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    Post Charging problem

    It working now but it have charge 2% in 20 minutes when I don't use it. Isn't slow ?
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    Thread Charging problem

    Hey I have tab 2 10.1 And I cant tern it on And when I put the charger I see this
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    Post [Completed] Galaxy tab 2 power and charging problem

    I changed the charger and the cable And the device is new and I don't used it because of this problem Can it be a software problem ?
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    Post [Q] can this be made?

    If you mean that you want to control your tablet by your phone download team viewer app
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    Post Problem with google keyboard Lenovo S850

    Set the auto correction option to modest Then the next word suggestion will work
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    Post [Q] xamarin android Development

    First you should learn c# then learn android api's and libraries
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    Post [Q] Deveoping Android Apps Under Windows?

    Eclipse :thumbup: and Android studio
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    Post App that mirror a phone on a tablet

    I think "teem viewer app" may help you
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    Post [Q] XDA app

    Maybe there's a problem in your membership :( try to call admins .
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    Post [Q] XDA app

    Check on quick reply bar in the setting And press on rest cache Or try to log out and log in again:)
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    Post help with locker app files

    This screen shot may help you
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    Post help with locker app files

    Download Es file explorer And press on the picture and choose open as image And it will work
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    Thread [Completed] Galaxy tab 2 power and charging problem

    Hi I have a problem in galaxy tab 2 10.1 It take 24 hour to charge :banghead: And i can't use it while charging And it stops on 99% while charging. Also battery get 0% after one hour of use And sorry for bad English:p