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    Thread Samsung says battery only lasts 3 year

    In device care app, a tip came up saying the battery should last between 1-3 years. Are they secretly killing the battery with the charging or poor optimisation? My other phones last 4 or 5 years easy and I'm a heavy user. I'm curious what other users have experienced with long term battery...
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    Thread Geekbench Scores

    Thread for sharing Geekbench Scores.
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    Thread Android Go (Oreo) on Oneplus 5?

    Android Go (Oreo), is it possible to get android go (Oreo) on Oneplus 5? Thanks guys.
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    Thread Battery life Tips. with or without root.

    General tips from me would be, Use black theme from display settings, Doze feature from greenify using adb Any others post below
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    Thread Tips to get better battery life. With or without root.

    General tips I can think of are: Use black theme on display settings, greenify doze setting using adb. Any suggestions just post below.
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    Thread OOS-5 Oreo ROM

    Is there any ROMs that have OOS-5 on Oreo from the Oneplus 3/3t to the Oneplus 5?
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    Thread Tinder Gold with Xposed?

    Does anybody know if there is an xposed module for a Tinder gold? Thanks
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    Thread How long till Android Oreo/8.0 Custom ROM

    How long till Android Oreo/8.0 Custom ROM
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    Thread Geekbench, RAM, SOT

    Post your geekbench scores, ram usage and screen on time
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    Thread S8/S8+ lineageOS ROM?

    Anyone interested in the idea of a lineageOS rom for S8/S8+. Or any developers that could start development.
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    Thread New android 7.0 release date thread.

    If you have received the update, please state the model and region.