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    Thread Can I go on with A11 OTA and keep root?

    Hi there, Sorry, I'm finding contradictive answers to it. Is it ok to apply Android 11 OTA update to a rooted A10? Will it keep root after update? Should we do something special? Thanks, Mambobuzzz
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    Thread Revert back to original Android?

    Hi, I'm having troubles with RR3 Framerate with LineageOS 18.. Is it possible to revert back to original Android? Should I just flash the factory image? Thanks!
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    Thread No fastboot!

    Hi there, I'm trying to install TWRP. But I can't do any fastboot command. ADB works. Device isn't recognized in system and with "fastboot devices" nothing shows up. :/ I've tryed many drivers but nothing works. I'm using Win 10 x64. Does anyone have a suitable way to get it working? Thanks...
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    Thread Rooted but no Recovery anymore

    Hi there, I'm hoping posting at the right place. I got root by unlocking bootloader and following this thread : https://forum.xda-developers.com/oneplus-7t/how-to/guide-how-to-root-oneplus-7t-twrp-t3979307/post81277507#post81277507 Root is ok but: -I can't go into recovery anymore. Right now...
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    Thread FLAC files playback stutters

    Hi there, I'm hearing music exclusively with FLAC files on my smartphone. But since latest 10.5.1.A.0.283 FW, playback is realy bad with any player. Stuttering and so on... Found that thread: https://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=62562 But can we get the fix now ? How does it...
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    Thread Removing my xperia application

    Hi there, how can I remove "my xperia" application ? I'm root... Thanks !
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    Thread CMod and photo quality

    Hi, I was wondering if the photo quality of a XZ with CyanogenMod stays the same or gets any worse ? The Sony photo application won't be available with it any more right ? Can the default CM photo application provide the same photo quality ? Thx, Mambobuzzz
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    Thread [Q] Root for .253 Update ?

    Hi, I hope I'm posting on the right section. I'ld like to root my .253 ZL. I did install the update from scratch with SUS. With it root from .434 went away. Is there any method to root the .253 in a classic way without downgrading or something like this ? Thanks !
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    Thread Any news from 4.2.2 Update ?

    Hi, There were rumors on 4.2.2 FW update coming by the end of april. Is there any news of it yet ? Is it coming ? THX !