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    Thread Question updated to version a.11 with problem

    still a problem ... now i'm version A.11 but i can't install TWRP and Magisk. I use this system https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/tutorial-twrp-and-root-nord-2.4340477/ but when I get to TWRP it tells me that the folders are all empty and the disk size is zero and I don't get root. How can I...
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    Thread [Q] P1000 soft brick, hard brick or coma ?

    Hi, after several update and new rom with CWM my tab is death. In first time my tab don't recharge battery and then I apply this solution wecanfixurmobile.blogspot.it_2013_04_samsung-p1000-charging-problem-solution.html (sobstitute underscore with /) After the ultimate rom change my tab is...