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    Post [30.01.17] Dr.Ketan ROM I LP/MM N5/N7 Port I Theme Store I Jio VoLTE

    HELP PLEASE...CONTACT and MESSAGE stopped working. I am using M12 Dr ketan N7 port on my phone sprint N910p. Please help...
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    Post [ROM][6.0.1] Stock PH4 | De-bloated | DeoDexed | N910PVPU4DPH4 [10/3/16]

    Hi guys, i wonder if LTE is working fine with this rom or not? I know sprint locked 4g band . can any one tell me please? I am using this phone note 4 n910p in china with unicom service. They have LTE but i can connect 3g only... please help?
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    Post [ROM][6.0.1][TRLTESPR] Emotion AOSP R22 [OFFICIAL][10/2]

    I try to install the stock OG5 and flash the rom but still get Stuck at Logo, i can assure to follow the instruction clearly....i have no idea now, someone can help me please
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    Post [ROM][6.0.1][TRLTESPR] Emotion AOSP R22 [OFFICIAL][10/2]

    Hi guys, i am using Sprint n910p OK1 with baseband OK1 as well. Flashing the rom with TWRP recovery 3.0 step by step from the instruction but i get stuck at logo screen. Do i have to flash this rom from OG5 or i get boot flop ? Please help
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    Thread HELP! Bluestacks root and xxzhushou_android For Clash of clans

    HELP! My Bluestacks 0.89 is rooted and i tried to use this app xxzhushou_android For Clash of clans (this app is auto search loot for the game clash of clan) ..Everything works fine but somehow, the float menu of the app is not shown. Some one said maybe the bluestack security blocks the float...
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    Post [ROM][I9505][XXUHOF2][18Jul] Omega v42.1●►Omega Files◄●Fully Modded●►

    Antutu benchmark has low score i am using I9505 and latest 21.1 omega rom...everything seems to be fine but Antutu score has 23000 only...i used to have 29100 with omega 19...can any1 explain??? Is low score in antutu mean my phone run slower than before?
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    Post BlueStacks Beta 4/3 ROOTED & Play Store Guide

    how do i install ? thank.....i know how to do it now...thank for everything
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    Post BlueStacks Beta 4/3 ROOTED & Play Store Guide

    broken files The file is broken..please fix it...i can not extract.....many errors....thank you
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    Post [Kernel] ButteredToasT ICS RLS18 | Linux 3.0.101 | linaro 4.7 -O3 | otg | HTC beats

    Re: [Kernel] ButteredToasT ICS RLS16.1 | Linux 3.0.65 | linaro 4.7 -O3 | otg | HTC be Battery is amazing amongst all the kernel....buttertoast kernel is the best i can recommend to any1...make sure you use xondemand with deadline Sent from my shooteru using xda premium
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    Post [Q] Data drop Jelly bean Gms

    This Slimbean is the only Jb i havent tried yet....will definately give it a shot :D thank you....
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    Post [Q] Data drop Jelly bean Gms

    So you recommend me to live with this??? Is this issue happen to everyone??? some of my friend dont not meet this issue...It is a known issue but some users have it and others dont...so i am trying to find a solution... :(((( I love Jb rom because of the battery life ...
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    Thread [Q] Data drop Jelly bean Gms

    I tried many JB roms from 4.1 to 4.2 such as Gangnam Style CM10, Ervovlv, Disarms Toaster.....AOKP 4.2 ......All of them have Data drop issue on my phone... This app "Data Drop FIXER" help a little bit with this issue but my phone mobile data still not working once i leave it for like 2-3...
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    Post [Q] Cynogenmod Jb issue

    Make sure you download the correct ControlBearRelease for your ICS OR GB......its very easy to do the wiretrick...so keep trying...
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    Post I brick my phone Can anyone help?

    You can not install Cm 10 or 9 with Hboot 1.58..... you need to S-off and downgrade it to hboot 1.49 ....do the wire trick to downgrade it.....ATM you still can get to bootloader right?? so it is sofbrick and very easy to fix....download the correct RUU and flash it...With hboot 1.58 you can...
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    Post EVO 3D Brick HELP PLEASE - ASAP

    This method may work.....I bricked my phone before also....OK lets do this,,,,Take out your battery, leave it out for 1 or 2 days (the purpose is to drain the battery out ). Then put it on....plug in your charger, boot it up by pressing Power + Volume Down to go to Bootloader...i reckon this...
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    Post [Q] Anryl kernel help please...!!!!

    http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1468960 here it is..
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    Post [JB][UNOFFICIAL][20/11/2012]AOKP kangs BUILD 3 [NIGHTLIES]

    You cam not install jb on hboot 1.53. You must s_off by juno bear wire trick then downgrade hboot to 1.49 then tou are able to install jb rom without problems
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    Post [ROM] Evervolv | 3.3.0p3 [AOSP 4.3]

    Re: [ROM] Evervolv | 3.2.0p2 [AOSP 4.2.1] You can not install jelly bean on hboot 1.53 ..Downgrade to 1.49 to install this rom or any jellybean
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    Thread [Q] Anryl kernel help please...!!!!

    Someone please help me understand this Phrase in Anryl kernel..."FASTCHARGE AND SWEEP2WAKE DISABLED BY DEFAULT to enable use kerneltuner or my app" I want to know how to use "My APP" to enable SWEEP2WAKE....because i met problem with KErneltuner...(i got laggy and freeze with this APP..the...
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    Post [ROM] Evervolv | 3.3.0p3 [AOSP 4.3]

    Hi heli....I am on ervolv 13/1/14 when i install a new nightly version..do i need to perform a full wipe (wipe data/reset + wipe cache and davik + format patrition without sdcard) or i just need to wipe cache and davik then install the new nightly rom??
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    Post [ROM] Evervolv | 3.3.0p3 [AOSP 4.3]

    Thank Helicopter...i think i have my answer...i would go with AKOP because it has more customization. ...and look stable...:D
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    Post [ROM] Evervolv | 3.3.0p3 [AOSP 4.3]

    Firstly i would like to thank Tefan...Secondly, i would like to know the different between this Ervolv 4.2 rom and AOKP 4.2 rom of Helicopter....and which one is stable??
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    Post [ROM] Evervolv | 3.3.0p3 [AOSP 4.3]

    Is the app in ervolv rom or what rom are you talking about What section is it? You said in theme and app...from what i understand ...i will go to system setting then choose theme???or how can i find it..please instruct me...i cant find it in playstore
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    Post [ROM] Evervolv | 3.3.0p3 [AOSP 4.3]

    Mobile data drop hi helicopter....i am experiencing Mobile data drop when the phone idle for like 30 minutes....the 3g icon still there but the network is not working...i have this issue with AOKP as well and other CM 10 like Gangnam style CM 10, Disarm toaster, AmericanAndroid....anyone can...
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    Post [ROM][Unofficial] AOKP [4.2.2]

    Thank helicopter for this great rom....i have no issue so far...i tried ervolv rom of yours and it was buggy..but that rom has better antutu score (8320) than this rom (7400) .... Both of them are 4.2..i wonder why this rom is slower than ervolv..is it because the kernel???is the kernel of this...
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    Post [ROM][Unofficial] AOKP [4.2.2]

    Lokker, DO NOT EVER BE DISRESPECTFUL to devs like Helicopter and ask him to do this do this...he does it at his free will...Heli is waiting for a fix for a reason so you have no right to tell people has a brand or not to do something for ya....be mature man and be patient..
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    Post [JAN.06.13] AmeriCanAndroid AOSP Shooteru JB4.1.2 CM10 [KERNEL:ACA-V13]

    JCSY .....hi.....is your signature with the Rom gangnanm and kernel working well with battery....please let me know....??? 2% for 60 minutes on wifi idle or wifi working...???(i meant working wifi is like you actually surfing web blalbalbal,,, or just wifi idle)
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    Post [Q] What is the best Jelly bean 4.1 rom for GSM evo 3d??

    Im sorry if this is against the Forum rule....i just want some advices from experienced users....
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    Thread [Q] What is the best Jelly bean 4.1 rom for GSM evo 3d??

    I am about to install a Jelly bean rom 4.1 or 4.2, i am so confused which is the stable and good battery use rom for Evo 3d GSM ??? Disarm Toaster or Gangnam style CM 10 or AmericanAndroid or Ervolv 4.2 ?? If you have experience in all of those roms, what rom would you recommend me to use and...
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    Post [Q] Anthrax kernel question??

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    Post [Q] Anthrax kernel question??

    As i saw your signature, you are using ervolve 4.2 ....is it stable??? i tried it the release Jan/4/2013.....it was smooth but buggy....the headphone doesnt work, data drop......etc..... is it your daily use?? or testing.....let me know please
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    Post [Q] Anthrax kernel question??

    Thank you all for the reply...1 more thing...have any of you try Ziggy kernel??? some dude said it last 25-35 hours.....with viper3d rom that i am using....if this is true...i am gonna swap to it straight away...this is the link...look at the end of the thread...
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    Thread [Q] Anthrax kernel question??

    I am confused between this Anthrax kernel version [SHOOTER/SHOOTER_U/PYRAMID KERNEL] Linux 3.0.50 | qualcomm base | linaro 4.7 -o3 optimized | otg | beats | profiled | aroma] (this version is 3.6.5a_MR) and the Anthrax universial version 3.7..... should i install the latest 3.7 ?? What is the...
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    Post [ROM] Evervolv | 3.3.0p3 [AOSP 4.3]

    sorry if i spam..but iwould like to thank you again and again...for this great rom. just a few more bugs..then u would make this rom 4.2 the perfect version ever...
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    Post [ROM] Evervolv | 3.3.0p3 [AOSP 4.3]

    The headphone is not working with this kernel....also the control for headphone......any fix for this....i love this rom...this is gonna be my daily use...
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    Post [Q] Issues with [Rom] CM 10 Gangnam Style

    I've got the issue fixed..thank mojo...im vety happy with viper3d rom and anthrax atm....
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    Post [Q] cant install ICS

    Go to this website www.htcruu.com and make sure you install the correct ruu to return to stock rom. At first you need to lock your phone by using fastboot flash lock oem....(google how to lock your phone ) then run the ruu file... After that, unlock your phone again. So tour phone now would be...
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    Post [Q] cant install ICS

    First i need to identify what version of phone you are using frank...do you use simcard?if yes...then your phone is Gsm...otherway is Cdma....let me know first
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    Post [Q] Issues with [Rom] CM 10 Gangnam Style

    WOW.....i think i got the wrong Rom downgrading my Hboot to 1.49.007......My phone's radio was 11.77.3504.00U_11.25.3504.06 and Hboot=1.53.......After i tried to S-off and downgrade hboot to 1.49.007....my phone radio is 10.53.9020.00U_10.13.9020.08 at the moment and it is working fine with my...
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    Post Viper3D anthrex kernel overclock

    I would suggest you dont go anywhere near 1.4 ghz....All other setting....leave it at htc default...Vsync=off and the last option..make sure you choose.Rom MAnage cpu clock or something.......i forget the words...i met trouble letting kernel manage the cpu clock....
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    Post [Q] cant install ICS

    Frank....I think the issue is you probably installed the wrong rom version....This is very important that you install the correct rom for Evo 3d GSM or CDMA version or you would get Bootloop...I would suggest you install this rom http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1991150 and make...
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    Thread [Q] Evo 3d GSM Radio update help

    My phone's radio was 11.77.3504.00U_11.25.3504.06 and Hboot=1.53.......After i tried to S-off and downgrade hboot to 1.49.007....my phone radio is 10.53.9020.00U_10.13.9020.08 at the moment and it is working fine with my rom Viper3d R310. Also i live in asia Vietnam. My question is should i...
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    Post [Q] Issues with [Rom] CM 10 Gangnam Style

    thank Mojo thank Mojo again for a very clear instruction....I have a question: 1) Is it true that i get my radio update to version 11.77 (it is 10.xx at the moment) when i install this RUU file...
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    Post [Q] agrabren please read this..Wechat issue with rom Disarmed Toaster

    Sorry for the multiple post ....but my other post is about another issue and not wechat.....is it wrong if I post 2 threads about 2 issues...if it is...then I would not do it again Sent from my shooteru using xda premium
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    Thread [Q] agrabren please read this..Wechat issue with rom Disarmed Toaster

    You are my Idol agrabren....i love your rom and i love you too :D.....sorry to bother you but there is a glitch that caused this small app WECHAT with the function Hold To chat (voice message) doesnt work...could you have a look and fix this issue....I would really appreciate it and your...
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    Post [Q] Issues with [Rom] CM 10 Gangnam Style

    Thank mojo Thank mojo for your reply....i did full wipe ( Wipe data/reset + Cach and davik + format partrition without sdcard) before install..About the laggy....it happens not only on my phone but on my friend phone that i try to install this rom on also...so i think this is not relating to...
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    Thread [Q] Issues with [Rom] CM 10 Gangnam Style

    I need help badly.....I am using Evo 3d Gsm (Root,Unlock,S-off,Hboot 1.49.007) and this [ROM] CM 10 Gangnam Style. My 3g is not working if it is running for like 20 minutes even the 3g icon is still there. Also my phone some time getting very laggy and freeze...i have to lock the screen and turn...
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    Post [Q] Boot loop on Team dirt Linaro rom

    Thank mazda...do u know a rom for gsm evo 3d with linaro tweak...please auggest me Sent from my Evo 3D GSM using xda app-developers app
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    Thread [Q] Boot loop on Team dirt Linaro rom

    Hi everyone, i need help. I am using Evo 3d Gsm (Root,Unlock,S-off,Hboot 1.49.007) I love this rom : http://forum.xda-developers.com/forumdisplay.php?f=1186 Everytimes , o try to install this rom and get stuck at Boot logo....is the problem because this ROM is for CDMA evo 3d and not my...
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    Post ParanoidAndroid CM10Hybrid by JamieD81 Q & A

    I found a solution. Go into the WeChat settings. There is a choice in the General tab for low bit-rate recording. UNCHECK THAT. Try it and post back here. Worked for me.