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    Thread S-Push TAN still detects Magisk (Also Canary Build)

    Hey, I did things like: -Applied Magisk Hide -Selected all in Push TAN -Applied package rename of Magisk And s push tan still detects fcking root/ magisk. The only way it works is to freeze the magisk app with another app. But this solution is trashy and I dont want to every time freeze magisk...
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    Thread [A310F] Why there are no new TouchWiz ROMs with Android 8, 9 or 10?

    Its there a problem or something? I mean the samsung apps are really nice and looks really really fantastic! Have someone an idea where I can find a TouchWiz ROM with Android 8 or 9?
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    Thread a310f rom based on android pie with samsung apps like samsung gallery etc?

    hello i am looking for an ROM that runs on android pie and contains samsung apps like the samsung file manager, samsung gallery etc. Can anyone help me with this? I googled a lot but I didn't find anything in that direction. Only this...