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    Post FireTV 2 (sloane) Prerooted Stock Images []

    hey there, is there any easy way to update my sloane with latest rbox prerooted image ? i mean using shell ? i am pretty i used to update using adb/shell but can't find how it was done thanks
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    Post FireTV 2 (sloane) Recovery [v6] - 3.0.0-5

    Will try immediately! Thanks for posting this on weekend :)
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    Post [ROOT] Amazon Fire TV 2 (Updated)

    hmm gitlab is up and running just fine :)
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    Post [ROOT] Amazon Fire TV Gen 2 (4k)

    you probably just need to add python location to path
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    Post [ROOT] Amazon Fire TV Gen 2 (4k)

    Just rooted my first unit using Windows 10 64. Was pretty easy if you follow readme (even easier than the gen1 since there are less steps..) Had some trouble in the beginning and needed to edit the bat file to use correct Python version but I guess it's related to my environment! Thanks zeroepoch !