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    Thread Gpay working on rooted pixel 5 with A12?

    Has anyone braved the gpay sql fix with rooted A12 factory image?
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    Thread Whatsapp QR code not scanning Pixel 4 XL

    When I go to web.whatsapp.com and try scanning in the QR code for the Pixel 4 XL, it sits and never scans. Anyone having the same issue?
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    Thread Confirmed pixel 2 XL Android 10 works with AA and AA stream

    I installed factory image for Android 10 .020. the phone is rooted and unlocked. It also runs Android auto and AA stream on my JVC Android auto unit wirelessly.
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    Thread Google home hub and casting your screen to the smart display

    Has anyone checked on the Google Home Hub if you can cast your entire screen onto it using the cast icon in the pull down menu on say a pixel phone or some other Android type phone?
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    Thread what is a good back button long press kill app suggestion?

    I've been looking on Play Store and add various XDA posts for a Kill app long press back button action. Now that route has been obtained on the pixel 2 XL, what are some of the options you guys are using? Is anyone using that?
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    Thread Android 8.0 Oreo and the default sound muting function

    Hello to everyone. With the two custom ROMs that are in development on Android 8.0 Oreo, I noticed a behavior change when using the volume down button to mute versus Android 7.0 Nougat. In Android 7.0, when you use the volume down button to mute, priority mode would be activated by continuing to...
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    Thread For anyone who has the latest Android AOSP branch, is Android O beta on AOSP?

    Like the title, is Android O beta on the latest AOSP build branch?
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    Thread Android O and Nexus 6

    Now that Android O developer preview has dropped. I feel like the devs should drop working on 7.1.2 and just go straight to Android O when they create an AOSP branch on it. Any devs planning on doing that?
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    Thread AOSP Android O

    Since a lot of people have said Android 7.1.2 was not much of a change from 7.1.1, I was wondering if developers were just going to switch to Android O for AOSP development? That's if they make an AOSP branch.
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    Thread Any developers starting to tackle 7.1.2 AOSP build for Nexus 6?

    I know that 7.1.2 on the Nexus 6 is not supported by Google, but anyone know if any of the developers tried incorporating based on the AOSP 7.1.2 chain?
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    Thread Verizon pixel xl bootloader and bootloader images

    If you end up unlocking the bootloader of a Verizon pixel XL correctly using depixel8, couldn't you install the system.img provided by Google that will,when relocking the bootloader, revert you to the locked stock bootloader version of the pixel XL instead of going back to the Verizon based...
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    Thread [SOLVED] Directv Now and a rooted device

    As the title describes DirecTV Now/AT&T has decided that root users can't watch with their app. I am using a Nexus 6 with Nitrogen OS, with phh superuser with magisk. Using magisk hide on the directv now app and superuser itself. I am also using the root kill switch All of these things...
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    Thread Hangouts Layer/Theme

    I have been looking around google play and xda for someone that has a decent layer/theme for Google Hangouts. I use the application often and a lot of themes don't have that specific layer/framework changed. Anyone have any good ideas?
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    Thread Star wars wallpapers from the droid turbo 2

    Over on the droid turbo 2 xda Forum there is a post for obtaining the Star Wars wallpapers. I am not sure if this link will work but you can find it if you search for it in the droid turbo 2 general forum. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=3269114
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    Thread Star wars wallpapers from Droid Turbo 2

    Over on the droid turbo 2 xda Forum there is a post for obtaining the Star Wars wallpapers. I am not sure if this link will work but you can find it if you search for it in the droid turbo 2 general forum. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=3269114
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    Thread Aspect ratio issues

    Anyone having aspect ratio issues with the new chromecast? I watch twitch.tv every once in awhile and I notice that the aspect ratio is off when casting to the new chromecast. Is this something that's always an issue?
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    Thread Google IO discussion in relation to Nexus 6

    So Google IO is coming out in a little more than a week. What are everyone's thoughts? Android M on the Nexus 6 perhaps? Chromecast 2 for better streaming with your Nexus 6? On a side note, I am really liking the Android TV capabilities (NVIDIA Shield)
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    Thread Holy Nexus 6 builds, batman! LM47i now released

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    Thread Nexus 6 Verizon Radio Opinions

    With all of the different build releases for the Nexus 6 (i.e. LMY47D, LMY47E, and LMY47M), there are several radios that can be used for Verizon Nexus 6 owners. Has anyone done a comparison on the radios to see what works best for them? From all the threads I read, it seems LMY47E is the best...
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    Thread (Q) Nexus 6 purchase from Motorola.com

    Does anyone remember how quickly your bank account was debited for your purchase of your Nexus 6? I purchased mine a week ago, saw it debited the day after from my bank account. Received my phone for 3 days now. I checked my account again today, almost a week after buying the phone and the...
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    Thread (Q for ALL DEVS) Droid Turbo and VoLTE

    I have been reading up on VoLTE and Verizon. So far, they are slow as molasses on updating phones with it. I am currently on a Nexus 6 and am trying to find information on VoLTE with Verizon on the Droid Turbo. Any devs know where the VoLTE packages are stored on the Droid Turbo phone? Is it...
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    Thread Problems with Motorola's website and purchasing Motocare

    I have a unique issue with my Nexus 6 purchase on Motorola.com. I purchased my Nexus 6 and received it in the mail. After receiving the device, I was able to insert my Verizon sim and use the device. A day after receiving the device, I decided to purchase moto care on the device. I followed the...
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    Thread My experience from the Galaxy Nexus to the Nexus 6

    I previously owned a Galaxy Nexus on Verizon and just yesterday received my Nexus 6. From what I have seen so far (with speedtests) is that the Via Telecom CBP 7.1 (the CDMA chip in the Galaxy Nexus) is the main reason why the Galaxy Nexus is horrible. I was constantly having issues with...
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    Thread Going from Galaxy Nexus to the Nexus 6

    Like many of you in the past, I am a Verizon unlimited data customer that didn't want a phone that was locked down from Darth Verizon. I purchased my galaxy nexus December of 2011. I just purchased my Nexus 6 from Moto's website and am psyched. All I have to say is this experience going from a...
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    Thread [Q] Verizon Xlte and Verizon volte

    Knowing that the nexus 6 include the xlte bands required on Verizon, I assume xlte works on the phone of of the box? Also, does anyone have information about possibly baking in volte into this phone from looking at other Verizon variants that have volte? Sent from my Nexus 7 using XDA Free...
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    Thread Flashable version of 5.0 Lollipop for already rooted nexus 7

    What file can I use to flash 5.0 lollipop if I am already rooted and unlocked with Kitkat 4.4? There are a ton of threads out there that are causing confusion for me and I am already rooted on 4.4.
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    Thread (Q) Buying a Nexus 6 at T-mobile to use at Verizon

    Since the Nexus 6 US version is the same across all carriers, couldn't someone from Verizon buy a phone at T-mobile off contract and use it on verizon with a pre-existing Verizon sim?
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    Thread [Q] Hangouts version 2.3? For Hangouts dialer support....

    So Google released Hangouts dialer on the Playstore. When you open the app it says you need Hangouts version 2.3. Is there anyone out there in the development community that has Hangouts 2.3 apk?
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    Thread Dirty unicorns port to galaxy nexus?

    Does anyone know if Dirty Unicorns team make a kitkat port for the galaxy nexus official or unofficial? EDIT: Specifically TORO
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    Thread 4G down in phoenix for fourth time

    About twice a month, it seems like 4g data goes down in phoenix. Anyone experiencing this? I change to LTE mode in dad bamf settings and get nothing. Sent from my ADR6400L using XDA App
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    Thread Das bamf 3.0 RC4 with mr2 and flash player

    I am having no luck with getting flash player running in browser or any other browser on das bamf 3.0 mr2. Anyone else have the same issue? Sent from my ADR6400L using XDA App