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    Post Question Cover screen notification bug

    Yes this is very annoying happens to me all the time with WhatsApp messages. I'm also noticing there's a delay in my whatsapp and gmail push notifications. Compared to my old pixel or iPad - those are pretty instantaneous.
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    Post Question Enable Peek/Heads Up Notification for the Z Flip 3

    Yeah. But the drop down notification (preview of the notification ) doesn't seem to work for the Gmail app. Rather when I receive an email on my Gmail account get a notification icon instead in the top left corner.
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    Thread Question Enable Peek/Heads Up Notification for the Z Flip 3

    Hi I was wondering if there's a way to enable Peek or Heads Up Notification for the Z Flip 3 for different applications. I know WhatsApp has a built-in feature that allows you to preview your notifications at the top of the screen. If anyone knows a solution please do share! It would be nice if...
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    Post How to enable three button navigation?

    Correcto. All in the thread.
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    Post How to enable three button navigation?

    Read the how to root the pixel 3a xl forum thread. It's in there. It requires that you have an unlocked bootloader and you are rooted.
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    Post Pixel 3a XL - Bestbuy bootloader Unlocked?

    I was able to contact tmobile and was granted an unlock request. I got the email this morning and when I try to use the tmobile device unlock app it keeps saying "permanent unlock failed" any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong? I've paid the device in full already.
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    Post How to root your Pixel 3a/3a XL WITHOUT TWRP

    I tried to unlock the bootloader through fastboot but received an error. On tmobile pixel 3a devices the bootloader is linked to OEM unlocking of the device unfortunately. OEM unlocking is grayed out on tmobile sim locked devices until they're permanently unlocked by tmobile.
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    Post How to root your Pixel 3a/3a XL WITHOUT TWRP

    Thanks for this thread! I just want to inform folks who just bought their Pixel 3a/Pixel 3a XL from T-Mobile, that root is not possible as of now since the bootloader is locked. I was misinformed thinking the bootloader would be unlocked. However, the bootloader came locked and is dependent upon...
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    Post On the fence

    From this youtube video, the guy himself is a power user, he didn't notice any performance issues. He highly recommends the Pixel 3A XL link - search "Hands-On: Google Pixel 3a XL has been my daily driver for 6 weeks" on YT
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    Post Samsung Pay and Magisk

    For Samsung pay for gear.
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    Post Samsung Pay and Magisk

    So I just got this working and though I'd share. You need to have magisk and and hide all Samsung apps. Then use root browser and first change permissions of the system folder to write. Afterward you need to completely delete busybox from xbin or bin folder.
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    This is what I"m trying to figure out as well..
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    Post [ROM][6P][7.1.2_r24]★ Pure Nexus ★ Substratum | Fi | WiFi Calling ★[07/25/17]

    Download EX kernel manager. It allows you to adjust and save vibration intensity. As of now it's the only method I'm aware that works. Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
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    Post [KERNEL] [December 3] ElementalX-N6P 6.11

    Ahh I have restored the app from Titanium Backup saved from a previous build of this rom. I'll try completely uninstalling and reinstalling the app.
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    Post [KERNEL] [December 3] ElementalX-N6P 6.11

    Also I'm not sure of this rom specific or general android marshmallow. However I'm having trouble receiving Whatsapp messages once my phone goes into doze mode. I've changed the Whatsapp battery optimization to not optimized. However that didn't make a noticeable difference. Any suggestions?
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    Post [KERNEL] [December 3] ElementalX-N6P 6.11

    This is by far my favorite kernel I've used. I really like the fact I am able to change the vibration intensity. However every time I restart my phone I have to reset the vibration settings. Is there a way to maintain the settings without having to change them every time?
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    Post [APP][MOD]OGYouTube v3.5 Downloader, Popup/Background/ScreenOff Playback [STOPPED]

    I've installed the latest version on android 6.0. However the download feature appears not to be working as it crashes upon pressing download.
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    Post Nexus 6P Shipping Waiting Room

    Order Date: 11/20/2015 (Fri) Shipping Date: 11/22/2015 Arrival Date - 11/25/2015 (Wed)
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    Post Speck CandyShell for Nexus 5

    Speck just updated their line of Nexus 5 cases! I've always been a fan of Speck cases since they provide a great balance of Slimness and Protection. Here's the link: http://www.speckproducts.com/candyshell-for-lg-nexus-5.html
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    Post will not boot up

    So I basically gave up with ODIN and the whole process of restoring my phone. I went back to AT&T warranty & repair store and they were able to swap me another phone (refurbished/recertified) since everyone who buys a new phone from AT&T is guaranteed a 1 year warranty. Of course, I didn't...
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    Post will not boot up

    Okay so I flashed the .pit file and the AMDL firmware through ODIN successfully, as shown here. I did not encounter any error through ODIN, but needless to say it still has not fixed the problem. I'm still on a blank screen with vibration. I'm willing to try any other reasonable solutions before...
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    Post will not boot up

    So this is what happened to me: I flashed the foxhound rom (link) using CWM, (Wipe data, clear cache, & clear delvik cache. It installed perfectly, but because this is not an AT&T rom, I was having wifi issues. Rather rewiping the data, clearing all caches and reinstalling the rom and then...
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    Post will not boot up

    gneave secretary I'm having the exact same problem, seems like I did something similar (i.e. install the wrong kernel). Any help/assistance would greatly be appreciated
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    Post Just updated CM9 from 7/12 to 8/14

    OATs, worked fine with me. Imo I think it's the best CM9 Rom for the touchpad.
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    Post [UPDATED] Jelly Bean on the HP Touchpad - RELEASE INFO

    Thanks! LOVING it so far