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    Thread [Q] audio_policy.conf changed in CM10?

    Can anyone shed any light on why the audio_policy.conf file is so different in builds of CM10 for the Evo LTE of 11/11 and up? Whatever changes were made have seriously compromised audio fidelity of A2DP audio over Bluetooth. It's so bad now that whole instruments are being left out of the...
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    Thread [Q] Market problems on CM10 stable

    I did a complete wipe and installed CM10 and the 1011 gapps, and certain apps are no longer reported as compatible with my Xoom. These same apps were compatible with the CM10 1102 nightly and the same gapps. I've already did a full wipe and reinstall just to check, and same problem. I've also...
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    Thread [Q] Help!!! Phone stuck in TWRP boot loop!!

    I installed the CM10 9/21 nightly on my phone, and upon reboot it is now just jumping into TWRP, no matter what reboot option I select. I've already tried fixing permissions, wiping cache/Dalvik, even going so far as to wipe system/factory reset and reinstalling the nightly, all with no...
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    Thread [Q] Market on CM7.1

    I've been having this problem for the last few weeks now on my Nook Color. I'm running rooted, with CM7.1 installed to the internal memory. Things have been good for a long time now, but in the last few weeks, when I download and install something from the Market app, it will get to...
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    Thread [Q] Difference in Nook Color hardware?

    I've rooted and re-flashed three original Nook Colors so far, one being my own, all with CM7.1 and all with no problems. A friend of mine brought me his and asked if I could root and flash his too, but he bought one of the newer Nook Color 2. As far as I can tell, the stock firmware is...
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    Thread [Q] Are we allowed to post FS in here?

    I won't post the ad here (I don't want to cause an issue if this isn't the place to post an advert), but are we allowed to post "For sale by owner" adverts for this phone in here? I'm not a resaler, just a user who had to switch off of T-Mobile because I moved to an area not covered by them...
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    Thread [Q] Android A2DP quality (or lack thereof)

    Okay, so the only thing that has me still thinking that WM6.5 is still superior to Android is the depressing quality of A2DP in the Android builds for the HD2. I mean, granted it's higher quality than listening to music via the hands-free profile, but it is woefully lacking when compared to the...
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    Thread Swap out microdrive?

    Is it possible to crack open the Athena and replace the crap-tacular microdrive with, say, a 16GB compact flash card? I know that flash only has so many write/re-writes, but I'd fancy having a large storage space to keep music that won't change much. What d'ya think?