
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    Post Free 50GB Storage Box Account

    Got my email, wife is still waiting on hers. and for my wife... [email protected] If you don't mind adding the two. It is MOST appreciated. +rep :D Dude this is awesome, again, thank you SO much. 50GB is almost perfect for my needs until I get my server back up and running.
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    Post EVO 3D All-Inclusive rooting kit

    Instead of 'root kit'., which I also thought as the hidden files that were reporting back to HTC or something... Try using "Kit for Rooting" or "All-Inclusive rooting kit". Would definitely prevent a lot of unnecessary concern. :)
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    Post Micro USB permanent car charger

    Here is the thread... http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=844055 Here is my post within that thread, its post 23, but my question is answered around 25. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=9402352&postcount=23
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    Post Micro USB permanent car charger

    Just as an FYI, as I see what you are going to do and it is a far better alternative. A 10'+ cable will not give you full charging voltage at the end of that run. The cable is too long for the small amount of voltage running through it. While it WILL still charge, it will be at a fairly...
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    Thread Monoprice getting in MHL adapters

    Ok, so I am sure a new thread is probably not the best way to put this out there, but wanted to get the word out in case it hasn't yet... Just got confirmation that monoprice will be shipping MHL adapters that work with the EVO 3D and other phones shortly. I had sent a request about 2 months...
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    Post Avatar in 3D

    With the link on how to convert movies to 3D I will definitely be trying that on my copy of Tron 3D when I get back home, however, my copy of Avatar 3D had an accident involving a dropped player and it didn't end well for either. That being said, a PM would be great to where I could at least...
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    Post additional official htc usb wire

    I too will highly recommend monoprice.com Though one caveat; do NOT use the 10' microUSB cable. Due to the voltages being so low (4.7 if memory serves) the 10' is too long for the full amount of it to go through the long cable. It ends up being like 3.8 (I honestly am pulling this from thin...
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    Post EVO 4g trade in for $150 credit.

    Nah, I honestly didn't think of it at the time. Though would really not be cool to take her pic and then post it on the internet after she hooked me up.
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    Post Data reset a must

    Thought I would share something I learned that I cannot explain. Please keep in mind, I know a great deal about the hardware in our phones, the technology used in wireless devices, radio bands, etc... While messing with the EPST yesterday I did a minor mistake. I left my wifi radio on. This...
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    Post Data reset a must

    From an engineering standpoint, the method described above in the OP does very little but force the network to 're-provision' the phone. While I can see this helping a bit if there is a software issue with the network drivers or perhaps a bug in how the phone was detected since the last time it...
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    Post EVO 4g trade in for $150 credit.

    Despite the lack of respect and the fact that there has been many threads on it, thank you for trying to help. I know the search function is a bit difficult sometimes, so I can believe that it might not have been easy depending on your choice of words. Nonetheless, I know you were trying to...
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    Post ☆ ★ | ROM | InfectedROM Eternity™ | NIGHTLYS | Sense 3.5 | XE BEATS AUDIO | ★ ☆

    Same here, all of the links I am finding for this ROM are dead. Can anyone provide a link to the most current build or could Virus update the links on page 1? Thanks :) edit : Neverrmind, I found the ROM. Its on Virus' website that seemed to be down earlier today.
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    Post Monoprice.com

    Of course, after I post, I would find the monoprice thread....*sigh* Anyone ever seen or experienced this? http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=9402352&postcount=23
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    Post Kernel to remove 650 ma limitation of battery charging?

    I would actually like to raise this topic but for a slightly different reason. Has anyone used a Usb-Micro USB cable from monoprice? They have always had exceedingly high quality cables for everything I have ever wanted, but I am noticing something strange which I am not versed enough in...
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    Post [Live Wallpaper] VR Tunnel

    Amazing job on the wallpaper! The battery drain seems to be minimal (about like starfield with minimal settings) but the customization is really shaping up. Running it on an EVO here and while I too see a fair amount of jitter due to the sensitivity of the sensor, I enjoy it all the same...
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    Post [2/27/2010] Google Android for TP2 CDMA [In Dev]

    In keeping with the spirit of donations for specific milestones, I will offer the following... $25 for working phone/SMS (Working on boot, not having to call voicemail first, then boot to Haret) $25 for working data (EVDO) $25 for working Wifi $25 for working power saver features and...