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  1. aaron74

    Post 10.3.0 bootloader unlock + root

    Yeah, this is an awesome device. Only device I've been happy with since my old Samsung note 4. Biggest thing I miss, it'd be nice to have an SD card slot! Patching a boot image is what Magisk does when you install it. But you just would manually do this.
  2. aaron74

    Post 10.3.0 bootloader unlock + root

    Thanks for clarifying. Even for someone experienced with flashing and modding in the past, but I've been away from the flashing world. There is a lot of conflicting info about this. Some say to patch boot img manually. The TWRP thread says to install TWRP as a magisk module. But seriously...
  3. aaron74

    Post after i root my devise ?

  4. aaron74

    Post Any news on Honor 7X EMUI 9.0 update for BND-L24?

    I'm switching over to a OnePlus 6t.
  5. aaron74

    Post [S912 DEVICES][ROM] Poison ROM [V4.3][STABLE]

    Also does anyone know how to determine if your device is regular firmware or LP RAM firmware?
  6. aaron74

    Post [S912 DEVICES][ROM] Poison ROM [V4.3][STABLE]

    Is this for the 2/16 device or the 3/32?
  7. aaron74

    Post Can i trust my chinese (Umidigi) phone for email, banking, passwords ? (Umidigi S2 Pr

    My whole take on this Chinese security question is this. 1st, Google is a bigger (biggest) privacy risk. They can access your phone anytime without you knowing (if they wanted to). But yet no one thinks twice about trusting them, plus most people allow them to save all their passwords and info...
  8. aaron74

    Post Storage decryption

    You can try this, If you want to completely remove encryption! All credit goes to Mickey387 , this is his link for the Mate 9 https://forum.xda-developers.com/mate-9/how-to/guide-how-to-decrypt-data-mate-9-hi3660-t3834748 Give him Thanks! Read his guide but use my files. All I did was edit...
  9. aaron74

    Post [MODULE/SYSTEM] NanoDroid (microG, pseudo-debloat, F-Droid + apps)

    Awesome! Finally got time to experiment. Can't believe this worked on stock rom (emui8). Everything working as should be. 1 correction for directions. The patcher needed installed through magisk. Thanks for all your work on this.
  10. aaron74

    Post Custom kernel (SunnYSide) Kernel for Honor 9 lite and most HI6250 devices

    sunny_deed Knowing all the time I've spent here reading and self teaching myself, trying to learn working with source and smaili. And still consider myself a noob. I give you much thanks and love for this project of yours. Always nice to see more people developing. Especially kernels. Thank you.
  11. aaron74

    Post [APP] microG GmsCore - lightweight free software clone of Google Play Services

    MarV-i-N I just wanted to thank you for this. I am new to microG and want to learn to be Google free. I've joined all tele groups. When I get time, I plan on deodexing and debloating my stock rom and adding microG. Hopefully I get this working. Thank you for well informed guide and all your...
  12. aaron74

    Post [MODULE/SYSTEM] NanoDroid (microG, pseudo-debloat, F-Droid + apps)

    Setialpha Many Thanks for this. I am new to microG and am interested is becoming Google free. And this is very well informed. The gitlab pages are well documented. Thank you very much for this.
  13. aaron74

    Post [AOSP 9.0] [2019-08-25] Phh-Treble

    Great, thanks. I've never used microG before, but been learning About it. I've been thinking of trying the challenge of a Google free phone. But still would like some app features needed by play services. Thanks.
  14. aaron74

    Post [Portrait Mode ][EMUI 8.0] Google Camera v6.0 with HDR+ working Honor 7X

    Installed on Mate Se(Honor 7x). Works but get this when I go-to video "Not enough space" Edit. I switched my default storage back to internal and solved.
  15. aaron74

    Post [AOSP 9.0] [2019-08-25] Phh-Treble

    I've noticed phh builds come in 3 flavors, floss, vanillia, and gapps. I have a few questions. What's difference with floss and vanillia? Can either use microG services? Thanks! Edit. I found in source the difference of apps in flavors. But I still would like to know if microG is possible?
  16. aaron74

    Post [DISCONTINUED][PATCHER][APP] Dual boot any ROM on all Galaxy S4 variants!

    chenxiaolong Any way to get this to work with Huawei/Honor devices? Specifically Honor7x (Mate SE)
  17. aaron74

    Post [Kernel]BeastMode vR43 (Linux 4.4.143) BKL-L04 ONLY

    freeza What's up? Wow cool seeing you here. I always used beast mode on old note 4. I have the honor 7x(mate se) I'll have to see if this is compatible and will try. Edit. I see this is newer chipset. So it probably won't. But nice seeing you here working on Kirin devices. These devices need...
  18. aaron74

    Post [Theme][EMUI 8.0/5.1]AOSP Themes with Android P[Update:01/09/2018]

    Nice job! Thanks! I noticed in the actual screenshots of the theme app, on your settings screen, it shows a settings option called "Matrix". What is that mod? Thanks. trixter127
  19. aaron74

    Post Disable OTA on the 2nd Gen Fire TV stick :

    I notice the OP states it doesnt work on OS past Im on current OS and noticed 3 OTA packages within the rom, and the 3rd one I dont see mentioned in any older package list. com.amazon.device.software.ota com.amazon.device.software.ota.override com.amazon.tv.forcedotaupdater...
  20. aaron74

    Post [COMPILATION] Firmware Flash EMUI 8.0.0-Honor 7X All models

    Thank you! +1 for support USA BND-L34 Mate SE version.
  21. aaron74

    Post Tell us which Honor X-series smartphone you have used- Honor 8X Giveaway (Sponsored)

    I currently have the Huawei Mate SE (Honor 7x). Story-time.... I made the switch from $amsung. My previous device was aging and dieing. So I did allot of research as I was tired of all these other companies price hiking their phones, demanding people to sell off their organs just to afford one...
  22. aaron74

    Post Is it possible to make a Touchwiz GSI rom?

    I'm not a Dev but I can tell you, No it'll never happen! Here's some reasons why.... Project treble is just a way to separate proprietory vendor files and driver's from the base of ROM and giving them a standard to interface with new roms. It means the device is compliant with treble roms, not...
  23. aaron74

    Post [APP][NO ROOT][ANDROID TV] Leanback Launcher for Fire TV

    I just started getting into my fire stick 2, as I have a Android box. But I don't use any Amazon services, so I thought this looked like what I needed. Looks great, better than stock launcher. My question is, it doesn't show me the additional rows, such as music, videos, games. Something I missed?
  24. aaron74

    Post [S912 DEVICES][ROM] Poison ROM [V4.3][STABLE]

    Cool. I got the T95z box. I just got around to modding. I might see how this launcher works with it. Thanks ---------- Post added at 08:56 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:46 PM ---------- @whiteak and other devs. I finally got around to modding my t95z. Installed TWRP and this ROM...
  25. aaron74

    Post [S912 DEVICES][ROM] Poison ROM [V4.3][STABLE]

    What Launcher is That? Nice!
  26. aaron74

    Post [08/03/2019] AMlogic Tools [7.1.0][A new milestone][Donate Version Available]

    Is there anyway to get USB ADB access with these devices? Or Fastboot access? I have the t95z.
  27. aaron74

    Post Full backup over WiFi or Ethernet for X96 and maybe others

    i havent checked his batch file but im assuming your device has different partitions. just do it manually. heres a couple links and some simple directions. This link covers it all: https://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2450045 simply get Adb, connect with IP. Adb shell, then su. The...
  28. aaron74

    Post [Recovery][EMUI 8.x][Huawei P10 Lite][Unofficial]TWRP 3.2.1-0 [28/04/2018]

    When Im in Twrp, to backup partitions. Whats the difference between 'system' and 'system image' ? Ive never had these devices, Ive only ever saw 1 system partition. Whats this about? Do I backup both of them? Thanks! Im using the BND-L34 Mate SE
  29. aaron74

    Post how to unlock bootloader for free

    Bootloader codes (and network locks) are generated from some sort of algorithm the manufacturer creates. That's why the manufacturers need your IMEI and Serial/N to generate the code. Yes they may be stored within the bootloader somewhere but unless you know where to look with a hex editor of...
  30. aaron74

    Post How to unlock any Huawei Bootloader after removal of unlock page including Mate SE

    Fastboot I couldn't get my new updated device to enter Fastboot mode with key shortcuts. So I found an alternative way to enter Fastboot mode. 1. Have phone on and enable debugging as usual. 2. Connect to PC. And connect using ' adb devices ' - make sure device is detected. 3. If device is...
  31. aaron74

    Thread General question?

    Hey all. I just got my new Mate SE (BND-L34). Looks great. Smooth! I'm quite impressed with Emui look. I've been on Samsung Note4 so long. So far I think I'm gonna be happy with my purchase. Anyhow my question? My device came installed with Nougat 7.0 but I can update to 8.0. I turned off...
  32. aaron74

    Post Root Without Unlocking Bootloader

    I just ordered this phone also. You should be able to get your bootloader unlocked with a service. See threads. I sure hope so. Cause i plan on doing some stuff with this device.
  33. aaron74

    Post Install Resurrection Remix Project Treble!

    Has anyone tried installing the official RR GSI from here: https://forum.xda-developers.com/project-treble/trebleenabled-device-development/gsi-resurrection-remix-o-6-1-0-t3811299
  34. aaron74

    Post US Huawei Mate SE users discussion thread

    AsItLies Thanks. This all makes since with the way these roms are made. I'm just so use to Note 4 where all the roms are zip installs through TWRP. Thanks. I see open Kirin has lineage and RR. It looks like lineage is more stable for now. But i can't wait till RR is more bug free. I always...
  35. aaron74

    Post US Huawei Mate SE users discussion thread

    Thanks. It seems you can unlock bootloader with service like dclocker, by what i read. Hopefully that correct. I also have run across the stock firmware, so that seems to be in place. A question about that, so if you flash back stock and relock bootloader, you can get OTA update again? Also...
  36. aaron74

    Post US Huawei Mate SE users discussion thread

    Hello all. I'm quite found of flashing and rooting but I've been with a Note 4 and i see things are quite different with this device. I'm getting ready to order this device (mate se)and I've been reading all through these forums. But i seem to see some contradicting info. So can someone with...
  37. aaron74

    Post [T95Z PLUS] Amlogic customisation thread (Firmwares, Mods, Recoveries, Etc)

    Nice thread. Am getting one these devices. Will have to read up everything. Thanks
  38. aaron74

    Post [S912 DEVICES][ROM] Poison ROM [V4.3][STABLE]

    Hey guys. I've been messing with roms and xda for my note 4 for some time now. Never thought about looking for tv box stuff here. Anyhow I'm glad i came across your guys thread. I've been debating for 3 days what box to spend my money on. I'm tired of just my firestick. The T95z was first in my...
  39. aaron74

    Post help required rooting note 4

    I don't understand "non add files" How to root: Download Odin here! Download TWRP here for Note4 model trlte! Download SuperSU zip files here! Use Pc to install Odin and use Odin to install TWRP. Then copy Supersu to phones SD card. And use TWRP to install it. All done! Use Google or search...
  40. aaron74

    Post [STABLE][2017.05.27] SuperSU v2.82

    Your downloads are no longer working! Xml error!
  41. aaron74

    Post [ROM][6.0.1]MODest Rom☆Multi-DPI☆Stock-Modded☆CQL1☆(1/26/18)

    The cdma model phones will not get lte on GSM. I've tried about everything. Most it will get is 4g. H+ is 4g
  42. aaron74

    Post [ROM][8.1.0][trlte] Resurrection Remix 6.2.1 [20190110][FINAL]

    Installed on my test n910t. So I don't have a Sim in it. But it installed and booted nice. Still testing stuff. Confirmed bugs as of now- camera don't work but does work on lineage. I managed to get 1 fingerprint to register by teaching it twice. But it will not learn anymore. I realize this is...
  43. aaron74

    Post [ROM][8.1.0][trlte] Resurrection Remix 6.2.1 [20190110][FINAL]

    How's this working? I'm assuming good since lineage source got a lot of their bugs worked out also. I just got another N4, still on stock. I'll give this a try when I can.
  44. aaron74

    Post [05-15-17] Debloated-Deodexed-Rooted N910PVPS4DQC1

    I'm not aware of the LTE bands in your country but I do know this device unlocked for gsm doesn't support LTE in USA. But depending on which rom you run it'll still show the LTE icon but it really is just 4G hspa+.
  45. aaron74

    Post [05-15-17] Debloated-Deodexed-Rooted N910PVPS4DQC1

    The unlock is in your efs partition. So whatever you did most likely corrupted it. Do you have a backup of your efs? Restoring your efs should restore your unlock. But just installing this ROM will not.
  46. aaron74

    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][8.1.0] LineageOS 15.1 [trlte][tblte][trlteduos]

    If I was you I'd download complete firmware. Use Samfirm software. Enter your model and csc. And also tick the 'binary nature' box, this will download a 4 file repair firmware that'll completely erase phone. Here's Samfirm thread. Scroll down to bottom of post 1. For download and directions...