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    Thread F800L : No service (cellular) after doing sh*t

    Hi guys Received few days ago a F800L (Korean UPLUS provider), bought on Ali. Everything worked great, excepted korean useless bloatware i wanna remove. 1st time, i tried ADB Shell to remove apps, it was perfect... But why not restarting on a fresh new firmware, without Korean ? :D I...
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    Thread Can't delete System/apps MIUI 11 Android 10

    Hi Freshly installed Android 10 Magisk 20.4 I try to delete useless system apps (Latest root explorer, authorized with Magisk Manager). Then i wipe Dalvik, and after reboot, all apps are still here. When i did the same on Android 9, everything was OK. Help please.
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    Thread Root MIUI 11 Mi 9T ?

    Which TWRP is confirmed working to root MIUI 11 ? I tried with latest MIUI.GR and Magisk 20 : I'm stuck on splashscreen. So i'm back on i reflashed with fastboot method.
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    Thread Still no Fastboot image/Firmware yet ?

    Still nothing to DL on Xiaomi forums. Is it normal ? My K20/9T will be unlocked on friday, need factory image for clean reinstall.
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    Thread Updating firmware-less Pie 9.3.28

    Hi Question. I made my own 9.3.28 rom using OSDN script. https://github.com/XiaomiFirmwareUpdater/xiaomi-flashable-firmware-creator.py/releases My Whyred has ARB 3 (Fastboot getvar anti). Since the beginning, i only flashed 8.1 firmware-less roms using TWRP. I saw Whyred has Pie update. Will...
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    Thread Can't make my own 9.1.10 firmwareless zip.

    Hi My ARB is still 3. I tried to edit (as i always did) latest beta 9.1.10 updater-script in zip. Then when i try to flash it, i have Error 6 in TWRP. What's wrong updater-script was ok until 8.12.17, why not working with 9.x.x ? If i flash untouched zip directly with TWRP, my ARB value will...
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    Thread 360 hours ? WTF ?

    Is there a way to bypass the waiting time ? Last time i unlock bootloader, it was on Mi Max 2, 72 hours to wait. Xiaomi is ridiculous. Redmi Note 5 Global, SD636.
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    Thread Return to full stock ? (Stuck on boot logo)

    Hi Running LineageOS on my X527, with TWRP. Wanna return to stock. In Fastboot mode, i flashed stock recovery. Then, i flashed official update.zip (with cleared cache) When rebooting, nothing happens, stuck on boot logo. Help please...
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    Thread Can't flash to stock MM a branded MM G3.

    Hi Just received from repair center my G3. After a motherboard replacement, my G3 is now branded with Orange rom (G3 was bought on Orange store). Rom is Marshmallow 30C. Just wanna flash an unbranded Marshmallow, but i can't. LG Flash Tools 2014 = Fail LGUP = Fail Got LGUP dll installed...
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    Thread Led notification for GMail ?

    Hi Possible to have led blick when a new GMail is arrived ? I don't mind the color. I checked display, light settings, checked all, impossible to have led notification. I have GMail notification in status bar, no problem with that, i just want the led to work.
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    Thread Non genuine leather back cover

    Hi Just found this : http://fr.aliexpress.com/item/100-Original-Genuine-Leather-Battery-Cover-Back-Housing-With-NFC-Antenna-Replacement-For-LG-G4-H810/32463166572.html Did someone already bought this ? What's the quality ? Equal to Original LG back cover ? Thx
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    Thread Probably definitly bricked now.

    Well, facing another problem. I wanted to perform factory reset, so i reflashed stock recovery. Flash was "probably" fine, no error in Windows. I reboot device. Then i power off to reboot to recovery with power & Vol up And now, i'm stuck on a black screen, nothing appears, no recovery. I try...
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    Thread Need help, 6045Y bricked

    Hi I have a 6045Y Bootloader unlocked TWRP installed Rooted I tried to install Arde's rom In TWRP, i made all necessary wipes, without internal storage Then, i install rom, it takes time. Finally, i reboot, i have 1st Alcatel black screen, then vibration, then Alcatel black screen again...
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    Thread Worst battery life with 30O ?

    Horrible drain for me this night ! I apply exactly the same setting, after my fresh flash. (Disabled GooglePlay Services, Disabled lot of services in Privacy...) So, clean install, remove uselesswares inside rom, i'm losing 1,3% per hour in idle ! 25R was 0.3% 0.4% per hour. And to compare, i...
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    Thread Led Notification for GMail ?

    On LG G2, LG GPro, Note 3, led is natively blinking for GMail. On my G3 not. Is it possible ?
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    Thread Alternate launcher and HD wallpaper : Tip

    Hi Just a tip a wanna share. I use Holo Launcher HD instead of TWiz Magazine i removed. But impossible to have a beautiful wallpaper with great HD definition. Crop tool blurs my wallpapers everytime. So, to have something great to fit this great screen resolution, try this tip. Download...
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    Thread Waze not filling the full screen ?

    Hi I bought T325 and i wanna use it as a big GPS (when i'm passenger, it's more funny than watching video while wife is driving) So i tried Waze. Working fine on all my FullHd devices, but not with T325 2560*1600. Screen is not fulfilled. Waze is not screen resolution compatible atm with T325...
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    Thread NA6 -> Temasek V37 Bootloop at start -> Solved

    Hi I was on NA6 Kitkat (Rooted with CF auto root), and wanted to install V37 Temasek. So, i installed latest CWM I flashed V37 + Gapps (with all wipes done) = Bootloop at start "Kernel is not blablabla enforcing" again & again... Had to reflash stock NA6 to got a working N9005... So...
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    Thread Remove Brightness slider in notifications ?

    Hi Is it possible to remove ? Probably editing SystemUI.apk ?
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    Thread Need Help ! Big problem csc others.xml lost !

    Hi After a bad file overwrite with Rootexplorer (tried to remove camera sound), the file in /System/CSC/Others.xml is empty of region settings. At 1st reboot, i was stuck at 1st Samsung logo. Nothing else. So i decided to restart from beginning, clean reinstall, i reflashed a clean MK2 rom...
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    Thread LG G2/Nexus5 hardware rom compatibility ?

    In the future, will it be possible to extract Nexus5 rom/updates and apply them directly to G2 ? Just asking, because G2 and Nexus are sharing a lot of same hardware. It'll probably be easier to port Nexus5 rom, instead of having a lot of work on a common 10.2CM ?
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    Thread Back Led for all notifications ?

    Is this mod already available ? It'll be great for GMail notifications for example...
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    Thread [REQ] Transparent Nav Bar

    Is it possible to mod an apk (SystemUI Theme White or White Gradation for example), and replace the backgrounds with transparent .png ? I don't have skill to do it, so...
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    Thread [Q] Update to 4.1.2, available ram down to 755mb

    Hi Just updated my GC100 to 4.1.2, and available ram (in Samsung TaskKiller) is now 755mb only. Before, with 4.1.1 OOTB firmware, ram was 780mb (Checked this morning with another GC100still running 4.1.1) During Odin update, i had a "Camera microprogram udpate", that took few minutes. Is it a...
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    Thread [Q] Sixaxis and JOP40C ?

    Hi Can't pair my PS3 controler with my brand new 32Gb 3G Tab Already rooted, can't get bluetooth address at the bottom of Sixaxis app, so i can't pair them together... Don't know what's wrong...
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    Thread [Q] Remove brightness bar in notif bar ?

    This feature (i don't use) is uselessly taking space for me, possible to hide/remove ?
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    Thread [Q] Sim Unlock

    Hi ! Gonna buy tomorrow a Note2, probably locked to French network Bouygues... Has somebody already tried an unlock method, like Supercurio's one for the 1st SGS3 devices ? (EFS Backup, then nv_data.bin mod...) Thx
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    Thread [SOLVED] Help ! Need to boot into CWM when device is off

    My P970 is bootlooping after a bad framework mod... I need to boot into CWM with the combo keys power/vol/home but i don't remember how... Help please, i don't wanna factory reflash...
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    Thread [Q] Remove annoying message in lockscreen ?

    Hi ! Flashed LA3 few days ago, and now, got this annoying unlock message... Totally useless, disturbing my wallpaper... What can i do ? Thx
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    Thread Asus Transformer weather widget on Note ?

    Hi ! I really like the Asus weather widget on my Tabs, and can't make it run on my Note Widget can be found here : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1204931 http://dl.dropbox.com/u/22063477/Android/Tablet/GalaxyTab/Asus_Weather_signed.apk I know it's a HoneyComb widget, but is...
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    Thread P7300 8.93" Sim Unlock

    Hi ! Little mistake in title, Tab is 8.9" :D Need a little help (if possible) ! :D I tried to unlock a French Galaxy Tab 8.9" (P7300) locked on Orange I think method is similar to other devices from Samsung Galaxy Family http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=843323 In order, i...
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    Thread Circle Battery ?

    If anibody already has this mod, i'll take ! Thx ! PS : I'm running XWKE7
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    Thread [Request] Static wallpapers

    Can somebody share them please ? Thx !
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    Thread [Request] Trackball wake & unlock ?

    Hi ! Just flashed r17 MoDaCo rom, and some features are now missing from my Cyanogen... Is there an app to wake (1 click on trackball) and unlock (2 clicks on trackball) like Cyanogen rom does ? Thx
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    Thread Remove system apps ? Root needed ?

    Hi ! Waiting for root... i hope in the next coming days... Just a question : Is it possible to remove apps (ex : FaceBook, Peep, Stocks... useless for me), or we need to kitchen a custom rom (in the future) Thx !
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    Thread [REQUEST] The lightest, fastest, cleanest 6.5 576Mo without Sense ?

    Hi ! I'm looking for the lightest, fastest, cleanest (Vanila ?) with 576Mo, but i can't find it :D All roms are too heavy for me (at the moment...) Can somebody do this job for me ? For the base rom, the latest 6.5 build (NOT the 6.5.x) with Titanium WWE or French (French would be fine !) :D...
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    Thread My Kaiser stop charging while running app (USB linked to computer or car charger use)

    Hi !!! My Kaiser (Schap's lite 4.31) randomly stop charging, whenever it wants, at home (USB to computer) or in car (as GPS use for example) With my laptop, i use my Kaiser for "Internet Sharing" to get HSDPA, the orange led stays for a while, and without raison, it turns green and blinks, as...
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    Thread MicropERROR ???

    Hi !!! My French Diamond (stock, no supercid, brand new unlocked), freezed earlier tonight : In stand by mode (screen switched off), i pulled the top button to switch on device, but screen remained black I pull battery out, restarted, same problem, restarting with black screen, blind Diamond...
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    Thread Different font size

    I bought a 2nd S300+ (the left one is newer) Two have the same version : Faman 3.6 Light Same Radio Rom : So why the font caracters are not the same ? :confused: On the left S300+, they are thiner : Do you have an explanation ??? Same parameters obviously on the 2 S300+, no...