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  1. xp7

    Thread baseband 85

    hi guys.do have any body baseband 85 for LWW?
  2. xp7

    Thread baseband -77

    hi guys.do have any body baseband v -77 for live with walkman?thanx
  3. xp7

    Thread [Q]active swap??

    hi guys .i use app swaper2 for swap and 128M swapping but Where should understand that the active?:confused:
  4. xp7

    Thread [Q]ext3 or ext4

    hi guys.Has anyone ever partitioning memory card with ext3 or ext4 format?my rom is GDX v.18 with kernel linux dx v.4 and class my memory is 4.tnx:cool:
  5. xp7

    Thread wi-fi problem!!

    hi guys.i have one problem by gdx v.18.Since come back the kernal dx to Kernal sony ericsson, wi-fi not working.:( i dont want full wipe.what do i??please help me.:( sorry for bad english:p