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    Thread Stop Windows installing Drivers for Specific Devices Win11 Home

    Hi, can anyone help, please? Windows 11 automatically installs two drivers (which conflict) for my JLab Go Air ear buds. Have installed GPEDIT, enabled restrictions, and entered the Hardware ID device ID values in installation restrictions, but the unwanted driver still installs automatically...
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    Post Gallery and music player

    Thanks - sorted.:D:D
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    Post Gallery and music player

    Set Custom Ringtone Without Music Player I can't even see how to set a song as a ringtone? (Only had the phone 24 hours!) :confused::confused:
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    Post [Q] HTC One X Jelly Bean ain't recognized any more

    More from HTC Tech Support Now HTC Tech Support have asked for the .nfo file from my pc!? Weird.
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    Post [Q] HTC One X Jelly Bean ain't recognized any more

    Still a problem Hi Latest HTC Sync does allow me access to photo and music files, but still doesn't allow use as a mass storage device. And when I connect to my car USB I get "Device Unreadable" HTC have told me that clearing the cache would fix it, but it hasn't. I do hope some clever dev...
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    Thread [Q] Beam multiple contacts via Bluetooth

    With HTC Desire on Orange, has anyone worked out a way to beam multiple contacts via bluetooth to another device, such as a car kit? Many thanks
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    Post [APP] LUMOS v1.0 *FINAL* (Complete HTC Auto-Backlight replacement) [UPD.:08-02-2011]

    Auto backlight not working Hi there! Had to hard reset my Blackstone and found problem with backlight. When in sleep mode, touching the screen anywhere didn't give full backlight. The only way to get full backlight is to power off and on again. Have set and reset backlight in Power settings...