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    Post [OFFICIAL ROM][10.0][SIRIUS] crDroid v6.13 [05.01.2021]

    This rom is amazing fast. What is different in this version 6.8 ?
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    Post [APP][ROOT] Brightness Tweak

    It works Fine on android q crdroid 6.7
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    Post [GCAM]: Mi 8 SE: Buffer fix

    It works amazing.? God bless you.
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    Post [OFFICIAL ROM][10.0][SIRIUS] crDroid v6.13 [05.01.2021]

    on 6.7 update, in quick settings i cant set the brighnet slider to bottom. it was available in older versions . like 6.5
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    Post [OFFICIAL ROM][10.0][SIRIUS] crDroid v6.13 [05.01.2021]

    I get about %94 - %96 deep sleep time. For me it's very good. Only problem is, in a dark room, auto screen brighnets doesn't set the screen brightnes to %0. i set it manually.
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    Post [OFFICIAL ROM][10.0][SIRIUS] crDroid v6.13 [05.01.2021]

    in a full dark room, the auto screen light dimming dont change to %0. Its about %20. And i change it to %0 manually. Screenshoot added. Sorry for bad english. Except of that everything works Fine.
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    Post [OFFICIAL ROM][10.0][SIRIUS] crDroid v6.13 [05.01.2021]

    Awesome rom. Using since 20 day. Everything works fine and very stable rom. Thanks Uldess
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    Post [ROM][10.0][Davinci][Gapps][VantomKernel][4.14][VoLTE][Official]HavocOS V3.9

    on full screen gestures it vibrates always on back action. is there any way to disable this vibration? its annoying.
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    Post Evolution X 4.3 for Mi 9T/Redmi K20 [davinci]

    double tap to secreen wake don't work on me. i have activated the settings.
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    Post [ROM][11.0][Mi9T][OTA] ExtendedUI OFFICIAL

    Hi, I can't find the vibrate settings for vibrate when call is connected Vibrate when call is disconnected Vibrate when call is busy I use the last version.
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][9.0]Resurrection Remix 7.0.2[sirius]

    Hi, i have installed this latest rom without any problem. (clean install - 4 wipes) Everything works fine except OTG USB. When i plug my usb pen to my phone, the phone freezes and after 10 - 15 seconds the phone restarts automaticly. Is there any fix for this? The usb was working in other...
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    Post [ROM][9.0][DISCONTINUED][sirius] Evolution X 2.0 [AOSP][24-08-2019]

    I'm very happy with evulotion x rom. But waiting Android q version. :rolleyes:
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    Post Havoc OS Update

    me too waitting Havoc official. Best rom for mi8se