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    Thread [helium] video recording and flashlight fix

    hi guys, it's bad news that almost all roms and kernels are only for hydrogen users, but thanks nijel8, he brings us light on helium, I extracted and packed all related files[1] for camera of helium from nijel8's lineageOS14.1 20170129 and patch of helium. Here it is, I think it should work for...
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    Thread [hydrogen]mokee for max is released!

    Good news: zhaochengw has uploaded all the source for max to mokee, and added to mokee's nightly build list, we can download the most fresh rom at mokee official website tomorrow, thank you zhaochengw! Not so good news: He just owns a hydrogen max, so no helium rom at the moment...
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    Thread Xiaomi kernel open source for MI Max!

    https://github.com/MiCode/Xiaomi_Kernel_OpenSource/tree/hydrogen-m-oss Although the source tree name is hydrogen-m-oss, MI's staff Ivan says hydrogen and helium shares the same kernel source.