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  1. fencer

    Thread Google Assistant (Allo) PUNs and Funny responses

    I thought it would be fun to list the PUNs I found in Allo's google assistant. Go on! Try them out! "trick or treat" "test" (try that multiple times) "Testing. 123" "Did you just fart?" "Are you siri?" "Are you friends with siri?" "I don't like Siri" "Are you friends with Cortana?" "I am your...
  2. fencer

    Post Anyone else having slow WiFi connection speeds?

    I noticed that my Moto X drops WIFI connectivity every few seconds when I'm in a particular area of the house and the phone's Bluetooth is on. My Wife's N5, N7 and my old N4 work OK so it's definetly something to do with the phone. :(
  3. fencer

    Post Google Photos backup (After restore)

    Yep that's what I meant :) Option 1: I had to wipe my N4, so I can't do that now :( Option 2: I was looking to keep my photos on the device, I could however move them to a separate folder if I don't find a solution.
  4. fencer

    Thread Google Photos backup (After restore)

    Just got my new Moto X (:D) and I transferred the photos from my old Nexus to the new Moto (by copying an pasting the files on one phone to the other using windows). Photos on the Nexus where also backed up via Google Photos. Now, when I switch on Auto-Backup in Google Photos on my Moto X, it...
  5. fencer

    Post [ROM][Android 4.4.4/5.1] CyanogenMod11/12 by ivanich [3.4Kernel][Up-To-Date][Stable]

    I'm on the CM11 version and am experiencing random shutdowns when I'm connected to my Moto360 via BT. Is this a know issue?
  6. fencer

    Post [ROM]*[4.1.2][4.2.2]*[SuperXE-Intact-AOSP]*[JZO54K][JDQ39]-[30/05/2013]

    I thought I had the latest build and was re-sharing but then I found out they where the 4.1.2 version ... sorry! :(
  7. fencer

    Post Battery drain on idle

    After some 2 months the issue is back!! I installed no new apps since the time I said it was sorted. I have also tried to boot in safe mode but even in safe mode the battery drains in a matter of hours Sent from my Nexus 4 using XDA Free mobile app
  8. fencer

    Post Battery drain on idle

    Just an update on this. I found out which app was draining my tab, believe it or not, it was the official google now launcher! :eek: Sent from my Nexus 7 using XDA Free mobile app
  9. fencer

    Post Battery drain on idle

    No its not rooted. Betterbattreystats not installed as it needs root access. Sent from my Nexus 4 using XDA Free mobile app
  10. fencer

    Thread Battery drain on idle

    Hi, I just got a nexus 7 (its been a month now) when the device is on standby it drains all the battery, in fact it only lasts 6h. In the battery usage, all there is is 'tablet idle' and 'WiFi'. Till now I have tried clearing the cache partition, restoring factory defaults (more than once) and...
  11. fencer

    Post [ROM]*[4.1.2][4.2.2]*[SuperXE-Intact-AOSP]*[JZO54K][JDQ39]-[30/05/2013]

    Don't want to be rude, I know you do this in your free time, but do you have an ETA for the next update? Wife keeps complaining of the reboot issue :eek:
  12. fencer

    Post [ROM]*[4.1.2][4.2.2]*[SuperXE-Intact-AOSP]*[JZO54K][JDQ39]-[30/05/2013]

    Thanks for the tip!! Brilliant! It worked .... still having issues with "Google Now" though.
  13. fencer

    Post [ROM]*[4.1.2][4.2.2]*[SuperXE-Intact-AOSP]*[JZO54K][JDQ39]-[30/05/2013]

    Cheers for the smooth rom but with build 7 still having GPS issues .... I'm now located in the middle of the Atlantic :laugh: One thing I have noticed is that "Google Now" and Maps keep asking to enable GPS however the GPS is enabled.
  14. fencer

    Post [ROM/4.2.2] [April 17 2013] AOKP VJ 4.2.2 Jelly Bean v2.2

    was super happy with this rom untill yesterday. This is what happenes (maybe it helps) Phone hung and screen would not come on so I removed the battery, when it booted back 99% of the apps where gone so I ran the a2sd checkdisk and most of the apps came back, however launcher kept on crashing...
  15. fencer

    Thread [Q] Data2sd boot problem

    Background I've been running Oxygen's rom with Sibere's Data2sd script and was working wonderfully until I decided to use Alpharev to s-off my dersire. When I booted the desire with s-off whenever I tried to install an app from the market the OS crashed and I got back to the "Oxygen" splash...
  16. fencer

    Post [Q] Help Unbricking x8

    I managed to unbrick it with flashtool ... turns out I was flashing the wrong stuff!! It was hard to find the rom (especially when it's 2am) but in the end I found one here: http://mkasharingiscaring.blogspot.com/2011/11/guide-how-to-unbrick-xperia-x8-d.html Thanks all for the help! :D
  17. fencer

    Thread [Q] Help Unbricking x8

    So I tried to install cm7.1 on my x8. I successfully rooted and installed a unlocked bootloader, went to flash cm but got an assert error, so I edited some sort of XML file to remove the assert bit (found it on a post here). Till here CM installed fine but when I hit the reboot CWM gave an error...
  18. fencer

    Post [Apex - ADW - Launcher Pro Theme] Suave HD [APK]

    Can you add for the following: Contapps: com.contapps.android.SmartDailer / com.contapps.android.CallLog Expense Manager: com.expensemanager.LauncherShortcuts
  19. fencer

    Post [APP][2.2+][BETA6] Generic Widget Lockscreen

    These are the issues I had so far: -Soon after I added a widget it crashed without any warning messages. -Could not remove the widgets in the usual method, had to use the Menu>Remove all widgets option -Sometimes Launching the locker does the same thing as pressing the home button. -Car Mode...
  20. fencer

    Post [ROM] CyanogenMod-7 for Desire GSM V7.0.3 (06/05/2011)

    I am on CM 7.0.3 using app2sd. If I change the language form English US to English UK all works fine but when I reboot the language is changed back to English US. Is this a known issue? Anyone else has same problem?
  21. fencer

    Post [APP] [UPDATES] System Sound Changer

    Sugestion: Could you add an option to preview the sound within the app Sent from my HTC Desire using XDA App
  22. fencer

    Post [GAME] Navy Wars (now in the Market)

    Im too noticing decrease in battery life on my desire. Got another suggestion can u make an offline mode, some times i wont be availble to start any new battels and dont want to get invites Sent from my HTC Desire using XDA App
  23. fencer

    Post [GAME] Navy Wars (now in the Market)

    I think it would be a good idea to add who's turn it is while in the battel, if i leave the screen open I can't tell if it's my turn or opponent's
  24. fencer

    Post [App][2.2+] AutomateIt - Automate Your Android !

    +1 For this, would want to switch to GSM when low on battery
  25. fencer

    Thread [Q] Facebook chat issue

    I have installed the Facebook app on my HTC Desire (With rooted HTC rom 2.2). Although I am listed as away in Facebook, whenever someone talks to me I do not receive the chat on my phone (later when I log in to Facebook on my pc, the conversation comes up on the pc but never on the phone). The...
  26. fencer

    Post Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 unlock

    Paid htccode to unlock my mum's X8, waited an hour or so and got remote dongle reports error (DONGLE AUTH ERROR), later I found out this: http://forum.gsmhosting.com/vbb/f473/how-unlock-experia-x8-setool-1197946/ hope I get a refund! Update: Situation now is even worst! Its saying no server...
  27. fencer

    Post [APP] SmartSMSVibrate

    Does not work on my Wildfire, sensor reads 1.0 out of pocket and 0 in pocket. Great idea! Would be cool if this could also be extended to calls etc.
  28. fencer

    Thread [Q] Flashing from SD card ... without the camera button

    I've recently flashed my Kaiser to Android but now I want to switch back to WM. I've read here that this has to be done from the SD card by pressing the power+camera button + reset; this raises as issue as the camera button does not work!! Is there any other way I can do to flash it?
  29. fencer

    Post Froyo for Vogue/Kaiser/Polaris [2010-07-06]

    pity!! :( is there any way I can install HTC sense with this rom? I cant seem to find anything.
  30. fencer

    Post Froyo for Vogue/Kaiser/Polaris [2010-07-06]

    i've just installed this and looks great but I cant get HTC sync to see my Kaiser so I can sync contacts. Anyone can point me to the right direction?
  31. fencer

    Post [APP] Dynamic Operator Name

    This app is simply great! Got an issue when credit is of a few cents it is shown as a whole number. Eg my credit is €0.20 it is shown as €20.00.
  32. fencer

    Post [APP] Dynamic Operator Name

    Very useful!!! Looking forward to the translated version
  33. fencer

    Post Angel WM6.5.2 build 23658 101.69mb super fast super stable. 15/06/2010

    same problem for me. Also, the weather is not saving the location and when i switch to the music tab media player launches and with an error "cannot play the file..." (without tapping anywhere else.) I've also noticed the screen has decreased in sensitivity ... but this might be a problem with...
  34. fencer

    Post Synced pocket outlook email - reply from other account?

    sorry to revive such an old thread but this is the same problem I'm facing. Has anyone found any other solution? 4smartphone.net doesnt seem to be what I want.
  35. fencer

    Post Broken Screen or?

    Thanks jrask. Thats exactly how it looks.
  36. fencer

    Post Broken Screen or?

    hmmmm coming to think of it when I pressed the middle of the screen it used to do some funny effect (like when you press your TFT monitor) but now nothing happens!
  37. fencer

    Thread Broken Screen or?

    About a month ago I got my Kaiser screen replaced as it was broken, now all of a sudden the screen is all whitish and I can hardly ready whats on it! Is the screen broken again?? :eek:
  38. fencer

    Post need gps with malta map. any help???

    Malta maps for garmin XT http://rapidshare.com/files/200343019/malta_map.rar
  39. fencer

    Post SMS Alert.

    anoyone developed / found a similar app as im looking for one too
  40. fencer

    Post G1 in Hand (Ask Away)General Questions

    Thinking of Getting a G1 I'm thinking of getting a G1 instead of my TYTN II (I will need to crack it as T-Mobile does not operate in Malta) My only concern is what functionality I will be loosing. I know there are some functions not yet supported on the G1. Could some one pls help :) I mainly...
  41. fencer

    Post Customizing the wizzard body/shell (paint/polishing, etc)

    i have put mine appart to replace the screen and i am sure it's possible to re-spray it, the only problem you will have is if the colour does not match the the color of the front buttons since you cannot spray those
  42. fencer

    Post Creating today screen plugin.

    just found this: still trying it out so dont know if it is helpfull http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms839442.aspx
  43. fencer

    Post Creating today screen plugin.

    im curous about this 2
  44. fencer

    Post i need Q-teck 9100 English rom.

    i know you can get the QTEK 9100 rom from the QTEK website what im not sure if it makes a difference in the language, if it does, you might end up bricking your phone!
  45. fencer

    Post Consistent Rebooting - Text Related?

    i have the same exact problem! I changed the battery the day before yesterday and it has not done it since, but im not sure if it solved the problem as sometimes it does not restart in one whole day!
  46. fencer

    Post Wizard Switching off / Restarting

    mine does not seem to be a battery issue as once switched off/restarted (automatically) it boots back normally
  47. fencer

    Thread Wizard Switching off / Restarting

    Few months ago I broke the screen of my Qtek9100 and bought a faulty 02 MiniS. The screen version where different so I replaced the whole sliding part and all was fine. About a week after the phone started to restart when I send sms (not all the time). Now it's started to switch off when it...
  48. fencer

    Post Display broken - what kind of display i need

    ow but that is Chinese to me! I don't understand German! :o if you can guide me out I'd appreciate it
  49. fencer

    Post BUY/SELL a broken Wizard! Protect our dying breed.

    Anyone has an LCD screen for the Wizard?