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    Thread Rotate Lock Screen

    Anyone got any tricks for setting the lock screen to auto rotate portrait? Ultimate rotation worked on my previous phone. On 8.1 it doesn't seem to control lock screen on the pixel 2 xl
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    Thread Help recover, flased TWRP via terminal Emulater; Caused Brick

    Like title says: Running Slimrom Slikkat 4.4.4 galaxy s3 verizon. Been rooted and unlocked since jan 2013 Wanted to update to latest TWRP, used https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpPo3mmW0Wk After flash rebooted to see if recover took and bricked phone. So preceded to recover via hard brick...
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    Thread [Q] How to use manup456 Icons ADW

    I have been searching all day, I have tried better cut, but when ever I choose his icon, the image will not take. Is it cuz its a .png file? I can select anything from my gallery and it sticks, but when I choose pic to crop and choose the icon pic just will not take. am I missing something? Im...