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  1. Phan.Huy.Cong

    Thread [HELP] Install Xperia Walkman with Sound Enhancement on Stock ROM (rooted)

    Hello everyone :) I'm trying to install Walkman Music Player with Sound Enhancement (ClearAudio+, Equalizer, ClearBass, ClearPhase, Virtualization, xLoud,...) on Stock ROM (certainly, rooted) Walkman Music Player is OK but Sound Enhancement is not, I have removed Sound Effects apps, but I always...
  2. Phan.Huy.Cong

    Thread [HELP] Anyway to use Clear Audio Equalizer

    Hello everyone ! I'm trying to find a way to use Sony's Clear Audio Equalizer on Galaxy Mini. I have tried many Audio Mod from Team AC!D and other developers in xda but again, again and again, I only can use Walkman Music Player without Clear Audio+ and Music Enhancement. Music Enhancement...
  3. Phan.Huy.Cong

    Thread [Request] Can anyone mod Theme (framework-res) and Launcher for stock ROM

    Hello everyone, I really like performance of S5570 stock firmware but I don't like its theme. The menu options background is in white and not transparent so it looks very ugly. The app drawer of stock Launcher is only black and not transparent, too, looks so bad ! Theme (especially menu options...