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  1. MadJoe

    Post July Update - New security bug????

    I just finished installing it and my lockscreen is working fine. But what I did notice when I learned if this particular update being available was that there's no way to turn on automatic updates anymore (prior to and after this update). WTF is up with that?? Is this a Marshmallow thing...
  2. MadJoe

    Post NOTE 5 T-MOBILE Marshmallow TAR

    Part of learning is making mistakes. Sure there are a few people who will dive in head first and bork their phones purely due to ignorance, but there's also a lot that can go wrong even for those who know what they're doing, or have read every single thread on a subject. So I think as a...
  3. MadJoe

    Post Note 5 vs S6 Edge+? Which to buy

    I know you were just joking, but this makes no sense since the Note 5 is much better for business than probably any other phone. I constantly take notes with my S Pen in meetings and on the fly, plus keeping all of my business data and accounts locked away in Knox and out of the way when I'm...
  4. MadJoe

    Post Gold note 5

    The Sapphire Black isn't any better.
  5. MadJoe

    Post $299 worth of promotions for Note 5

    So far I've received 1 GoS, a random wireless charger, and the $50 BB gift card. Still waiting for 2 more GoS, Netflix, 3x $200 credits from Samsung, and 3x $50 rebates.
  6. MadJoe

    Post $299 worth of promotions for Note 5

    Yes, I believe 12/31 is the cut off date, so as long as you buy before then, you can sign up for this promo.
  7. MadJoe

    Post Benchmarks

    I'm gonna be "that guy" and post the only benchmark that really matters anymore. Most phones are now ridiculously fast that the differences in benchmarks are almost unnoticeable in day to day usage, but networks are still dodgy. I'm getting good down, but only mediocre up. How about you?
  8. MadJoe

    Post $299 worth of promotions for Note 5

    Be happy you got any, I only received the charger. Nothing else so far...
  9. MadJoe

    Post Best prepaid carrier suggestions for unlocked Tmo Note5

    Changing or altering your IMEI is illegal, but I don't know if that applies to spoofing it (probably since it's essentially the same thing). I'd be careful using any of those options.
  10. MadJoe

    Post Frp lock help plz!!!!!!

    Avoid buying phones from people via Craigslist. If they aren't stolen, chances are the former owner is scamming some other way. Simple way to tell the seller's motivation: If they know what they're doing, they'll use Swappa, if they've stolen or otherwise borked the phone, they'll use...
  11. MadJoe

    Post Gold note 5

    I dunno man, when I went to get mine the other day seeing the gold in person turned me off. It looks fantastic online, but gaudy in person to me. Of course I prefer the Sapphire Black out of all the options, so maybe my opinion isn't the one to trust on this. ;)
  12. MadJoe

    Post Warranty exchanges

    My problem with returbs is that the 2 I've ever received (an HTC One S and a Galaxy S4) in the past both came with knockoff 'OEM' wall chargers. One failed almost immediately with a puff of smoke, the other charged super slow and got really hot while doing so. And the only reason I thought to...
  13. MadJoe

    Post $299 worth of promotions for Note 5

    I only received the Wireless Charger, still haven't gotten the battery charger or the headphones...anyone else receive theirs in multiple shipments?
  14. MadJoe

    Post New Update G920TUVU3DOJ7

    I never used to opportunity charge until I got this phone, the battery was awful. Until I updated, anyway. I use GPS pretty much every day for at least an hour, rarely use Wi-Fi, and I consider myself a moderate user. I was lucky to get 20hrs. Now, you can see the difference in the screen...
  15. MadJoe

    Post Trade in + tablet This weekend... deal or no deal?

    I have an S4 knocking around and trading it in for a $15/mo S6 actually doesn't sound bad, but what if I wanted the 64GB? Is there an option to upgrade?
  16. MadJoe

    Post [DRIVERS] Latest HTC Drivers |

    Oh, I guess I'm not having the same problem then, I don't have dual SIMs nor do I use Boot Manager. I just cannot for the life of me get adb to recognize this stupid phone. I have tried all the "this works for every type of phone" and HTC specific tutorials I can find, yet nothing. I've...
  17. MadJoe

    Post [DRIVERS] Latest HTC Drivers |

    Umm, how? I am having the exact same issue and it's frustrating the hell out of me. I installed the 4.16 HTC drivers, and my Win10 laptop and desktop both only recognize it as a disk drive, but adb will not show it no matter how many times I kill and restart the server. Grrr. Manually...
  18. MadJoe

    Post Tmobile Store Checks For Root?

    That's all well and fine, but it doesn't change the fact that they should never have taken the phone "in the back" out of your sight for any reason. The time I Jump'd a phone, they gave me my new device and a padded envelope to send in my trade-in, they never took my old device from my possession.
  19. MadJoe

    Post Nexus 5/6P

    Have you tried using the Play Store to browse anything whatsoever? Holy s**t is it laggy and jittery. I'm on the latest version, and it's still a jittery mess. Also selecting a text from the notification shade takes 5-10 seconds to open Hangouts. Those are the two big ones for me. That and...
  20. MadJoe

    Post Fingerprint scanner after root...

    So is there a way to root 5.1.1 COF8 without tripping Knox and retaining the use of the fingerprint reader? That's what I want.
  21. MadJoe

    Post s6 possible back plate defect?

    I can't make mine click.
  22. MadJoe

    Post Fingerprint scanner after root...

    I think 70 people looked because they were hoping you had the answer, or had received an answer. I know that's why I looked. Losing the fingerprint reader is the only reason I'm not rooted yet. Hopefully someone is working on it, but worst case, we may have to wait for the Marshmallow update...
  23. MadJoe

    Post upgrading

    First things first, let's put that tired rumor to bed, the S6's build quality puts the M9 to shame. Period. OK, now that that's out of the way: One very good reason to avoid the M9 right now is that HTC is circling the drain, and when they finish getting flushed, the first thing you're going...
  24. MadJoe

    Post Buyers remorse

    The S Pen only works on devices that have a specific digitizer (Wacom iirc). It's not a stylus, so it won't work with capacitive touchscreens like the S6, Tab, and S4 etc use.
  25. MadJoe

    Post upgrading

    I love everything except the battery life. If you have a charger bank, this is better than the M9. If not, might be better to get the G4. Pretty much just don't waste your money on the M9.
  26. MadJoe

    Post Buyers remorse

    Part of the reason for the S6's faster charging is the fact that it has a smaller battery, so less to charge. iirc the G4 is 3000mAH to the S6's 2550mAH.
  27. MadJoe

    Post Buyers remorse

    My only real complaint with this phone is the battery life. Everything else that people are complaining about, I don't seem to suffer. My pages stay loaded, my music stays playing, I don't get random vibrations, the lag is minimal, and even then only sporadic. But the battery life is driving...
  28. MadJoe

    Post Tmobile Store Checks For Root?

    Umm, first things first, never let anyone take your cellphone out of your sight to "check" it. I don't care if you have nothing to hide on that device, that is not proper procedure for any cell phone store. That dude was most likely looking for nudes on your phone while "in the back", and if...
  29. MadJoe

    Post New T-Mobile update 07/27 details inside

    Yeah, but you're saving battery! :victory:
  30. MadJoe

    Post Yay! Android 5.1.1 update available officially!! Build G920TUVU2COF6

    I have considered it, but I'm still curious why it wouldn't update automatically. The phone is still 100% stock, never rooted, and yet it still doesn't see the update. Does anyone have a clue why not? I get that the OTA roll out could be staggered, but using Smart Switch (which sucks compared...
  31. MadJoe

    Post Yay! Android 5.1.1 update available officially!! Build G920TUVU2COF6

    I've tried to update by checking for an OTA, and by using Smart Switch, but it says I'm up to date even though I'm only on 5.0.2 (OCG). Anyone else experiencing this? Since I'm stuck on 5.0.2 I thought about rooting using Ping Pong, but I don't know if I really need to. Any suggestions...
  32. MadJoe

    Post Official lollipop N900TUVUFOB6 for t-mobile galaxy note 3 (can keep root, knox 0x0)

    I don't know how you managed that kind of standby with KitKat (I was lucky to only lose 1% an hour, usually worse), but I'll tell you that the upgrade to LP over KK has caused my standby times to dramatically increase. Now my biggest drain is coming from Chrome (I've reported it twice now)...
  33. MadJoe

    Post Official lollipop N900TUVUFOB6 for t-mobile galaxy note 3 (can keep root, knox 0x0)

    Not exactly my experience, I get amazing standby time with Lollipop, but when my screen is on my battery seems to drain faster than it did on Kit Kat. Overall, though, I get much better battery life since my phone spends a lot of time on standby between uses. With Kit Kat, I was lucky to get...
  34. MadJoe

    Post [Q] TItanium Backup SD card not writable after Lollipop Upgrade

    Has anyone found a reason why TiBu now thinks the entire directory of dalvik cache is unnecessary when you run the clean up option?
  35. MadJoe

    Post Lolipop and Dalvik Cache

    TiBu seems to have been abandoned by the developer, I just tried to email them about not being able to write to my external SD card and it was returned as a bad address. If it is still in active development, it's not ready for Lollipop yet. It told me my dalvik cache is loaded with over 300MB...
  36. MadJoe

    Post [Q] Root FOB6 keeping Knox

    Or if you plan to use it, since some of us actually have jobs that require security on our devices to access their networks. Oh, and if you plan to sell your device later and want to be honest about "like new" condition...actually, Samsung warranty is pretty low on the worries list.
  37. MadJoe

    Post [CENTRAL] CF-Auto-Root

    Yes, and it worked perfectly
  38. MadJoe

    Post Official lollipop N900TUVUFOB6 for t-mobile galaxy note 3 (can keep root, knox 0x0)

    Because unless you pay for the truly unlimited, you don't actually have unlimited? Also, regardless of data allotment, when you have no signal and your phone continuously looks for data, it's draining the battery (there are places in my office that are like that, so I turn off data when I'm there).
  39. MadJoe

    Post Contacts won't open

    That's probably exactly it, since it's intermittent, and seems to have started around the time I installed Wacom. I've disabled it and will see if the problem goes away. Thanks!
  40. MadJoe

    Thread Contacts won't open

    I don't know when it it started, but my contacts just won't open, and even my dialer is difficult to open unless it is on the actual dial pad when closed last (if it's on logs, favorites, or contacts it also force closes whenever I try opening it). I was using Ready Contacts for a while, but...
  41. MadJoe

    Post List of Tested Sideloaded APKs for the Amazon Fire TV (Fire TV Stick)

    I've got Vudu working, but it also requires DroidMote or a mouse connected in order to do more than just search.
  42. MadJoe

    Post [Q] Will any Note 3 user get the Note 4

    There are only a few things I can think of right now that I really hate about the Note 3, and the Home button (Samsung, it's not an iPhone, and even the iPhone does it better anyway!) has to be #1. The idiotic "drip" noise that replaced actual dialing tones, and touch sounds (audible feedback)...
  43. MadJoe

    Post 6 months and still disappointed with note3

    I like the capacitive buttons better than on-screen, but the Home button is annoying to say the least. It's really the only thing I'd change about this phone. And now that they've started using the fingerprint reader gimmick, I can only assume the Home button is here to stay for good... I'll...
  44. MadJoe


    Actual Download Links for Full NB4 ROM For all of us having issues downloading the ROM file, you can download the uncompressed version here: http://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=23329332407576329 I found it in this post: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2671063 Thanks to all...
  45. MadJoe

    Post How to root the Amazon FireTV

    I would assume that with root you could adb push the Play Store and Play Services apk's to system, set the permissions, and reboot. I haven't tried it yet, though, so I could be wrong.
  46. MadJoe

    Post How to root the Amazon FireTV

    I'm just wondering if Root breaks Amazon Video app like on phones? I read this entire thread and no one has asked yet; did I miss something that makes the answer obvious?
  47. MadJoe

    Post [Q] Possible to stream from PC?

    Plex is far from unknown, and makes playing videos, movies, music, and photos from your PC stupid easy. That's why.
  48. MadJoe

    Post the 4.4.X update - discussion thread

    Go into Wi-Fi settings and turn off auto switching. Pull down your notification shade, long press the Wi-Fi icon, then press Menu, Advanced and you'll see this. Uncheck auto network switching.
  49. MadJoe

    Post Your Google Play Store is blocked? Search/request your app here!

    Anyone mind getting the Google Now launcher for me? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.launcher
  50. MadJoe

    Post the 4.4.X update - discussion thread

    Go into settings, Wi-Fi, (menu) Advanced Settings, and uncheck "Auto Network Switching". Fixes the spotty Wi-Fi, it at least it did for me. ---------- Post added at 05:34 AM ---------- Previous post was at 05:32 AM ---------- Seriously? I usually advocate for not giving people a hard time...