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  1. jime1

    Thread [Q] Should I get JioFi or other alternative ?

    Hello Guys, I have a query and I'm not sure whether this is the correct forum section to post it or I should say I'm not even sure whether xda is the right forums to post this query. So guys please direct me to the correct forums if necessary. I apologies for any inconvenience caused in advance...
  2. jime1

    Thread Stable custom rom for redmi note 4 sd

    Hello, I have redmi note 4 3GB variant, rooted with miui I wanted to try out a stable custom rom, I'm leaning towards resurrection rom and lineage os, can you guys tell me which versions of those are stable enough for me to try? And, what is the most hassle free and simplest way to...
  3. jime1

    Thread Storage issue

    I have the 32GB varient, the usable Internal storage it shows is 23GB, remaining free space it shows is: 2.9GB, It is rooted, and I selected all files and folders (hidden files included) on Internal storage to check there total size: it shows 10.04GB (on both ES and X-plore) So, out of 32GB...
  4. jime1

    Thread time resetting issue

    RC4 CM11 -20141020-UNOFFICIAL-pico has time/time zone resetting issue ! when I switch off my phone and pull out the battery (then wait some time) then when i put the battery back on and power on my pico, the date is set in the 1980s ..:(:confused: also the time is incorrect.. I'm tired of...
  5. jime1

    Thread HD Video Playback on Htc Pico

    Hello Guyz, Can we play at-least 720p videos on our pico ? I tried MXplayer with software decoding , but 720p video playback is laggy :rolleyes: Should I try custom codec ARMv7 NEON type ?? will it help ??
  6. jime1

    Thread Xender Issues

    I've tried both Xender & Flash transfer.. First of all it wont be able to create a group on both of them... then after a few seconds of loading "create a group" my pico will reboot ...Damn.. I am tired of this.. Please any one give me a solution ! EDIT: Found that the real culprit is the wifi
  7. jime1

    Thread Recovery Flasher Utility

    Here is a SMALL & Simple app for flashing recovery... Recovery Flasher Utility Click on Direct Download as its no longer available on the play store. Enjoy.
  8. jime1

    Thread Cannot connect to a wifi network...

    There is a wifi connection named "calljpbroadband" in my locality... when i try to connect to it with my laptop.. it asks for username and password so i enter my username and password and it gets connected.. but when i try to connect to same network with my android phone....my phone wont ask...
  9. jime1

    Thread [Q] Xperia Keyboard on SENSE 4 roms???

    Can we install Xperia keyboard on sense roms? I tried to flash a .zip on Flyrom v4 from recovery, But failed. Please Help If u can.. :good:Thanks for Listening!!:good: Will hit Thanks if u Helped;)