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    Thread Help with 2 modules

    Could someone help me with the below 2 modules please? Module 1 - 1 - Hardware key (volume or power button ) used to launch a particular app 2 - Once app is launched - Lock the app with an overlay with a particular dimension (for example - overlay blocks the app completely except 20 % at the...
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    Thread Most important Features available ?

    Hi, Do we have the below features available as MOD / kernel. Else any plans of adding this for OP7 pro? 1- Sound boost for Ear piece, Bluetooth handsfree, Loudspeaker (during calls . This is the most important feature)? 2- Ability to avoid certain apps from appearing in the recents menu? 3-...
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    Thread Sound enhancement kernel AND Slim Recents

    Can someone help me here? I am looking for a kernel or app which can help enhance sound during calls (loud speaker and ear piece)? Any mod to add slim recents option to OOS ROM?
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    Thread Will formatting reset back my system from AL10 to l29?

    Hi, I originally had l29636. But debranded it to AL10 to update to the latest firmware. So will formatting my system reset it back to L29? Will the debranding reset after formatting?. Also I have been trying to update froml29c636321 to l29c636563. But every time it changes from l29c900 to...
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    Thread Mic issues - How to disable Noise Cancellation

    HI, People are complaining that they are unable to hear me during a voice call. They say it sounds as if I am talking under the ocean / not very clear. I guess this seems to be because of the noise cancellation. Is there a way to improve the sound clarity during the calls. Increase the main...
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    Thread Cannot install TWRP over Huawei eRecovery??

    I am unable to install TWRP over the huawei eRecovery. >I first unlocked the bootloader by using fastboot OEM command >then installed TWRP. Tried all the versions that i found for mate 8. I get a message "OKAY" > Then I get a message saying that I have to press the up vol button to go to...
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    Thread SailFish OS for Note4 Exynos

    I have a note 4 Exynos version and I am looking for SailFish OS over Android L/M for the following reasons Apps and screen looks as good as Android or may be better. good Performance Supports a large number of apps (including android apps) Most important reason - Those days are gone when we...
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    Thread LG G3 available for 400 USD or less?

    Hi, I am from India. I and one of my friends are planning to buy LG G3 / G2 this month. I was searching on the internet to buy online, and I came across a few posts in XDA stating that we can buy unlocked versions from e-stores with big savings? So my friend started searching on the internet...
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    Thread Keypad does not work after ROM update - Atom Exec

    Please see the email that I sent to O2, but have not received any update yet. I basically wanted to check whether the old ROM would fix the problem below. Could you please help me get the 20060614 version of ROM for XDA Exec (India), and would I be able to install the old version over an...