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  1. mycomputerisjunk

    Post Question Gmail notifications still don't work

    This really is not a issue limited to Oneplus. All my Android devices have poor Gmail notifications. I was under the impression that it was optimized using Doze: https://developer.android.com/training/monitoring-device-state/doze-standby If you use something like Outlook Email, notifications...
  2. mycomputerisjunk

    Post How To Guide Convert your T-Mobile (LE2127) to EU via MSM, No unlock.bin needed!

    Any reason to do this? Does the EU get updates quicker?
  3. mycomputerisjunk

    Post Question Oneplus heavily throttling well known apps

    This makes perfect sense. I came from the S21 and that thing was fast. Now since using the OP9pro, its noticably laggy. I was scratching my head on it for a while. Thanks!
  4. mycomputerisjunk

    Post USB Type C HUB Docking Station

    I know this was an old thread, but I did try the Samsung Dex pad with the V60 and it did not work. Just a normal dongle with HDMI and usb from my macbook worked fine.
  5. mycomputerisjunk

    Post T-mobile update

    Update? My phone still says it's on the April 1st update.
  6. mycomputerisjunk

    Post Bloatware ADB Uninstall Script

    I have been working on this. I have barfed up my phone a couple times now removing apps that should not be removed. I think I finally have a solid list that others can use. I'm just cleaning it up so it makes sense.
  7. mycomputerisjunk

    Thread Bloat!

    I really hope this phone gets rooted and perhaps a ROM. I came from the OnePlus 7 Pro and yikes! The stock s20 says it has 520 apps installed, which includes my usual apps. My OnePlus 7 Pro has my identical apps installed, and it is under 150 for system and user apps. The phone is crazy...
  8. mycomputerisjunk

    Post Every morning I must use my PIN to unlock my s20+

    This is a great topic. I was just wondering this AM why I need to keep entering in my code every morning.
  9. mycomputerisjunk

    Post WiFi Issue

    Did you try a reset of network settings under settings?
  10. mycomputerisjunk

    Post eSim support

    Your provider provisions it.
  11. mycomputerisjunk

    Post No base S20 on VZW - what will be lost if get an unlocked version?

    Thanks to the way cell providers provision phones now days even buying unlocked phones will sill get a providers bloat installed. I also want to say I recall seeing somewhere that if you get an unlocked S20, video calling of some sort wont work either.
  12. mycomputerisjunk

    Post mmWave worth it?

    I agree, mmWave is going to be mostly useless for now. Just about the time this phone gets old to you, mmWave may be much more mainstream and much better options will be available. The only real way I could see mmWave useful right this second is if a mmWave tower is right outside your house.
  13. mycomputerisjunk

    Thread T-Mobile justed released Android v10.

    If anyone has been waiting for the stock TMobile Oxygen10 and Android 10, I just got the OTA now. Good luck.
  14. mycomputerisjunk

    Thread Bluetooth On Android 10.

    I have a newely replaced t-Mobile 7Pro on the international v10.0.3. I paired my Galaxy Active 2 and it worked for a few hours and will no longer connect. I can try to manually connect, but nothing happens. I also noticed some drops with my Jabra 75+ headphones. Looking around the forums...
  15. mycomputerisjunk

    Post Downgrade from beta 6 to stable

    What issues are you seeing in Beta 6? There is an International v10 out somewhere. I can look on my PC whenever I get to it.
  16. mycomputerisjunk

    Post TMobile Galaxy Note10+ 5G WAITING ROOM

    Does anyone know what this phone supports? The 600Mhz or millimeter spectrum, maybe both? **Edit** Found it. It's the X55 modem in the + version but no Millimeter support.
  17. mycomputerisjunk

    Thread Global VS T-Mobile Firmware

    So I've been running both global and T-Mobile US firmware and I'm having a difficult time figuring out which one is best. Aside from the fact T-Mobile is well behind on their updates and global is already on Android 10 beta 5. Which one do you guys like running best? I'm not big on rooting...
  18. mycomputerisjunk

    Post Who has converted their TMobile to international?

    Yes, volte and vowifi are fine on international.
  19. mycomputerisjunk

    Post Photo quality

    The 90Hz screen is noticeable and the display goes to the edge more than the note. Weight, size are mostly the same. Like I said before the camera on the Oneplus will be a downgrade from the note. Like way downgrade. The Oneplus software is much more stock. The Note has all the bells and...
  20. mycomputerisjunk

    Post Photo quality

    Just another vote for the pics are awful with the Oneplus 7 Pro. Came from a Note 9 and yikes.. Maybe they will have a software update at some point to fix it.
  21. mycomputerisjunk

    Post T-Mobile to AT&T

    I went to ATT as well and it took some time for me to see the update to 9. Not sure, when I was with T-Mobile it always showed updates right away. For ATT, I was able to find the ARJA firmware with a CSA7 update that expedited the process. It also took around a day for wifi calling to show...
  22. mycomputerisjunk

    Post Stock 960U firmware for ATT, VZW, TMO, SPR, USC AND 960U1 XAA

    I flashed the AAX to my manufacture unlocked N9 and it says there are no updates. I am using ATT on straight talk. I also tried the ATT firmware listed in the first post, and still no updates. Am I missing something? **Update** Never-mind, if I wait longer than 60 seconds it has updates.
  23. mycomputerisjunk

    Post Unlocked Note 9 not receiving Pie update

    I had to flash the TMobile firmware to get updates to work. I know some members have said you just pop in a specific carriers sim and the phone configures itself for that carrier. This was not the case for me. My S8 does, but not the Note 9.
  24. mycomputerisjunk

    Post It's back to Oreo and this time it's forever

    Friendly reminder, the only constant in the technology world is change. Anyway, Pie takes some getting use to and my biggest complaint is notifications have stopped while my screen is off. I still get calls and texts, but everything else stopped. Android called it Doze and change is...
  25. mycomputerisjunk

    Post (Firmware Inside)Unlocked Samsung Note 9 - Finally Verizon Firmware With Wifi-Calling

    It wasn't under advanced calling. I re-flashed the csc file and it's available now. Not sure why it didn't work the first time.
  26. mycomputerisjunk

    Post (Firmware Inside)Unlocked Samsung Note 9 - Finally Verizon Firmware With Wifi-Calling

    I have the unlocked note 9 and flashed this. It worked great and all the verizon garbage installed. Only thing I noticed is that I still don't see any wifi calling and it says it has a system update, but when I tap on it nothing happens.. Did I miss something in the flash?
  27. mycomputerisjunk

    Post Delayed Notifications In Android P

    Well, for now I just have a super simple batch script that I made. echo off adb devices adb shell dumpsys deviceidle disable pause
  28. mycomputerisjunk

    Post Delayed Notifications In Android P

    Updated to the October update and did a complete reset. Notifications are still delayed.
  29. mycomputerisjunk

    Post Delayed Notifications In Android P

    Damn, I just wiped my phone yesterday!!!!!! Anyway, I will give the new update a try, if it ever shows up on my phone. That command you sent me to does also fix the issue: adb shell dumpsys deviceidle disable
  30. mycomputerisjunk

    Post Delayed Notifications In Android P

    Thanks for all the feedback. Speaking of delay, I think I have tried just about every fix here and then some and still no luck. Wiping the phone did nothing as well. At this point, I would almost like to revert back to v8 to get this fixed.
  31. mycomputerisjunk

    Thread Delayed Notifications In Android P

    First off, I disabled adaptive battery in Android P. Ever since the upgrade from 8 to 9, I noticed that notifications are right around 5 minutes late. I have a couple time-sensitive apps that I need notifications right away. Gmail and another app for my home automation. In Android 8, the...
  32. mycomputerisjunk

    Thread CRE8 OTA Slowness

    It seems like the last 2 updates from Verizon have made the phone lag and slow down. Anyone else see this? I am about to factory wipe it to see, but that takes time.
  33. mycomputerisjunk

    Thread Alternatitives to apps like Pushbullet

    I really don't feel like paying monthly for apps like pushbullet, airdroid, mightytex, etc.. Anyone have any good suggestions? I primarily use my Macbook Pro and Galaxy s8. I recall something in the pipeline about a Google possibly having a solution, but that is vaporware at this point.
  34. mycomputerisjunk

    Post USB-C to Gigabit Network Adapter

    I have a number of them from different manufactures and they all seem to work fine. Anker brand is my go-to.
  35. mycomputerisjunk

    Post I am not getting the G950USQU2CRB9 OTA update on beta G950USQU2CRA5

    I have crc5. So, somehow I have an even newer version. I would guess we need to go back to the last Verizon Android v7 to have the OTA work.
  36. mycomputerisjunk

    Post 8.0 released 03/16/2018

    I think for those of us that went beta, we may get stuck downgrading via Odin and taking the OTA. For those that have the official, what's the build number?
  37. mycomputerisjunk

    Post Oreo beta for Snapdragon S8 and S8+

    I did crc5 and did a full wipe and wifi calling does not work nor will it activate. Anyone else see this?
  38. mycomputerisjunk

    Post Oreo beta for Snapdragon S8 and S8+

    I'm at CRAG and tired of updating. When the official Oreo rolls out will we need to do anything special, or will we just be able to do the OTA for the upgrade.
  39. mycomputerisjunk

    Post Debating on upgrading from S6

    I also have a Note 8 and the S8 has way better battery life than that. Also, my wife came from the iPhone 7 and she said the S8's battery was so much better. Mileage may vary.
  40. mycomputerisjunk

    Post Problem reverting back to BQL1 to upgrade Oreo beta

    Have you tried a different version of Odin? I had very similar issues however, in the end, it was the usb cable.
  41. mycomputerisjunk

    Post Oreo beta for Snapdragon S8 and S8+

    Worked. Now I am on ZQKR. How do we know what beta build is current?
  42. mycomputerisjunk

    Post Oreo beta for Snapdragon S8 and S8+

    Sure enough! USB C to USB C was the wrong answer. Worked fine with the factory cable.
  43. mycomputerisjunk

    Post Oreo beta for Snapdragon S8 and S8+

    I am on AQK3 and I can't seem to get anything to flash. I tried different versions of Odin and also tried BQK5 and AQGL. Is there some "trick" to this?
  44. mycomputerisjunk

    Post [OREO] Oreo Beta on ANY USA/Snapdragon S8/+! [04/10/18]

    The more I read the more the confusion sets in. I am on a Verizon s8, SM-G950U with AQK3 firmware. So, do I just flash AQGL then flash U1AQGL-to-U1ZQJJ? Which is beta2. Um, then what if I want to get to beta 4? Flash back to AQGL then find beta4? Are firmware for 955 and 950 interchangeable?
  45. mycomputerisjunk

    Post [OREO] Oreo Beta on ANY USA/Snapdragon S8/+! [04/10/18]

    Anyone have a mirror (like google drive) for AQGL Baseband (XAS - don't use the old BST one!): https://goo.gl/TEbCLe? It does not work and if it did, it would take 2 days to download. Go net neutrality!