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    Post 2 SD cards and internal shared storage

    So far so good don't have any issues. Didn't know if this was an issue that might manifest later with the solid States or a software bug from a flashing mishap. I am curious and I like to understand why
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    Thread 2 SD cards and internal shared storage

    Okay I'm not even sure what I had done when I had done this but when I plug in my phone (Moto G Stylus 2020 XT-2043-4) into my computer. It displays internal shared storage like normal and two SD card storage which is not normal. I've had this phone for a while bought it from Metro PCS when it...
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    Post [NOOB FRIENDLY] Ask the question!

    Is there a mod or a ROM that provides the ability to have it network unlocked. Even a flashable moded modem file would be great. Thanks you in advance for any help!
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    Post [Guide] How to flash a Generic System Image on the Moto G Stylus

    PLEASE PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!!!!!!! Not sure If I'm in the rightr thread or not but need serious help !!! I had twrp on my phone was trying to reboot system and hit a slot phone went black and will not boot into fastboot turn on, nothing! It is as dead as a dorrnail ie hard bricked . I have...
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    Post [Metro][Stock] SOFIAP-T QPRS30.

    I figured it out but I'm still confused about the s
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    Post [Metro][Stock] SOFIAP-T QPRS30.

    Okay so I have a question based on my observation maybe stupid may not be I don't care Q: how do I identify if my phone is the RETUS or the SOFIAP-T? Q: Sorry this is the observational question,the build number nomenclature in my phone does not have an s at the end of the QPR but in this forum...
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    Post Root LG Stylo 4 q710al, q710pl,q710hs, all MTK( semi permanent ) Magisk

    Is there any chance this is available/works for the Metro PCS variant LM-Q710MS11u, The ASPL May 1 2020? One more quick question please, in about phone my phone name is LM-Q710(FGN) i have not seen this before nor have i seen anyone metion this with this paticuliar. Can this be explain to me ...
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    Post Zte zmax pro root?

    Bout F...ing time So cant wait for this, i like phone alot. It's a nice base for a custom ROM, good amount of ROM and RAM. Decent processor but, gets so slow when you load the internal sd with apps and other things. Really screws with the bluetooth streaming audio in my truck. I do miss my Note...