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    Thread [TUTORIAL] Huawei P8/P8 Lite Android 6.0 Read bootloader code for free

    Hi, I have not seen such a thread in the Huawei P8 section and I know the method to read the bootloader code for the older Huawei P8 and P8 Lite devices. This is an option for you if you want to save $$$ in your wallet, because Huawei no longer gives out bootloader codes and third-party...
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    Thread TWRP joyeuse advanced wipe

    Hi, I had TWRP version 3.4.1B and wanted to resize file system in advanced wipe options, but it didn't show me the system partition. I mounted the system partition and the system partition still does not show up. I have installed the latest TWRP 3.5.0 and the problem exists.
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    Thread Huawei P10 update Magisk

    My device: Name: Huawei P10 Model: VTR-L29 Build: I have unlocked bootloader and root magisk in version 20.4. When I want to update magisk to higher version 21.x, then I lose root. I tried update in magisk manager app or flash update magisk in TWRP and neither of these methods work.
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    Thread Downgrade

    Hey, how can I back from android pie to android oreo or nougat? I want unlock bootloader with dc unlocker, but on android pie I can't. I tried to download the firmwares and upload with the dload method, but there was an installation error every time. My current build number on Huawei P10 is...